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Spectropop V#0186

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/26/98

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       Volume #0186                        November 26, 1998  
                         Let's Turkey Trot                    
    Subject:     "can`t get enough of you baby"
    Sent:        11/25/98 10:08 am
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To Big L:
    the song you heard on the tv :"can`t get enough of you baby" is a 
    remake by "Smashmouth"`s their follow-up to their first hit "
    Walking on the sun" which is VERY reminescint of "96 tears"
    Presenting the Fabulous 
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    Subject:     "Can't Get Enough of You Baby"
    Sent:        11/26/98 1:41 am
    Received:    11/26/98 7:32 am
    From:        Scott Bauman,
    Big L wrote:
    "I was sitting in my chair reading last night. My son had 
    the TV on. Something caught my ear, and I looked up...
    "Can't get enough of you, baby..."
    It was a promo for the new Drew Barrymore movie. But that song...
    THAT'S a trivia question even for someone who grew up on punk
    bands and mid 60s Cleveland radio!
    It is, of course, "Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby" by ? and the
    Mysterians, which was the followup to "I Need Somebody." It
    received very little airplay anywhere.
    The idea of using such an obscure song in a movie in 1998 
    makes no sense to me at all. Why would they do such a thing?
    BTW, it wasn't the original version, either."
    Several other people have probably already answered this, but 
    here goes.  I know that Smashmouth (the group who recently 
    had a hit with a song called "Walkin' On The Sun") recorded a 
    cover of "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" recently, so I assume 
    that this is the version that you heard.
    -- Scott
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    Subject:     Touch the Wall of Sound, Can't Get Enough
    Sent:        11/25/98 8:24 am
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        Bates, Robert  (Cahners -NYC),
    Re: Touch the Wall of Sound
    Is this a new compilation? Anyone have more info on this?
    Re: Can't Get Enough of You, Baby
    I always loved this song, ever since I saw ? perform it live
    last year. (? And the Mysterians are really great live, by the way.) 
    There are also versions by the Toys and the Four Seasons.
    Rob B,
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    Subject:     Little Eva, Cadillacs, Crystals
    Sent:        11/25/98 1:43 pm
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, JimmXXXXXXXXcom
    Hi Jim Cassidy: No, the Cadillacs weren't on the bill of the show 
    I attended on February 4, 1972. (Richard nader's Volume VIII was 
    the one I attended. Unless there was a last-minute change? I don't
    remember. (I was a 16-year-old squirt.) On the bill were the 
    Crystals, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, Chubby Checker, the Five Satins, 
    the Capris, the Belmonts, and Jerry Butler. Can you imagine? 
    What a night.
    Re Little Eva: Saw her once on TV in the 80s doing a show; she 
    looked angry, and hardly smiled at all! I think it was her first 
    appearance since the 60s, actually, if I'm not mistaken.
    Hi Barbara: Yes, I will be happy to xerox / fax you my stuff. You 
    know, I have dozens of ads that I clipped from newspapers back in 
    the 70s, and kept in scrapbooks. I'll forward you my Crystals 
    stuff. You might even recall performing at some of those clubs... 
    The picture with the telephone I was talking about was taken that 
    night by someone, and printed in a record collector's magazine. 
    Mary has an afro, and Dee Dee has a sort of flip; you have a kind 
    of shag, and La La is a mass of curls. I also saved a review of 
    the show from Rolling Stone magazine, I think it was. I'll send it
    too. If faxes are not clear, then I'll send them by mail, just let 
    me know where. And you're not old! It's all relative... and is it 
    true that La La was only 14 when she joined the group in 1962? And
    is that Pat singing lead on "Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby?" Do you recall 
    who did lead on "Frankenstein Twist?" Is that La La? I love that 
    song... I think I've said on here that we used to do that dance at
    To everyone: since being in touch with Barbara Alston, I've been 
    giving the early-Crystals songs lots of new listens lately. That's
    some really great music! Barbara's voice was perfect for those 
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    Subject:     Spector Spin
    Sent:        11/25/98 9:24 am
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        R Teyes, RTXXXXXXXXcom
    Spin Magazine
    This month's issue has a 1/2 page article on Phil along with other
    producers and is good reading. If you don't find it I can fax anyone 
    a copy.
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    Subject:     Re: It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
    Sent:        11/25/98 9:40 am
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        David Bash, BasXXXXXXXXcom
    << Subject:     It wouldn't have made any difference
     From:        Marie-J. Leclerc,
     Hi,  I have heard a version of Todd Rundgren "It wouldn't have 
     made any Difference" on my oldies station, and have been 
     wondering who is playing it, it is done at a faster speed, but 
     it is obviously not Todd. The sound is early to mid 70's. Any 
     help would be greatly appreciated.
     Thanks, Marie>>
    Hi Marie,
    Your e-mail address leads me to believe you're from Canada, so I'm
    going to guess that the version you heard was by Tom Middleton, a 
    Canadian who had a top 20 Canadian hit with the song in the fall 
    of 1973, on Columbia Records. A pretty good version, I must say!
