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Spectropop V#0137

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 09/03/98

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       Volume #0137                    September 4, 1998   
                      Danny D. Thanx Thee                  
    Subject:     ELLIE & G.G.'s
    Sent:        09/03/98 4:45 am
    Received:    09/03/98 7:25 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, JimmyXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Mark (Philles Phanatic)...
    and thanks for the assessment re Ellie's song, but I don't recall 
    mentioning who the (incorrect) producer was. It must have been 
    another contributor. : )
    I'm glad to see "Jimmy Boy" on your list! What a song...
    Best to all,
    Jimmy (Boy)
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    Subject:     Ellie G.
    Sent:        09/01/98 11:04 am
    Received:    09/04/98 12:30 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > 'Can any of you tell me what Ellie Greenwich's 1967 United Artists
    > single (prod. by Bob Gaudio) of 'I Want You To be My Baby' sounds
    > like. I wonder how similar it is to Billie Davis' 1968 UK hit
    > version'.
    To add my two cents....
    The record you mention (UA 50151) was produced by Bob Crewe, not 
    Gaudio, and is a loud, brassy number, horns & saxes galore - 
    Rhythm not unlike Shirley Ellis' "The Clapping Song" - With a 
    bunch of background singers singing, screaming, etc, and Ellie's 
    raspy "singing" (if you could call it that), this song could 
    replace coffee as a morning waker-upper. Ellie's done better...A 
    Spector imitation gone amuck. But, that's my opinion...
    Not familiar with the Davis UK version, but it HAS to be better...
    Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry about Tracey Ullman. 
    Spectropop does it again!!!!
    Mark (Philles Phanatic)
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    Subject:     Phil Spector album
    Sent:        09/03/98 10:40 am
    Received:    09/04/98 12:30 am
    From:        james fisher,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I bought a Phil LP (vinyl) about 20 years ago,called "Phil Spector
    echoes of the 60's"--it's on the "Phil Spector International" label
    #2307013...has 20 of his major songs on it. My question is: is this
    a rare one or is it a common Greatest Hits kind of thing? It is an 
    English pressing though I bought it here. I'm just curious since I
    don't play it any more (I just about wore it out back in the pre-CD
    days!) Anyone familiar with this one? Jim.
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0135
    Sent:        09/02/98 5:04 am
    Received:    09/04/98 12:30 am
    From:        CHARLES  THOMPSON,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I've been reading all the messages over the last couple of months 
    but have never responded myself..... Have been a big fan and 
    collector of Girl Group recordings since the late 60's. My top 10 
    list of favorites are (in no particular order:
    1.   BE MY BABY  ........Ronettes
    2.   HE'S SURE THE BOY I LOVE ......Crystals
    3.   I ADORE HIM ......Angels
    4.   HE'S MINE .....Alice Wonderland
    5.   THE WEDDING  .......Julie Rogers
    6.   COMIN' ON STRONG .......Brenda Lee
    8.   BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN .......Supremes
    9.   WALKING IN THE RAIN ......Ronettes
    10.  TAR AND CEMENT ......(Verna or Vera somebody, or somebody Verna, 
    .....I don't have that one and would appreciate if someone could 
    tell me who sang this, and where I could find it on CD.....if it's 
    even on CD)
    There are way too many favorites to think about, including 
    anything by 'the Breakaways', 'the Secrets', or 'the Exciters' (
    and just about everything produced by Phil Spector)
    Keep up the good work. I really look forward to reading the 
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0136
    Sent:        09/03/98 12:49 am
    Received:    09/03/98 7:25 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    10 GG faves....I'll avoid the obvious choises.
    Egyptian Shumba  Tammys
    (Gotta be #1 on any list!)
    All Grown Up  Crystals (unreleased version)
    Army Green  Dale Brooks
    Don't Drag No More  Donna Lynn
    Let's Fall In Love  Linda Scott
    Ska-Doo-Dee-Ya  Tracy Dey
    Be  The Adorables
    Get Rid of Him  Bernadette Castro
    Eenie-Meanie Gypsaleenie  Debonaires
    Central Park Arrest  Thunderthighs
    I've Got A Secret Shepherd Sisters
    Dime A Dozen  Diane Reany
    I've Got a Dream  Diane Renay
    What Does A Girl Do  Marcie Blain
    Just a few personal faves.
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0136
    Sent:        09/03/98 2:04 am
    Received:    09/03/98 7:25 am
    From:        R Teyes, RTeXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    For Mark and the rest of the Philles Lovers:
    The reasons these records are coming out now (Philles stuff) are 
    many: Joan and Danny were not the only people employed by Phil. 
    There was Robert Kirstein in LA, Carol Smith in NYC, Val Irving in
    NYC and don't forget Estelle Bennett's beau think his name was Don.
    Don had free access to Phil's stuff in NYC..he gave me my 2 copies 
    of the dj I Can hear 1966 I think..Val gave me many 
    promos  of the Ronettes along with pictures, etc. I remember Val 
    giving a promo of lenny Bruce to a musician in A&R studios..he 
    only had 2 copies of that...also, when Phil left the 62nd st 
    office here in NYC, I went and took everything i could keep on 
    Philles...the same day the movers came...there were boxes of 45 
    and lps with only the yellow/red label and NO titles..that was 
    strange but so was Phil..people don't realize or remember that 
    Phil would go into Mira or A&R and record one song for a friend 
    and make either one or two copies of the 45 or the lp as a gift..I
    recall he recorded Happy Birthday with a studio chorus as a gift 
    for his lawyer's daughter and he printed ONE copy under the red/
    yellow Philles and put his picture on the THAT should 
    cost some money! I'm not surprised these things are surfacing...
    Robert the Ronette Hound.
