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Spectropop V#0174

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 10/26/98

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       Volume #0174                        October 30, 1998   
              Compact Edition. For Juke Box Use Only          
    Subject:     A Marginal question (or two)
    Sent:        10/26/98 6:55 am
    Received:    10/26/98 7:23 am
    From:        Francesc Sole,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I have seen how many of you talk about this and that great cd on 
    Marginal records... well, I have been searching this label's 
    output everywhere and I haven't been able to find a thing. So, I 
    came to the conclusion that this label may be too "marginal", so 
    to speak. Can anyone shed some light or give me some hints as to 
    where can these cds be found? And if they are *that* marginal, 
    then can anyone trade a cdr to me? Thanks!
    Also, does anyone know anything about two compilation cds called 
    "UK Teenage Jamboree"?
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    Subject:     Association CDs out?
    Sent:        10/26/98 11:22 am
    Received:    10/26/98 11:36 pm
    From:        David B Ponak,
    Hi Folks,
    I'm a little confused about the Japanese CD reissues of the first 
    4 Association CD's. They were supposed to be released on 9/23, but
    I haven't found any evidence that they came out. My friend in the 
    international dept. at Warner checked with her Warner Japan 
    contact and came up empty. Does anybody know the story?
    I picked up the Red Bird/Blue Cat comp on Taragon. The sound 
    quality is so good on most the tracks it's scary. Especially the 
    Dixie Cups tracks, Iko Iko and Chapel Of Love sound like you're in
    the studio. The Shangrilas' tracks still sound pretty dirty, but I 
    have a feeling Shadow Morton overdrove the record levels on 
    purpose trying to get that Spector effect.
    Fans of 60's british pop and softrock may want to check out the 
    new Boo Radleys album, "King Size." Great melodies, lush string 
    orchestrations, and clever arrangements. Track 4 sounds like it 
    could be off the Millenium album.
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    Subject:     Ballroom CD
    Sent:        10/25/98 1:59 pm
    Received:    10/25/98 1:29 pm
    From:        David Feldman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    David B. wrote:
    > I wanted to post my review of the Ballroom CD, which will appear 
    > in an upcoming issue of Discoveries. I highly recommend that every
    > fan of soft pop get this disc as soon as you can. I know it's 
    > available through several internet sites.
    Thanks for the terrific review.  Would you (or anyone) recommend
    some places to buy the Ballroom CD?
    Dave Feldman
    Candy of the Fortnight:  Atomic Fireballs
    CD of the Week: I'm So Confused (Jonathan Richman)
    Word of the Week:  Occlusion
    Best Time Killer of the 90's:  Filling out the UPDATED gender survey at
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    Subject:     Ballroom available
    Sent:        10/26/98 12:26 am
    Received:    10/26/98 12:26 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    David Bash wrote:
    >Preparing For The Millennium is a collection that 
    >should be considered the Holy Grail of soft pop.
    Great review, David, and in case anyone is interested in 
    getting this, it's available here:
    IMVS lists it for 11.73 pounds (just under $20), plus shipping.
    German Music Express lists it for $24.33. The web site is:
    Blackmail too may have it:
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    Subject:     [PSML] Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach
    Sent:        10/29/98 2:33 pm
    Received:    10/30/98 12:19 am
    From:        David Feldman,
    CC:          Spectropop List,
    Just wanted to draw your attention to a fine site devoted to Burt 
    Bacharach, "A House Is Not a Homepage," and in particular a thread 
    in its discussion forum.  A sportscaster interviewed Burt Bacharach 
    during a rehearsal for his concert with Elvis Costello in Seattle, 
    and the interviewer, Eric J., asked BB about BW.  
    The response was moving and surprising.  Did you know that my two 
    favorite composers, BW & BB, once lived next door to one another?  
    Look for the thread (which is currently on top of the listings) 
    called "Me and Burt, Hangin' Out...Talking Music!" 
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