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Spectropop V#0171

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 10/20/98

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       Volume #0171                        October 22, 1998   
      Incomparable stars of stage, screen, radio and records  
    Subject:     Danny Hutton
    Sent:        10/20/98 2:49 am
    Received:    10/20/98 3:10 am
    From:        Marty Rudnick,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > M. LePage said:
    >> Three Dog Night...The first I knew of any of these guys was the
    >> Danny Hutton 45 Roses and Rainbows; a fairly large hit in the Los
    >> Angeles area.
    David Feldman said:
    > As a native Angeleno, "Roses and Rainbows" and "Funny How Love Can
    > Be" were big deals to me, and I bought both singles quickly. The
    > two songs could hardly be more different.
    Marty sez
    I think "Roses And Rainbows" was one of the greatest obscure songs 
    of all time.  His music was eventually budget reissued by MGM as 
    "Pre Dog Night".
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    Subject:     echo
    Sent:        10/20/98 2:45 am
    Received:    10/20/98 3:10 am
    From:        dave prokopy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani, writes:
    > And is it true that Simon & Garfunkel used an elevator shaft as an
    > echo chamber for Bridge Over Troubled Water?
    the story i'd read (as related by hal blaine) was that they 
    recorded the snare for "the boxer" in the rather echo-y hallway. 
    perhaps this is what you're thinking of?
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    Subject:     Re: Three Dog Night and Simon & Garfunkel
    Sent:        10/20/98 9:05 am
    Received:    10/21/98 1:02 am
    From:        David Bash, BasXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    << From:        Jack Madani,
     Is it true that 3 Dog Night recorded the vocals for Liar in a 
     And is it true that Simon & Garfunkel used an elevator shaft as
     an echo chamber for Bridge Over Troubled Water? >>
    Hi Jack,
    I've heard both of these things, in the 70s on American Top 40 
    when Casey Kasem was host. Apparantly, S&G banged a chair against 
    the elevator opening to get that thunderous sound on "The Boxer".
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     The record that none of us liked
    Sent:        10/20/98 10:36 am
    Received:    10/21/98 1:02 am
    From:        Barbara Alston, BARBXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Robert,
    Would love to know how the case with Phil and the Ronettes is 
    going. I am eager to know because I would like my time in court
    also :-) Please advise. Thank you.
    Hi Jamie,
    You are eerily correct, "He Hit Me" is absolutely, positively the 
    record that none of us liked. We knew in our hearts that it was 
    going to be a controversial piece and argued on several occasions 
    with Phil about releasing it. All I really wanted to know was "why"? 
    Why would five (possibly four at the time) young girls sing 
    something extraordinary like "he hit me and it felt like a kiss" 
    -- yuk, was what I truly felt.
    Yes, the song was recorded in New York, in whatever studio Phil 
    was using during that time. Dee Dee would surely remember. Things 
    like that don't seem to ring a bell with me at present. Phil was
    a master at getting you in the mood for whatever song(s) he was 
    attempting at the time. Since I never wanted to sing lead in the 
    first place, he really had to do a job on me for that one. He 
    would get everyone out of the control room, clear the studio and 
    have no one but he and the group there. He would cut out the 
    lights in the studio making it cozy and subdued. He always kept 
    the light on in the control room, though, and you would see him 
    sitting up there doing the whole routine by himself. He was quite 
    an intelligent musician. I remember on Uptown, Phil must have 
    played every string instrument there was, the piano, and I believe
    the drums. He overdubbed everything and anything! He was a one-man 
    Now, I liked "No One Ever Tells You," but I still didn't want to 
    sing it. I always gave Phil such a hard time because I never came 
    into the group wanting to sing lead. When my uncle asked me to 
    join the group, he said he needed background singers. That's why I
    agreed. I could do harmony by ear and always loved making up dance 
    routines. That was my forte. However, everyone else at the time 
    was too shy to even give the lead a shot. Dee Dee was the only one
    with enough nerve to do anything, but her voice was too high and 
    soft. She was a perfect 1st tenor. Patsy couldn't hold a note long
    enough to say "sing" -- that's why Phil put her on the flip side of
    "There's No Other." He got tired of going into several different 
    keys in one shot! Mary absolutely didn't want to sing a thing. 
    Myrna wasn't even a working member of the group -- she left before
    we did our first show. So, when we got La La, we got what we wanted
    -- a lead singer. I was ecstatic to say the least. But, again, Phil
    was not pleased. He didn't like her voice for some reason and he 
    kept coming back to me. I refused and indicated that La La is our 
    lead and should do the songs. Phil left New York during that time 
    and in California, he used whoever he wanted to sing whatever he 
    wanted. That's how Darlene Love got involved. There's plenty more 
    to this story, but I guess you have an overall sense of how I felt
    about singing any of those songs.
