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Spectropop V#0127

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/06/98

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       Volume #0127           *           August 6, 1998   
             A lifetime of pure listening enjoyment        
    Subject:     Darlene Love
    Sent:        08/05/98 4:39 am
    Received:    08/06/98 6:35 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > Darlene has one of the most beautiful and thunderous voices
    > in the scene..I don't know why today she is not on top. 
    I agree, Robert...Ronnie has her style (and it's great), others 
    have theirs. But, for a true all-around, hard-driving rock & roll 
    female singer, Darlene has been delivering for over 30 years. She 
    is THE best! Puts Aretha to shame (uh, oh, that's gonna start 
    something) - From "He's A Rebel " to "Christmas (Baby, Please Come
    Home)" to "Lord, If You're a Woman" and beyond, she is in a class 
    by herself. Why do you think that she was the busiest female 
    session-singer for many years? Anyway, I'm glad she finally got a 
    six-figure settlement out of Spector (sorry, Phil, but she 
    deserved it and you know it)...She deserves ALOT of recognition 
    and should receive lifetime-achievement awards up the wazoo...Rock
    & Roll Hall of Fame induction would be a start...
    Mark (a Philles Phanatic and oldies-radio antagonist)
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    Subject:     Darlene, Ronnie and Phil
    Sent:        08/06/98 2:43 am
    Received:    08/06/98 6:35 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jimmy, JimmyXXXX@XXXom wrote:
    >The musical highlight of MY life: a 
    >giant Christmas stocking appears on-stage... the intro to 
    >"Christmas" revs up... the music gets louder and louder... then 
    >slowly, majestically, like a queen, Darlene Love appears, arising 
    >from behind the stocking like she's coming out of it, arms raised 
    >in the air like on the cover of the Christmas album... the intro 
    >voices carol "CHRISTMAS!!!" as Darlene absolutely, magnificently, 
    >incredibly launches into a sonic version of the song, blowing the 
    >roof off all of Broadway with her voice. I burst right into tears 
    >when she did that! I still get chills thinking about it... 
    I got chills just reading this!
    I have the soundtrack to that musical. Very interesting. Of course
    it doesn't stand up to the Spector productions, but who would 
    expect it to? Great fun, and Darlene was in fine form.
    >...those Spector cuts never sounded better than on those old 45 
    >rpm records!
    I have the Ronettes' The Ultimate Collection on Marginal (MAR 050)
    and I think the sound is much better than the Spector box or the 
    individual ABKCO Ronettes CD. I suspect the Marginal disc was 
    mastered from vinyl using the Cedar noise reduction system, but 
    the sound is so warm. Besides, it has Lovers and I Can Hear Music,
    the two rarest Ronettes tracks. btw, anyone know the story behind 
    If you compare the sound quality between the Philles 45s (mono) of
    River Deep and Is This What I Get to the A&M River Deep album 
    (stereo), it is obvious that the stereo mixes are technically 
    better; you can hear what is going on in the track, etc. While I 
    enjoy being able to hear the stereo versions, the mono 45s smoke! 
    Those latter day Philles records still amaze me every time I 
    listen to them. I just got through listening to Is This What I Get
    For Loving You off the Marginal CD, and the enormity and majesty of
    the tracks - simply stunning.
    There are very few Darlene-vocal records that I dislike (none?). 
    "Listen to the King of the Surf Guitar" is brilliant, as is 
    "Surfin' Hootnanny." I also got the Warner comp 60's Girl Groups 
    which has three Blossoms tracks on it, and all are very good. BUT,
    the tracks she cut with Phil are unbeatable. When she get to the
    "Please, please" crescendo in Christmas, it's all over. Just 
    As far as comparing Ronnie and Darlene, it's apples and oranges. 
    Darlene is arguably the better vocalist, but Ronnie has a more 
    personalized style with its unique appeal. I think it is little 
    wonder that Ronnie didn't have much success after Phil, but 
    Darlene, well, that's another story. It seems to me she might have
    continued doing backgrounds after the Philles days. Another thing 
    about Darlene - she worked again for Phil more than a decade after
    the Philles period on Lord if You're a Woman, and I kind of wonder 
    why she did that if she felt she was given the short end of the 
    stick by Phil during the He's a Rebel days. In any event, 
    including the Leader of the Pack musical, she has continued to 
    make a living based almost entirely upon her success with Phil. 
    Kinda makes you wonder about the lawsuit. Does anyone know if the 
    court judgement or any other information pertaining to the details 
    of the suit?
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    Subject:     The Ronettes, Phil Spector and Philles Fans
    Sent:        08/05/98 8:43 am
    Received:    08/06/98 6:35 am
    From:        R Teyes, RTeXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks for those kind words....
    Darlene Love is a diva of song in her own right...Phil was correct
    when he said Darlene embodied soul...from such a small stature this
    huge voice emanates and touches your very soul..Darlene is song...
    today I obtained the dj copy of Philles 125x 45, "Christmas" by 
    Darlene and needless to say, feel happy...
    Phil's remarks about Ronnie before their adjournment: "not 
    everyone can be like Tina Turner'" (in reference to Ronnie's 
    difficulties in the music field) is very cruel and unjust...not 
    everyone wants to be like Tina, Phil, Ronnie is her own person and
    style..that has been yourself cannot be Wagner no 
    matter how many "little symphonies" you takes more 
    than time to prove your worth Phil, and your remarks about your 
    former wife only makes you more common and less quit 
    the rhetoric because you're being sued...I still love your music...
    Robert The Ronette Hound
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