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Spectropop V#0168

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 10/17/98

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       Volume #0168                      October 17, 1998   
                    File under: Female Vocal                
    Subject:     Babs!
    Sent:        10/16/98 7:10 am
    Received:    10/17/98 3:39 am
    From:        Tom Simon, tsiXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > ADMIN NOTE: Spectropop is delighted to announce that Ms. Barbara 
    > Alston of the Crystals has subscribed. 
    Hi Babs!  Nice to have you with us!
    Tom Simon
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    Subject:     Welcome, Barbara Alston
    Sent:        10/16/98 4:59 am
    Received:    10/16/98 7:50 am
    From:        David Feldman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > Spectropop is delighted to announce that Ms. Barbara
    > Alston of the Crystals has subscribed. I'm sure you will join
    > in welcoming her to the list. 
    I'm so delighted that you are joining us.  I love this group -- we 
    seem to be able to talk about the Crystals, Lesley Gore, Dionne 
    Warwick, or the Critters --  without anyone putting down the 
    And of course, I love the Crystals, too.  As much as many of us are 
    fond of the work of Phil Spector, I think you'll find that we 
    appreciate the (pardon the expression) supreme talents of the 
    individual singers -- sometimes these contributions tend to get lost 
    in the mix in critics' writings.
    Dave Feldman
    Candy of the Week:  Atomic Fireballs
    CD of the Week: The Nuggets Set
    Missing in Action: David's shirts in the Real World
    Best Time Killer of the 90's:  Filling out the UPDATED gender survey at
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    Subject:     early Dawn???
    Sent:        10/16/98 12:48 am
    Received:    10/17/98 3:39 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I have a record (Golden World 38) with the song "How's Your New Love
    Treating You?" by The Debonaires...I was told many years ago by the 
    guy I bought it from that it was "an early Dawn recording" (before 
    Tony Orlando came along) - I can't verify this. The song is mid-
    tempo & pretty ordinary.
    Anyone have an answer to this??
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    Subject:     Re: compression
    Sent:        10/16/98 2:50 am
    Received:    10/16/98 3:39 am
    From:        harvey john williams,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Fascinating Stories re. compression, Doc. I've often heard rumours
    of some kind of analogue harmoniser designed in the 60s (which is 
    effectively what the system you describe is; a piece of equipment 
    which changes the pitch of music, but not its duration - or vice 
    versa). However, its working method seems a bit hit-&-miss; surely
    if a 'gap' is removed from a piece of music, it would simply sound 
    like a bad edit?! You'd lose the beat! This principle does work 
    more convincingly with speech, which naturally contains lots of 
    gaps (and no beat!), but popmusic is pretty nonstop, particularly 
    on 1960s 45s, so I'm not sure how effective it would be.
    By the way, digital data compression is not used on CDs at all (or
    DATs), to my knowledge; the A/D conversion is completely linear. 
    However, it is used on Minidiscs (and DCCs) basically -very!- 
    because more bits need to be crammed onto the medium, so the 'less
    important data' is lost.
    The scientifically-proveable reason CDs sound worse than records 
    is .... ah, but that's a whole different argument.
    Enough already! Back to popmusic!
    Regards, Harvey Williams 
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    Subject:     "What Am I Gonna Do with You"
    Sent:        10/16/98 1:57 pm
    Received:    10/17/98 3:39 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth, FMXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The version on the mono LP of *My Town, My Guy, and Me* is great. 
    Lesley's lead vocal is double-tracked (unlike on Golden Hits, 
    where it isn't), and the backing track has some kick to it. My 
    favorite part is the confusion during the line "Guess I'm just a 
    girl you stay with..." because when I first played in on the LP, 
    the blurriness from the double-tracking makes Lesley *sound* like 
    she's singing "Guess I'm just a girl you slept with / To see what 
    you can get away with" which I thought was amazing until I 
    realized I was hearing it wrong!
    Which reminds me, does anybody know "The Way of Love" by female 
    British singer Kathy Kirby? If you follow the lyrics, they seem to
    imply a bisexual setup, kinda unusual for a 1966 pop song (unless 
    you count something like David Crosby's "Triad"). Or maybe I'm 
    hearing these lyrics wrong too...
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    Subject:     correction
    Sent:        10/16/98 9:37 pm
    Received:    10/17/98 3:39 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Now, we still haven't considered anthologies for the Shirelles, 
    >the Cookies,...
    Sorry, when I said "Shirelles," I meant to say "Shangri-Las."
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     GIRLS AND GIRL GROUPS
    Sent:        10/16/98 4:02 am
    Received:    10/16/98 7:50 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I've very much enjoyed the girl group discussions on this list and
    have acquired a few CDs with gg songs, specially one that Claudia
    recommended.  My question to the list: would you post a list of
    possibly 6 or more CDs that are readily available
    Most of my GG stuff is on vinyl, but here is a list of what I have 
    on CD so far!  I'll star the ones I highly recommend.