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    Subject:     Re: Where did they come from?
    Sent:        09/04/98 1:21 am
    Received:    09/04/98 12:30 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          SPECTROPOP,
    Mark Landwehr wrote:
    >This may be a subject of limited interest
    Not to me! I was very intrigued by your post.
    >In the past few years, many previously 
    >unheard-of Philles Records releases have surfaced..
    >.The Phil Spector Spectacular LP, 
    What is this? I recall seeing a boot CD of this name, but checking
    the titles, it appeared as though all the material was previously 
    issued. Surely this was not originally a Philles release???
    >"Thanks For Giving Me the Right Time" single
    I read about this on your site, and I am very curious about this 
    too. An unreleased Righteous Brothers track? There is no record of
    this in the Mother Bertha publishing catalog, although Spector was 
    co-writing with Jeff & Ellie around this time. Can you pinpoint 
    the writing style? Or, is it a cover (as in White Cliffs, etc.)?
    Another intriguing track is Please Let Me Be Your Boyfriend, which
    appears to be an early New York session by the Crystals. Anyone 
    have more info on this? Could this be an AKA for I Want You To Be 
    My Boyfriend (Spector/Greenwich/Barry)?
    How about That's What Girls Are For (Spector/Greenwich/Barry)?
    >most recently, a stock copy of "Stumble and Fall"
    I have had a stock copy (yellow and red label) of Stumble & Fall 
    for years. Paid a pretty price for it too, and I am convinced it 
    is not a boot. It was in poor condition when I bought it, and it 
    was not part of my Fox acquisition (see below).
    >legitimate Philles colored-vinyl platters (not the popular 
    I have never seen a colored vinyl Philles record, boot or 
    otherwise. What do you mean "not the *popular* bootlegs"???
    >Before purchasing the "Thanks..." single, I discussed this with a 
    >well-known collector/dealer who said it was the result of a 
    >Spector "insider" who had access to these items and had decided to
    >sell them to collectors...I assumed it was probably Phil's former 
    >secretary, Joan Berg. However, everything I've seen of these "new"
    >issues shows that they were pressed on the west coast (thick line 
    >under the logo), and Joan quit Spector and stayed in NYC after 
    >Phil moved to CA, so it might not be her...How about Phil's promo 
    >man, Danny Davis???? Or one of the Wrecking Crew???
    I can tell you that when I acquired the bulk of my Philles 45s, 
    the source of them was someone named Fox. At the time, I was told 
    that Fox was one of Spector's attorneys during the Philles heyday.
    The singles are all mint and appear to have NEVER been played 
    before. Many are blue label promos, although some are on the stock
    red and yellow label. Several have a little plastic label on them 
    that says FOX. So, I would guess you are right in surmising that 
    "insiders" holding these records decided to sell them off.
    Now that you bring up Spector boots, is there a comprehensive list
    out there somewhere? If not, let's compile one here on Spectropop.
    Some other mysterious Spector songs (artist):
    Hey, Little Girl (Phil Spector) (This one is pure genius)
    It's That Kind Of Day (Phil Spector)
    Don't Take Your Love From Me (???)
    Everything's Gonna Be Alright(???)
    He Loves Me I Can Tell (???)
    I Don't Know Why (???)
    I am very interested in these unheard (by me) tracks by Spector. 
    Look forward to further comment from the keepers of the flame...
    All the best,
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    Subject:     top 10
    Sent:        09/02/98 11:35 am
    Received:    09/03/98 7:24 am
    From:        john rausch, jXXXX@XXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jimmy Cresitelli says:
    >And here's my Top 10.Da Doo Ron Ron-- Crystals. My all-time Number
    >One, actually
    ...oh yeah...w/out a doubt!
    >He's Sure the Boy I Love-- Darlene Love & the Blossoms. I love 
    >spoken intros!
    ...gotta love the way she says "rish and shtrong"
    >A Little Love Can Go A Long, Long Way-- Alder Ray. The most 
    >perfect example of how "Saturday Night tent-revival gospel" 
    >influenced the girl-group sound. This is a     PERFECT song.
    ...alot or the early gg songs have that "sound" i never thought 
    about this one but you are right.
    >Oh Donnie-- The Secrets. Greasy, sexy, dirty... fabulous!
    ...never heard this it the same "boy next door" secrets? 
    Jack Madani says  about t,ullmans sunglasses; It's included on the
    cd of You Caught Me Out. It features a lot of nice touches that 
    makes it quite worthwhile to have...any idea where i can find this?
    and to claudia cunningham (any relation to ritchie?) brenda & the 
    tabulations did "right on the tip of my tongue and patty & the 
    emblems did "mixed up shook up girl" and THE PONYTAILS ("BORN TOO 
    LATE")..WHAT A SONG! this gg hails from cleveland ohio, 20 minutes
    from me. saw one of the girls from the group once at a cleveland 
    record show.
    wow, never heard that one before.
    you are right claudia, there was even a spector type mag out awhile
    ago featuring our topics called "that will never happen again"
    love this list...
    Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes at:
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    Subject:     Top 10 Girl Group songs
    Sent:        09/03/98 11:03 am
    Received:    09/04/98 12:30 am
    From:        james fisher,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Am I too late to get in on
    the above? If not then these would be some of my picks:
    1. Then he kissed me,crystals. 2. Be my baby,ronettes.3. Da doo 
    ron ron,crystals.4.he's a rebel,crystals.5.will you still...
    shirelles. 6. do I love you? fact just about 
    anything from the girls above and a gold star to anything that Hal
    Blaine plays on....
    By the way,I work just around the corner from Fairfax High--Phil's
    old school. I don't think any of the kids there now have ever heard
    of him....more's the pity.
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