    Finally, we found out years later that Phil made us do "He Hit Me"
    to make a flop record. He wanted to get rid of his partner (Lester 
    Sill) and if we had a flop, he would be in a better position to 
    buy Lester's share out. Isn't that amazing? He actually used us 
    for his personal gain in more ways than one.
    Hope this information gives you an idea of what was going on at 
    that time. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.
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    Subject:     Help me Baldy
    Sent:        10/20/98 2:35 pm
    Received:    10/21/98 1:02 am
    From:        Ron Bierma, ELROXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 10/16/98 2:41:29 PM, you wrote:
    << some kind of analogue harmoniser designed in the 60s (which is 
    effectively what the system you describe is; a piece of equipment 
    which changes the pitch of music, but not its duration - or vice 
    was this the trick(?) used in the Beach Boys "She's Going Bald" in
    the Sha-na na na part where the voices get higher, but the beat 
    stays the same? I always assumed the boys timed it in such a way 
    to speed up the tape, but slow down their tempo as they sang. 
    anyone know?						RB
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    Subject:     Touch The Wall Of Sound
    Sent:        10/21/98 8:32 am
    Received:    10/22/98 12:30 am
    From:        David Marsteller,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi All!
    In case anyone is interested (I was!), the new issue of 
    Discoveries has an ad from DisCollector, with the Touch Te Wall Of
    Sound album as one of the clearance items for $24.99. This morning 
    they had a number of copies. Sounds like a good deal to me. Below 
    is the contact info.
    Phone: (303) 841-3000 or (303)841-1118
    Fax: (303)840-9373
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    Subject:     Early Crystals
    Sent:        10/21/98 9:04 am
    Received:    10/22/98 12:30 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, JimmXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Bravo Jamie! I too love those smoky-Barbara-voiced early Crystals 
    numbers, a welcome contrast to the often too-heavy "wall of sound" 
    post-Philles 118... I've always loved "No One Ever Tells You" too,
    with that heartbeat fadeout... and Barbara's voice is superb, very 
    emotional and real. You go, Ms. Alston! Glad to have you aboard!
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    Subject:     Pixies3/Babs Alston
    Sent:        10/21/98 10:27 am
    Received:    10/22/98 12:30 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi babs! I'm glad you found you're way to the list. I'm sorry I 
    didn't get a chance to write you back with info on how to get here, 
    but it looks like you found your own way pretty well.
    Speaking of the Pixies 3, Doc Rock is great friends with all of 
    them, and maybe we can rally him to ask if they'd like to join the
    list. I've talked with Debbie and Kay (both extremely nice ladies. 
    They still tour, they have their own fan club including newsletter,
    and they released an album of old and new songs a few years back.
    It's called Then and Now, and you can order it through their web
    page. Very good singing. On their "Be My Baby" cut Debbie sounds so
    much like Ronnie its uncanny! That deep vibrato. The high pitched 
    girls you remember from the sixties can still make it up that high
    if they try, but they sound great in lower octaves too.
    So now that we have Babs on the list, let's get some of our other 
    contacts aboard. Doc might be able to get the Pixies 3, I'll talk 
    to Katherine Anderson-Schaffner of the Marvelettes, and one of the
    Ad-libs who I know. Who else has contacts around. I think these 
    stars would really love to hear what we have to say about their 
    BTW, favourite Crystals song? Early Spector - "No One Ever Tells 
    You." Late Spector - "Girls Can Tell." Post Spector - "I Got A Man." 
    Babs you rock! Everybody you travel over to her web site and 
    help the Crystals in their attempt at a nomination for the oldies 
    hall of fame. They really deserve it!
    >The URL for Barbara Alston's website is: The Buyer's Club
    >Go to the MUSIC link...
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    Subject:     Crystals Artwork
    Sent:        10/22/98 1:55 am
    Received:    10/22/98 1:58 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Listening to Crystals a lot recently [wonder why;-)] and I was 
    thinking: How about that pink ABKCO sleeve design there? What's 
    THAT about?!?
    ...and to think, they could have used the photo from the Twist 
    Uptown LP. Now that really would have been cool. It's probably 
    the greatest GG album jacket ever. What a waste.
    Phil Spector and the Rolling Stones. AARGH! "Dear Mr. Klein:..." 
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    Subject:     April Young
    Sent:        10/21/98 9:07 am
    Received:    10/22/98 12:30 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, JimmXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXITIES.COM
    For all you newbies: for a great taste of the Girl-Group genre, 
    have a listen to April Young's "To Be Loved By You." It will make 
    you SMILE, especially when she growls "I'm a lucky girl" and 
    squeals "ooooooh" just before a refrain... ooo-wee indeed!
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