    Best of the Angels *
    The Complete Cookies *
    All the Hits by Jo Ann Campbell
    Vikki Carr
    The Chenille Sisters haute Chenille
    The Chenille Sisters True to Life
    Claudine Clark "Party Lights"
    "Tell Him" the Exciters
    The Fleetwoods Mr. Blue
    Wanda Jackson "Let's Have A Party"
    Wanda Jackson Vintage Collections
    Barbara Lewis "Hello Stranger" *
    LLLL Little Eva  *
    Lesley Gore the Mercury Anthology *
    Little Peggy March "Boy Crazy"
    Little Peggy March "I Will Follow Him"
    The Very Best of Little Peggy March *
    The Poni Tails "Born Too Late
    The Pixies Three Now and Then
    Reparata and the Del Rons "Whenever a Teenager Cries
    Diane Renay Navy Blue *
    Linda Scott  Linda *
    The Best of the Shangri-Las  *
    Dee Dee Sharp  All the Golden Hits
    Joanie Somers
    Dodie Stevens Ultimate Collection
    The Best of Gale Storm
    Diana Ross and the Supremes  20 Greatest Hits
    Sue Thompson Greatest Hits (Collectibles) *
    Sue Thompson Greatest Hits (Curb)
    Sue Thompson Meet Sue Thompson
    The Best of Timi Yuro
    All Them girls At the Hop
    Back to the Girl Zone
    The Best of Red Bird *
    Carroll   Meet the Girls *
    Darian's Dolls *
    Dream Boy Vol 3 *
    Girls in the Garage
    Growin' Up Too Fast ****!
    The Girl Group Sound the Darlings of the 1960's Vol 1-5 *, 09 , 
    Girls Girls Girls Volume 1-5, 07 , 09 , 10, 11 (Marginal Records)
    Golden Girl Groups
    My Boyfriend's Back, the Story of the Girl Groups
    Playin' Hard to Get
    Rockin' Boppin' Girls
    Rockin' Boppin' Ladies
    Surf Bunnies and Hot Rod Honeys
    You Can Be Wrong About Boys
    Where the Girls Are
    Here Come the Girls Vol. 8
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    Subject:     starter set
    Sent:        10/16/98 7:11 am
    Received:    10/17/98 3:39 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >would you post a list of
    >possibly 6 or more CDs that are readily available ( and ones to
    >look-out for) that would get me started on a representative 
    >collection of girl groups?
    Greg, it's a reasonable question, and in fact I wonder if we on 
    the list might want to use the opportunity to put together a sort 
    of primer, a list of albums for various categories of spectacular 
    retro pop, that would get added to the Spectropop web site.
    My Music Hound Essential Album Guide To Rock offers the following 
    list, which is as good a place as any to start the discussion:
    "A Dozen Great Girl Group Albums"
    1.Growin' Up Too Fast: The Girl Group Anthology
    Various Artists (Mercury/Chronicles)
    2.The Best Of The Girl Groups, Vol.1 and 2
    Various Artists (Rhino)
    3.Atlantic Sisters Of Soul
    Various Artists (Rhino/Atlantic & Atco Remasters)
    The Supremes (Motown)
    5.Best Of The Ronettes
    6.Best Of The Crystals
    7.Anthology (1959-1967)
    The Shirelles (Rhino)
    Martha & the Vandellas (Motown)
    9.Deliver: The Singles (1961-1971)
    The Marvelettes (Motown)
    [and then 10-12 are Banarama, Salt-N-Pepa, and TLC, which of 
    course are way outside our field of concentration)
    Personally, I think there's no doubt that "Growin' Up Too Fast" 
    must be on any short list of indispensable girlgroup albums. I 
    also have Vol.1 of the Rhino Best Of The Girl Groups and think 
    that it, too, deserves consideration for inclusion on a must-have 
    list (I never bothered to pick up Vol2, though, because I found 
    that I had all the songs on various other discs).
    It seems to me that if you get the Phil Spector Box Set you 
    wouldn't have to get #5 or #6 from the list.
    I like Motown, but it doesn't get me under the skin the way that 
    some other music does, so I don't have enough experience with the 
    Marvelettes or Martha & the Vandellas beyond their very biggest 
    hits to be able to say one way or another whether #8 and #9 above 
    merit inclusion on the list. However, I find that my cd collection
    *does* include a single disc greatest hits of Diana Ross & The 
    Supremes ("Compact Command Performances: 20 Greatest Hits"). That 
    does me pretty well.
    I don't know what's on the Atlantic Sisters of Soul compilation.
    Now, we still haven't considered anthologies for the Shirelles, 
    the Cookies, the Angels, the Chiffons, the Honeys, Reparata & The 
    Delrons, Lesley Gore, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Dionne Warwick, 
    Dusty Springfield, Sandie Shaw, Petula Clark....or the Tammys. 
    (DOES such an anthology exist for the Tammys?)
    As for other various artists sets, there the Touch The Wall Of 
    Sound three-disc set (sooper highly recommended), the three volume 
    Dream Boy anthology on M&M (I only have #2 and #3, and can't seem 
    to locate #1 anywhere so if somebody knows....), and the massive 
    Here Come The Girls series, at last count up to volume 9. I don't 
    have #2 or 5 of that series; of the ones I do have, I like #1, 04 , 
    and 6 best. Those volumes I recommend all concentrate on British 
    recording artists.
    I have on vinyl a strong comp called "Where The Girls Are," which 
    is where I first got to hear the Cake's "Baby That's Me" (which is
    also on Touch The Wall Of Sound). I understand that the cd version 
    has an expanded lineup; I imagine that would be a strong contender
    for gotta-get status.
    Ackshully, this really could be fun for us to come up with a 
    "list-approved" set of recommendations.
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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    Subject:     Three Dog Night
    Sent:        10/17/98 2:29 am
    Received:    10/17/98 3:39 am
    From:        Rich Briere,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Greetings All,
         I'm giving up my six month "lurker" status to ask the following 
    question: Does anyone know what became of the members of Three Dog
    Night's "band"? I'd really like to know about Joe Schermie, the 
    bass player. I was listening to some pre-Jeremia music recently 
    and these guys really cooked. Anyone have any knowledge of their 
    Bass-ically Yours,
    Rich Briere   
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