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Spectropop V#0132

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/22/98

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       Volume #0132                      August 22, 1998   
                    LONG PLAYING UNBREAKABLE               
    Subject:     DL+AF= CLASSIC
    Sent:        08/21/98 6:36 am
    Received:    08/22/98 3:13 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >I think that Darlene / Aretha clip you refer to is when Aretha's
    >doing "It's In His Kiss--" a jazzy, up-tempo version. The Blossoms
    >are backing her up (Fanita almost falling off her platform AGAIN),
    >and darlene is waving her arm at Aretha, laughing, egging her on
    >like you say...
    >great video!
    That's the one, Jim!!! Everybody was so much into it in that 
    video...If you all (no, I'm not from the south, but I lived in 
    Atlanta 6 years) have never seen it, you're missing a true classic
    featuring two of the great female singers of our time together on
    one stage, in one camera shot...
    Moving ahead a few years, does anyone know where I could find a 
    copy of "My Guy's Mad At Me" by Tracy Ullman (the old Madness 
    tune)??? Don't think it was ever issued in the U.S.
    Hey, Robert...What's going on in the Spector trial??
    (Philles Phanatic - http://www,
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    Subject:     Fading away
    Sent:        08/21/98 7:47 am
    Received:    08/22/98 3:13 am
    From:        Charles G. Hill,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >While fades are not necessarily better than cold endings, I do not
    >appreciate the widespread opinion that a fade is a cop out when an 
    >arranger can't think of an ending.
    How many really good cold endings are there? "She Loves You", 
    certainly; "The Cheater", maybe; "Oh, Pretty Woman", if I hadn't 
    heard it so many times before. You want someone who can't come up 
    with an ending, don't look for an arranger - look for a comic.
    >[T]here's an art to doing a good fade. Spector was a master at it. 
    >Bob Gaudio knew how potent a good fade could be. Brian too used 
    >the repeat and fade technique to great effect. Listen to the very 
    >end of "She Knows Me..." The coke bottle percussion re-enters at 
    >the very, very end. Cool! Motown, Stax... thank rock and roll for 
    >all those great fades. And if you want the best evidence to 
    >support the virtue of the fade, Exhibit A - Hal Blaine drum fills!
    Yea, verily, and with material as dissimilarly-arranged as "Be My 
    Baby" and "Poor Side of Town".  
    Besides, a properly-done fade got you out of the half-hour and all 
    perked up for Action Central News, not an inconsiderable virtue in 
    itself, if you ask me....cgh
    Charles G. Hill | |
          "Now is the Windows of our discontent." - Richard 3.0       
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0131
    Sent:        08/21/98 4:02 am
    Received:    08/22/98 3:12 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >I tend to believe that the fade is an art form which came from the
    >rise of the 45 rpm record, and, regrettably, it seems to have lost 
    >its popularity in direct relation to the demise of the 45.
    While I can't think of any titles right now, I often listen to 30s-
    '40s Big Band music, and fade outs on those 78s were not unheard 
    Most early rock and roll was, I tend to think, originally done 
    live, then put on a record. So early rock and roll tended to have 
    hard endings on records, like the live performance did.
    Later, when rock and roll songs were written for recording 
    sessions and not done live prior to the session, I feel fade outs 
    developed. Just a theory. Any thoughts?
    Finally, I have often tried to determine the FIRST rock and roll 
    record that faded, especially the first big hit/trend setter. Any 
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Spector's Ike and Tina sides
    Sent:        08/22/98 2:53 am
    Received:    08/22/98 3:13 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I've had the Spector Back To Mono Box set for a few years already,
    but I hadn't taken a good listen to the songs Phil produced as 
    credited to Ike and Tina, although really just Tina is present, in
    a while. I've never been a big fan of "River Deep Mountain High," 
    like other people in this group, so I thought the other songs by 
    Tina would be more of the same, but I was pleasently surprised. 
    "I'll never Need More Than This," "A Love Like Yours," and "Save 
    The Last Dance For Me," are superb Spector productions. Does 
    anyone know what other later Spector productions are out there? 
    Not the A&M or Apple stuff, but from his own label or other during
    the mid-sixties.
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Darlene Love in WSJ
    Sent:        08/21/98 11:59 pm
    Received:    08/22/98 9:58 am
    From:        David Marsteller,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi all!
    Just wanted to spread the word that there is an article/interview 
    with Darlene Love in today's (8/21/98) Wall Street Journal. It is 
    on the front page of the Weekend Journal Section and is called 
    "She's A Rebel, but She Still Isn't a Big Star: Darlene Love's 
    /**   "It used to be a pleasure, a comfort and a treasure"             **/
    /**                                             Diesel Park West       **/
    /**      David Marsteller                       **/
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    Subject:     Re: BOUNCE
    Sent:        08/22/98 1:09 am
    Received:    08/22/98 3:16 am
    From:        Spectropop List,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    ========== Start of forwarded message ==============
    Subject:     Article on Darlene Love
    The Wall Street Journal (US edition), Aug 21, '98 in the Weekend 
    Journal section (page 1) has an excellent article on Darlene Love.
    It's not so complimentary of Phil, but it does end on a positive
    note...Darlene is once again playing Danny Glover's wife in Leathal 
    Weapon IV.
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