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Spectropop V#0151

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 09/20/98

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       Volume #0151                    September 22, 1998   
        The Greatest Recording Organization in the World    
    Subject:     Bacharach Box
    Sent:        09/20/98 8:59 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 11:02 pm
    From:        Dave Mirich, DmirXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    When does the Rhino Box finally come out? In the meantime I've 
    been listening to the Bacharach tribute cd. My wife agreed that 
    the Wondermints should have done Walk On By, incorporating the 
    Brian Wilson magic of his unforgettable near-cover of the song. 
    The song should have been sung sad, not angry, as on the tribute 
    Dave Mirich
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    Subject:     Evie Sands and others!
    Sent:        09/21/98 7:38 pm
    Received:    09/22/98 1:10 am
    From:        Alan Warner,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    But before that, some of this week's key birthdays...
    DICKEY LEE, who charted in 1960 with Barry Mann &
    Larry Kolber's eerie "Patches", is 58 today (9/21), DAVID
    COVERADLE of Whitesnake is 49 tomorrow, DEBBY
    BOONE is 42 while the ever-rockin' JOAN JETT is 38
    also tomorrow;  Wednesday celebrates BRUCE
    SPRINGSTEEN turning 49, actor PAUL PETERSEN
    turning 54 (tho' he was just 17 when-as a cast member
    of TV's The Donna Reed Show, he had a smash hit with
    Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil's MY DAD), JULIO IGLESIAS
    turning 55 and the legendary RAY CHARLES turning 68.
    On Thursday, GERRY MARSDEN of Gerry And The
    Pacemakers is 56 as is PHYLLIS 'JIGGS' ALBUTT of The
    Angels;  ironically, Phyllis' sister BARBARA ALLBUT also
    of The Angels is 58 that day while British singer-composer
    ANTHONY NEWLEY is 67.  Singer-turned-actor WILL SMITH
    is 30 on Friday and the week's musical birthdays wind up on
    Saturday with this quintet:  June Carter's singing daughter
    CARLENE CARTER will reach 43, Jefferson Starship guitarist
    50, country star LYNN ANDERSON will be 51 and Britain's
    BRYAN FERRY reaches 53!
    Geez, that reads like an "Entertainment Tonight" segment!
    OK, on to other things. A coupla comments to Spectropop readers...
    We saw Evie Sands a year or so ago do an impromptu duet
    with Chip Taylor when he and Billy Vera played two nights at
    Jack's Sugar Shack here in Hollywood.  Yes, she's still in
    great voice alright!
    To:  Claudia Cunningham...
    Didya know that Larry Henley (of The Newbeats) is a formidable
    songwriter these days?  His biggest success is WIND BENEATH
    MY WINGS aka HERO which he co-authored with Jeff Silbar.
    To:  Jamie...
    You ask if Neil Diamond had any notable covers before his Bang
    hits.  Check out SUNDAY AND ME which was a Top 20 45 in late
    '65 by Jay And The Americans.
    That's it for now.  Alan
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    Subject:     Evie, Covers, and Egyptian Shumba
    Sent:        09/20/98 10:09 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 10:50 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Darian wrote:
    >I went down to Ghengis Cohen Cantina on Fairfax (here in L.A.) 
    Good Thai there, as I recall.
    >to solve the mystery of...Evie Sands. one there knew. 
    >So finally the moment arrived and she opens her mouth and GOD, 
    >the angel(s) sing. . . .IT'S HER !!!! Unmistakable is that soulful
    >yet pop tender voice that made in my opinion the best version of 
    >"Take Me For A Little While"..."I Can't Let Go"..."Anyway That 
    >You Want Me"...
    Wow! That sounds incredible. You're right. Evie's great Blue Cat 
    sides are so underrated. Absolutely essential recordings of the 
    genre. Gotta say one things for the Brits. They sure could pick 
    the covers! I Can't Let Go by the Hollies is true to the original 
    but has that revolutionary sound of early Beat Invasion. Larry 
    Page/Troggs too.
    >Good news also is that she's back working with her old 
    >producer-songwriter team Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni. 
    Very cool to hear that. Chip has a CD of self-covers. Can't 
    remember the name but it's quite interesting. One funny moment 
    though. Chip's version of Angel of the Morning is, a bit, well, 
    you gotta keep it in context if you know what I mean.
    >Hail, hail the "Egyptian Shumba"! 
    >'s catapulted up to me and my girlfriend's Top Ten.
    Those jungle drum breaks are insane, especially backing that 
    little recorder-like lead. Ya gotta love it. OK, Tammys experts. 
    Anyone know these lyrics?
    "Way down in Egypt land
    Also, some background on this record and Tammys in general would be 
    appreciated: Label, writers, producers, location of recording, etc. 
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    Subject:     Re: Girl Groups etc.
    Sent:        09/20/98 9:26 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 11:02 pm
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Evie Sands! It's great to hear she's back! I love all her 
    recordings, and it's too bad other people seemed to have more luck
    with them than she did.
