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Spectropop V#0155

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 09/27/98

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       Volume #0155                        September 28, 1998   
    This recording may be played on Monaural or Stereo equipment
    Subject:     "If that diamond ring won't shine"
    Sent:        09/27/98 8:15 am
    Received:    09/27/98 10:30 am
    From:        Alan Warner,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear All:
    In case you haven't heard, Charlie Foxx, co-writer of
    MOCKINGBIRD, died last week in Mobile, Alabama.
    Charlie, 58, sang the 1963 hit MOCKINGBIRD with his 
    sister Inez on Juggy Murray's Symbol label, tho' all their
    early releases billed Inez as a solo artist.  They toured
    Europe successfully in the mid-'60s and after their
    time on Symbol, they switched to Art Talmadge's Musicor
    label followed by releases on Dynamo.
    Charlie released one solo 45 on Symbol, coupling 
    COMPETITION and for which the label credited him as
    'Chuck Johnson'.
    When Inez & Charlie performed MOCKINGBIRD at the
    Rhythm & Blues Foundation's Pioneer Awards in 1995
    here at the Hollywood Palladium, Inez told me that it
    was the first time that she & her brother had worked
    together in twenty years.  A few months later, they
    starred in a oldies concert at LA's Greek Theatre.
    In addition to their million-selling MOCKINGBIRD, Inez
    & Charlie's outstanding singles included HURT BY LOVE
    (on Symbol in '64) and (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) COUNT THE DAYS
    released on Dynamo three years later.
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    Subject:     Favorites
    Sent:        09/26/98 12:47 pm
    Received:    09/26/98 1:22 pm
    From:        james fisher,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack and William listed a few of their all-time-faveXXXX@XXXmay  
    presume to do the same:
    Elusive butterfly--Bob Lind
    Every breath I take--Gene P.
    Blue Bayou--Roy O.
    Rainy night in georgia--Brook Benton
    Caroline No--Beach Boys
    Funny how time slips away--Jimmy Elledge
    Last Date--Floyd Cramer
    Little Town Flirt--Del Shannon
    Gotta stop because you quickly realise that you could go on 
    listing forever and this doesn't even include the GG's, Righteous
    Bros; Brit Invasion etc. Is it even possible to have less than 
    1000 favorites? It's all the ones you have to leave OFF a short 
    list that are the problem.....Jim.
    PS. Can I add "Groovin'"--Rascals. And "Everybody's Talkin'
    "--Nilsson. And the Dells remake of their "Oh what a night". And 
    about 10,000 others. Can someone tell me how I can make up a list 
    of, say, 20 favorites without hating myself the next day for all 
    those I left behind? Would you want to leave Dusty Springfield, 
    Brenda Lee or the lovely Connie Francis out of your little black 
    list book?? I didn't think so...
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0154
    Sent:        09/26/98 5:48 am
    Received:    09/26/98 10:16 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    My favorite records are, well, a little-known sub-type:
    Screamin', Rippin' GG records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1.  Egyptian Shumba  -  The Tammys
    2.  I've Got A Secret/Finders Keepers  -  Shepherd Sisters
    3.  Wow Wow Wee  -  The Angels
    4.  Birthday Party  - The Pixies Three
    5.  Hey Big Boy  -  The Secrets
    6.  Summertime USA  -  The Pixies Three
    7.  Has Anybody Seen My Boyfriend  -  The Angels
    8.  The Hootch  -  The Pixies Three
    9.  Peaches 'n' Cream  -  The Ikettes
    10. Gonna Have A Good Time  -  The Clinger Sisters
    Criteria: Uptempo; happy (no R&B); singing that is as much 
    screaming or yelling as it is singing; '60s, preferably pre '65.
    I could probably come up with more, if I thought about the Pixies 
    some more. But can anyone else make any additions to my list?
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    Subject:     Re Ike & Tina's R&B hits as Philles B sides
    Sent:        09/27/98 8:43 pm
    Received:    09/27/98 8:58 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    First, I wrote:
    >>I have always suspected that Spector had Ike re-record their 
    >>early R&B singles for the Philles B' served the purpose of 
    >>spending almost nothing on Ike's throwaway tracks, yet Phil ended 
    >>up with a quasi "best-of I&T" album for Philles.
    R Teyes replied:
    >Remarkably, I&T earlier sides were hits in their own right: A Fool
    >In Love, It's Gonna Work Out Fine, I Idolize You, etc. NOT Philles 
    >productions, of course, but nicely produced R&B songs.
    Yes, and what I was wondering to myself out loud was: how did it go 
    down that Ike re-recorded their earlier hits for Phil? You'd think 
    Ike would have pushed to record new material. However, the remakes 
    of A Fool In Love etc. must be Philles productions, albeit in a 
    decidedly different style from Phil Spector. Bill Medley's Righteous 
    Brothers filler album tracks, also Philles masters, are of similar 
    >It bothers me that fans immediately hate Ike because of Tina's 
    I agree, one shouldn't draw any conclusions without hearing some of 
    Ike's "post-Tina" stories too. ;-)
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    Subject:     Re: Nino Tempo
    Sent:        09/26/98 11:43 am
    Received:    09/26/98 1:22 pm
    From:        james fisher,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Good to see Doc Roc's post on Nino and April...I can't add much 
    but I can say that I saw Nino in about 1976 playing back-up to Boz
    Scaggs at a Central Park,NYC concert that was sponsored by a beer 
    company and had an admission tab of one dollar! Think it was 
    Schaeffer Brewing. The concerts ran all summer and featured just 
    about every kind of music.Anyone from NY know if they're still 
    held? Still $1.00?? Anyway, Boz brought Nino out and introduced 
    him to the crowd but it was mostly a "huh-who's he" kind of 
    response.I couldn't believe the whole 5000 of them had erased the 
    beautiful "Deep Purple" from their memories. How soon they 
    forget.Or perhaps it was too much sampling of the sponsors product.
    Nino did a solo number to lack-lustre reaction and then Boz 
    quickly took over the reins again.Dirty Lowdown indeed. I thought 
    it was great to see him again and even if he and April had never 
    recorded another song their version of "Deep Purple" would be 
    enough to ensure them a place in my little Hall of Fame. Jim.
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    Subject:     river deeep
    Sent:        09/26/98 8:13 am
    Received:    09/26/98 10:16 am
    From:        john rausch, jXXXX@XXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    doc wrote:
    Others who released versions of RIVER DEEP MOUNTAIN
    the 2 of clubs version is great,i never heard annie lennox`s 
    version, where`s it from?
    here are a few more RDMH covers: dobie gray, someone called the 
    badd boys, of course darlene love, and one of my favorites, toni 
    wine. i have been collecting spector cover versions for awhile and
    have many covers of "be my baby," "is this what i get for loving
    you", "da doo ron ron", "baby i love you", "i can hear music" etc...
    also, I remember reading your article on diane renay in discoveries 
    awhile back. my favorite renay song might be "bell bottom trousers"
    from her lp.
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    Subject:     last new LP
    Sent:        09/26/98 5:48 am
    Received:    09/26/98 10:16 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    "Dream Babies" is one of the last new LPs I ever bought. Great job!
    Wonderful companion to "Liberty Records!"
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    Subject:     darlene love
    Sent:        09/28/98 3:17 am
    Received:    09/28/98 7:16 am
    From:        john rausch, jXXXX@XXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    just wanted to remind everyone that darlene love`s book "my name 
    is love" will be out come monday,anyone who is a fan will probably
    want to pick it up...should prove to be a good read....can`t wait!
    Presenting the Fabulous 
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