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Spectropop V#0188

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/29/98

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       Volume #0188                        December 1, 1998   
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    Subject:     Cookies/Cinderellas vocalist mystery finally solved
    Sent:        11/29/98 10:36 am
    Received:    11/29/98 7:26 pm
    From:        IAC,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    It's been pretty much accepted up till now, although never 
    actually confirmed in print, that the group who cut the 
    Cinderellas "Baby Baby I Still Love You"/"Please Don't Wake Me" 
    for Dimension were in fact the Cookies - not too surprising, 
    considering the Goffin/King (& Russ Titelman) connections, and the
    use of session groups in a range of disguises during the girl-group
    heyday (e.g. the Blossoms) The lead vocal on the Cinderellas sides 
    was pretty obviously the same girl taking lead on the Cookies own 
    "I Never Dreamed" and "Only To Other People", also on Dimension. 
    We knew it wasn't Cookie Earl-Jean McRea, as her distinctive solo 
    records for Colpix demonstrated, and it didn't really sound like 
    Cookie Dorothy Jones either, judging from her solo 45 for Columbia. 
    This left Cookie Margaret Ross as No. 1 suspect. Well, a tape 
    has just been unearthed from the vaults containing the actual 
    Cinderellas studio session of "Baby Baby I Still Love You". Studio
    chat is clearly audible in between takes, particularly between the 
    engineer and the lead vocalist - and he clearly addresses her as 
    "Margaret", on more than one occasion.
    Mystery solved, it would appear. Extracts from the session tapes 
    may be available on a girl-group compilation in the 
    not-too-distant future. For those interested, Margaret's voice - 
    the epitome of the classic girl-group sound - is also to the fore 
    on the following other "Cookies-in-disguise" records:-
    Palisades - "Make The Night A Little Longer"/"Heaven Is Being With
    You" - Chairman
    Honeybees - "One Wonderful Night" - Fontana (this side only)
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     Xmas Show
    Sent:        11/30/98 1:01 am
    Received:    11/30/98 7:43 am
    From:        Doc Rock,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Here in Toledo, Ohio, there is a show coming up with Freddie Cannon, 
    Bryan Hyland, and one member each of the groups Sam & Dave, 
    Drifters, Shirelles, Outsiders, Climax, and more.
    Oldies shows are as rare as hen's teeth in Toledo. This is only 
    the second since I moved here in '91. The show is December 17th,
    Unfortunately, December 17th is also the day I start my new job --
    in Columbia, South Carolina! 15 hours away!
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    Subject:     Smashmouth & Sealed Lips
    Sent:        11/29/98 11:44 pm
    Received:    11/29/98 11:39 pm
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > Subject:     Re: "Can't Get Enough of You Baby"
    > From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    > This song was also covered by a UK group called The Colour Field 
    > in 1985 and it was a popular "New Wave" radio hit. In fact I think
    > Smashmouth's version is based on this cover.
    It's quite possible that Smashmouth were introduced to this song 
    via The Colourfield's version but I don't think they based their 
    arrangement on it. The Colourfield's version is slowed down and 
    melodic while the Smashmouth version retains the "garage" flavor 
    of the Question Mark version. The Colourfield were led by Terry 
    Hall, a former member of The Specials and Fun Boy Three. Also, a 
    rather tenuous Girl Group connection here. He co-wrote "Our Lips 
    Are Sealed" with Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go's. That's one of the 
    best female pop records of the 80's, don't you think ?
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    Subject:     The Murmaids / Kim Fowley /The Flirtations
    Sent:        11/30/98 11:54 am
    Received:    12/01/98 7:43 am
    From:        Darian Sahanaja,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Had the pleasure of meeting the original Murmaids today.
    Technically 2 out of the 3 original girls. The Fischer sisters 
    Caroi and Terry and new member Cynthia Perry who replaced Sally 
    Gordon. Mentioning Sally's name seemed to bring about an awkward 
    silence so I thought best not to ask. They were all very lovely 
    ladies and seemed genuinely touched that even younger folk knew of
    "Popsicles & Icicles" let alone other fantastic singles such as 
    "Wild & Wonderful" and "Heartbreak Ahead". I tthought Terry had one
    of the best West Coast girl lead singer voices and she says "not 
    bad for a 17 years old". . . JEEZ, I guess singers were just much 
    better back then. I thought I had touched upon yet another awkward
    moment when I pulled out a copy of full-length vinyl compilation 
    album that I picked up in the mid 80's. It sported the original 
    Chattahoochee label and had excellent sound quality so I thought 
    it was legit. . .WRONG, it was a boot. . .WHOOPS! But they all had
    a laugh 'cause the photos on the cover weren't even of them. In 
    fact, since they recorded them in 1963, they hadn't even heard the
    songs until Collectables acquired them for their recent CD release.
    This prompted Terry's humor to quote "so you heard them before we 
    did". . .YIKES!
    At any rate, conversation went from David Gates to Rodney 
    Bingenheimer (the first time I ever heard "Popsicles. ." was on 
    his radio show) who they hadn't heard of but were extremely 
    enthusiastic about meeting. . .another YIKES! Actually, with a 
    Rodney documentary in the makes (yes it's true, with decent 
    Hollywood funding even), that led to the very fascinating 
    discussion about Kim Fowley, who produced "Popsicles.." and will 
    steal the show when the documentary comes out. I mean, c'mon, 
    Murmaids, Hollywood Argyles, Helen Reddy, Runaways, KISS. . .talk 
    about a mover and shaker. The producer and director already agree 
    that he's GOT to be their next subject. Oh well, back to the 
    Murmaids. Seems they're considering a string of shows and a 
    possible recording. They did one show recently with the Cowsills 
    (minus Susan) and they're wanting to do more. I love my new 
    autographed photo of them posing with, hmmm, you guessed it . . . 
    Kim Fowley.
    Many salutes to Ian Chapman for the Flirtations info. I had no 
    idea there was a connection to the Gypsies. I love their Old Town 
    45's like "Oh I Wonder Why" and "Diamonds, Rubies, Gold and Fame".
    Fantastic records they are. Does anyone know if the Flirtations CD 
    on Marginal covers the same material as their Deram album? And 
    does anyone know where I can still get a hold of one? With rumor 
    of Marginal's demise, I figure I should move on it.
    These are a part of the things I love,
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    Subject:     Re: the Flirtations/Marginal
    Sent:        11/30/98 9:42 am
    Received:    12/01/98 7:43 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks to CHARLES THOMPSON and IAC for the info on the Flirtations. 
    I'm going to try to get my hands on a copy of that comp! I have 
    a track called "Hey There, Hey There," by the Gypsies from 1963, 
    but I guess a few years make quite a difference, because they 
    sound nothing alike.
    >I understand that Marginal is shortly to cease existing.... 
    >So if there's anything you're after (and there's quite a bit I 
    >want), its probably a good idea to get it soon! 
    Say it ain't so, Kieron. This isn't good news for girl group fans.
    Marginal put out some great rare stuff. Maybe it's good to get a 
    list together of exactly what's available. I have a Dixie Cups 
    comp, and a Chiffons comp, and now we now about the Flirtations, 
    Caravelles, and Kiki Dee, but who else is there?
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