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     Re: It wouldn't have made any difference
    Sent:        11/25/98 3:38 pm
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    > Subject:     It wouldn't have made any difference
    > From:        Marie-J. Leclerc,
    > Hi,  I have heard a version of Todd Rundgren "It wouldn't have 
    > made any Difference" on my oldies station, and have been 
    > wondering who is playing it, it is done at a faster speed, but 
    > it is obviously not Todd. The sound is early to mid 70's. Any 
    > help would be greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks, Marie
    Marie, I believe you are in Montreal, right ? OK so you must have 
    heard Tom Middleton's version of "Difference". The song is a good 
    example of some of the lesser known songs that stations play to 
    keep up with the Canadian content regulations. This version came 
    out in 1973 and it made the top 40 here in Canada. Personally I 
    like Todd's version better. Now has anyone on the list heard The 
    Stytch In Time's version of "Got To Get You Into My Life" or The 
    Big Town Boy's take on "It Was I"
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    Subject:     Terri Nelson Group
    Sent:        11/25/98 10:08 am
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        Bob Hanes,
    To:          Barbara Alston, BARBXXXXXXXXcom
                 Spectropop List,
    Is that you? Just found a copy of the LP and noticed that one of 
    the members of the group is named Barbara Alston. So I thought I'd
    check and see if that's really you. I haven't had a chance to 
    listen and I don't remember the LP from my history, so maybe 
    Friday I'll get the chance to audition the record. I used to buy 
    groups during the 70s that didn't have major hits but looked cool 
    and seemed classy. I don't know how this one slipped by me.
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    Subject:     The Flirtations
    Sent:        11/25/98 9:06 am
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    Does anybody have info on this late 60s group? I've been 
    lisetneing to their single "Nothing But A Heartache," over and 
    over again. Someone told me they might have a comp on Marginal 
    records, but that sounds too good to be true. Help! Anybody?
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    Subject:     Seeburg Jukebox Records
    Sent:        11/25/98 11:36 pm
    Received:    11/26/98 12:47 am
    From:        Tyler Kieron,
    Matthew Kaplan asked, "...if these were original artist
    recordings or knock- offs? I picked up three records"
    Why don't you play them and find out....
    All the best, Kieron 
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    Subject:     Net Sounds 2 - Track Line-Up
    Sent:        11/20/98 12:38 am
    Received:    11/25/98 7:10 am
    From:        Richard Globman,
    For those interested in purchasing a copy of Net Sounds II - Do It's the track lineup and ordering info:
    Disc 1
    Darlin'  2:48   (John Hunter Phillips)
    Angel Come Home  3:47   (Dan Addington)
    I Can Hear Music  2:54   (Rand Richard)
    Thoughts Of You  4:09   (Bicycle Riders)
    God Only Knows  3:09   (Matthew Mollica)
    Feel Flows   5:40   (Dan Lega)
    Our Prayer   1:06  (John Hunter Phillips)
    Do You Remember   2:16   (The Jokers)
    You're So Good To Me   3:17   (Michael Carpenter)
    Please Let Me Wonder   2:41   (Ohara Revival)
    Heroes & Villains (intro)/Barbara Ann   2:49   (The Pendletones)
    Passing By   2:24   (Seashells)
    Only With You   2:39  (Dauber)
    The Night Was So Young   3:31   (Rick Mannor)
    Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel   4:18   (John Barone)
    California Girls   2:32   (Bags)
    Let's Go Away For Awhile   2:34   (Blue Sunshine)
    I Went To Sleep   1:42   (Mark Raphael)
    Leaving This Town   4:52   (Ric Reynolds)
    California   4:00   (Dave Prokopy)
    Big Sur   2:34   (Low Tide)
    He's A Bum   3:42   (Dan Addington)
    Your Imagination   3:21   (Anne Wallace)
    Disc 2
    Marcella   2:30   (Hams Across The Waters)
    Cottonfields  3:26   (Sassy [w/Sean Anglum])
    Somewhere Near Japan   5:01   (No Bull Surfers)
    Sumahama   3:58   (Bobby Lloyd Hicks)
    In The Back Of My Mind   2:10   (Terry Reed)
    She Knows Me Too Well   2:35   (Rob McCabe)
    Wouldn't It Be Nice   3:33   (Hicktown Brothers)
    Pet Sounds  2:14   (Mark Buenafe)
    Time To Get Alone   2:46   (D, J & K)
    Only With You   1:31  (J. Counihan)
    Had To Phone Ya   1:49   (Justin Reinstein)
    Let us Go On This Way   2:17   (Dave Prokopy)
    Love Is A Woman   2:13   (Jack Madani)
    Your Summer Dream   4:14   (J. Cassidy)
    The One You Can't Have   2:04   (Richard Harris)
    Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby   3:25   (Carol Knudsen)
    Kiss Me Baby   2:56   (Mark Raphael)
    Wind Chimes (Music Box Ending)   1:25   (Tobias)
    Our Prayer   1:07  (Koop Bump)
    Gettin' Hungry (For My Kind Of Vege-table)  Part I  (Ton Def)
    Wild Honey   2:01  (Blue Fringe)
    Let The Wind Blow   2:35   (Gil MacLean)
    Medley   2:43   (Bodacious Surfers)
    Melt Away   3:47   (Francis Greene)
    Do It Again   2:52   (Marty Rudnick)
    There you have it. 48 brand new and exclusive cover versions of 
    the music that we all admire so much. Two shiny new CDs each 
    crammed to the brim with almost 74 minutes of BW/BB music lovingly
    performed by the members of the Pet Sounds Mailing List. And every 
    list-member who submitted material is represented on this unique 
    set - there's democracy for you!
    Comprehensive liner notes will be on various Web sites and the 
    URL's will be listed in the notes accompanying the CD set.
    If you haven't ordered already and want to be in on the first 
    shipment, here's how to order:
    Richard Globman
    166 Turner Ashby Court
    Martinsville, VA 24112
    $14 (U.S.)
    $16 (non-U.S.)
    Non-U.S. orders must be in U.S. currency. Cash, check, money 
    orders all OK. Please include your e-mail address if you want 
    confirmation that I received your payment.
    Good Vibrations to all....
    Dicky Globman
    Francis Greene
    Marty Rudnick
    Dan Lega
    Michael Carpenter
    Andrew Foster
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