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Spectropop V#0178

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/05/98

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       Volume #0178                      November 5, 1998   
                   Entertainment for everyone               
    Subject:     harpsichord Teddy Bear
    Sent:        11/04/98 5:40 am
    Received:    11/05/98 1:36 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > who played the harpsichord [on "Oh, Why"] which
    > is audible in background on some sections and later became a
    > staple of Phil's in his wall of sound?
    I think what you hear, Robert, is the piano & guitar hitting the 
    same notes along with light strikes in unison on cymbals, blending
    together to create a harpsichord-like illusion of sound...I 
    listened to "Oh, Why" in stereo, where the instruments are fairly 
    well separated, and that was what I heard. Amidst the soft piano 
    playing is a guitar plucking away simultaneously on the same notes
    and, if you balance them just right, you would "hear" a "plucked 
    piano" sound (a/k/a harpsichord). The cymbals being lightly hit in
    unison with the notes would just add a bit more "high-end" to it 
    all, thus enhancing the illusion. Then again, of course, my 
    hearing ain't what it used to be....
    I couldn't say for sure, but, considering the basic-ness of the 
    part, I think Phil probably did the bass on this recording (it 
    certainly wouldn't take a Carol Kaye to do it). Wouldn't that make
    sense, considering that Imperial didn't want to spend MORE $$$ on 
    these sessions than need be by hiring a session player?
    Mark (Philles Phanatic)
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    Subject:     Re: Harpers Bizarre
    Sent:        11/04/98 6:29 am
    Received:    11/04/98 7:09 am
    From:        Trucker Toby,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie wrote, after having spent an evening reading the Guinness 
    Book Of Soft Rock:
    >Between 1967 and 1970, Harpers released four albums and more than
    >a dozen singles.
    Since I haven't found any HP websites, could you (or someone) 
    perhaps write down a quick discography? Atleast the names of their
    four reissued LPs....and does any recordstores on the Net sell them
    all? I can only find the Feeling Groovy comp and Secret Life.
    And are they all as good as the first one? I think Secret Life has
    a bunch of great tracks but many of the songs certainly doesn't 
    stand up to the quality of Happy Land or Pocketfull Of Miracles....
    too many standard latesixties acoustic guitar rawk songs.....and 
    not enough of those amazing depression-era sounding songs!
    Oh yeah, their cover of Bacharach's Me Japanese Boy -- on what 
    record can I find Bacharach's original? Haven't heard of that song
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    Subject:     About "He's A Rebel
    Sent:        11/04/98 1:16 am
    Received:    11/04/98 7:09 am
    From:        Doc Rock,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear Babs,
    Over the years, I assume that you have been inundated with questions
    about "He's A Rebel."  Do you have any comments about that recording?
    Doc Rock
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    Subject:     Serge/French
    Sent:        11/03/98 11:15 pm
    Received:    11/04/98 7:09 am
    From:        Tyler Kieron,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Stewart Mason, wrote
    - "This CD -COMIC STRIP- is an excellent introduction to the man's
    work, and in fact, it and the two companion CDs may well be all the
    Gainsbourg you'll need unless you find yourself completely smitten"
    I'd add - his 1972 Melody Nelson LP is superb, highly recommended 
    etc. Can't say I'm that keen on his reggae stuff. The 1980s disco 
    stuff (Love On The Beat, You're Under Arrest) is really bad. By 
    the way the 'Je T'Aime' LP did get a US release.
    Alan Clayson's book 'Serge Gainsbourg, View From The Exterior', is
    an (English language) introduction to his career, although it has 
    bits missing. There was an article on Serge (by Clayson) in the 
    September issue of UK mag Record Collector with full discog. The 
    French 60s pop article in the Oct. Rec. Coll. touched on France 
    Gall, and she may be the subject of a longer article in the future
    (maybe). Also for French fans - January issue of Rec. Coll. will 
    have an article on Jacques Dutronc.
    All the best, Kieron
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    Subject:     Sheila/Francoise Hardy
    Sent:        11/05/98 12:34 am
    Received:    11/05/98 1:36 am
    From:        Tyler Kieron,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jimmy Cresitelli mentioned Sheila, not sure if she could be 
    describes as a French Lesley Gore, her records are much too 
    frantic, cutesy and ickle-girly strident (if you see what I mean) 
    for that!
    Francoise Hardy took on the Spector influences when she began to 
    work with non-French producers, first Tony Hatch, but more notably
    Charles Blackwell. Blackwell had produced, arranged or written a 
    whole bunch of UK girl records and (succesfully) created a UK 
    version of the US sounds he'd heard.
    All the best, Kieron
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    Subject:     Spector FS list
    Sent:        11/05/98 1:34 am
    Received:    11/05/98 1:36 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I just got a for sale list of Spector vinyl. Nothing too rare, but
    much is available at reasonable prices. If anyone is interested in 
    receiving the list, please email privately and I will email the 
    list and contact info to you.
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