    > Hail, hail the "Egyptian Shumba"! What can I say but since Doc 
    > hipped me on to that one, jeez, it's been about a year now... 
    > it's catapulted up to me and my girlfriend's Top Ten.
    I played it on my show again yesterday! Once again, everyone is 
    talking about it. My version, from a tape Doc sent me is just good
    enough quality to play on the air. But boy Doc, you must have worn 
    holes into that record!
    > Why not try "Ska-Doo-dee-Ya" by Tracy Dey? Bob Crewe girls rule!
    Heard that one too! It's pretty good. Tracey Dey kicks! Then 
    there's the Shirelles try at ska. "Shh... I'm Watching the Movies,"
    has got be be one of my Top Ten yuck songs. I like the Shirelles,
    but what were they thinking? That one and the Supremes whiny 
    version of "I Want A Guy," always make me cringe.
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    Subject:     I Want to Be Shumbaed
    Sent:        09/20/98 3:25 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 6:33 pm
    From:        David Feldman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Okay, you guys have worn me down.  Is there a CD that contains 
    "Egyptian Shumba" that is readily available (or un-readily 
    Thanks so much for sharing the Evie Sands story, Darian. I've got 
    to pull out my "Anyway That You Want Me" album and give it a spin.
    Even on that album, as I recollect, despite Evie's exotic good 
    looks, her image was a little countryish.
    Dave Feldman
    Song of the Week:  The Boy with the Arab Strap (Belle & Sebastian)
    Seed of the Week:  Mustard
    Annoyance of the Month:  Humidity
    Best Time Killer of the 90's:  Filling out the UPDATED gender survey at
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    Subject:     Re: connections
    Sent:        09/20/98 1:52 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 6:33 pm
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani, wrote:
    > To:          Spectropop List,
    >>The Ballroom CD will.....include Spinning Spinning
    >>Most of the Ballroom stuff was recorded around the 
    >>time Boettcher was working with Tommy Roe.
    >So are you saying that there's some sort of connection between 
    >"Spinning Spinning Spinning" and "Dizzy?"
    Well sort of Jack. Dizzy was produced by Steve Barri but Curt B. did
    produce the Album and single "It's Now Winters Day" for Tommy Roe.
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    Subject:     Re: Connections
    Sent:        09/20/98 6:46 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 10:50 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani wrote:
    >So are you saying that there's some sort of connection between 
    >"Spinning Spinning Spinning" and "Dizzy?"
    Ah...All this Curt Boettcher talk is making me light headed. Luckily 
    we don't have to wait for the next millennium to get the Rev-Ola 
    Ballroom release. Just a week or so away!
    n.p. Instant Party - The Who
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    Subject:     Nino Tempo and April Stevens
    Sent:        09/20/98 11:25 pm
    Received:    09/20/98 11:34 pm
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 98-09-19 22:39:02 EDT, you write:
    << What's up with Nino Tempo and April Stevens, the sister and 
     brother act from the 60s?
     They had 4 tunes: Deep Purple; Whispering; Stardust, and All 
     Strung Out, which made the charts. >>
    Last recordings I saw by them was some recuts for K-Tel
    'Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Reparata
    Sent:        09/21/98 7:01 am
    Received:    09/21/98 7:45 am
    From:        David Marsteller,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi All!
    Can anyone comment on the album by Reparata and The Delrons? I saw
    it at a record show today, and was curious to hear it due to the 
    early Michael Brown track (credited to M. Lookofsky). However, I'm
    not all that thrilled with the hit (Whenever A Teenager Cries), 
    which strikes me as a poor imitation of Chapel Of Love.
    /**   "It used to be a pleasure, a comfort and a treasure"             **/
    /**                                             Diesel Park West       **/
    /**      David Marsteller                       **/
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    Subject:     River Deep, Mountain High
    Sent:        09/21/98 12:29 pm
    Received:    09/22/98 1:10 am
    From:        Alicia Martuge,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I just heard a 2 hour radio program on the 4 Tops and one of the 
    songs they played was River Deep Mountain High. This was a song 
    they recorded with the Supremes although the announcer incorrectly
    stated it was Diana Ross and the Supremes and the 4 Tops. We all 
    know the original was recorded by Tina Turner without Ike in 1966 
    but failed to chart. I like the B side I Love You Baby. Phil Spector
    in that case departed from the usual practice of not recording 
    vocals on this B side to let Tina sing. Of course her song didn't 
    chart but the version by "The Magnificent Seven" did in 1970. Later
    it was recorded for the Bway musical "Leader Of The Pack."
    four  tops  girl
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    Subject:     separated at birth
    Sent:        09/20/98 7:35 pm
    Received:    09/21/98 7:45 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks to my local oldies' station playing the following two songs 
    within a span of ten minutes, I suddenly noticed an uncomfortable 
    similarity between:
    Ferry 'Cross The Mersey
    Venus In Blue Jeans
    has this ever been remarked upon before?
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "It is when the gods hate a man with uncommon abhorrence that they
     drive him into the profession of a schoolmaster." --Seneca, 64 A.D.
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