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Spectropop V#0123

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/30/98

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       Volume #0123                        July 31, 1998   
    the kind of gutsy production that makes a No. 1 single!
    Subject:     Andrea Carroll,Goodnight Kisses, and (shudder) 
                 the Spice Girls
    Sent:        07/30/98 10:36 am
    Received:    07/30/98 11:15 pm
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I was just re-listening to a copy of "The Doolang" sent to me on 
    tape by Doc Rock, and I noticed the key had changed from the 
    version I was used to, and it didn't even sound like Andrea 
    Carroll and the Chiffons on the song. Is this just speeded up, or 
    is this a cover version. Does anyone know if there was a cover 
    version of this song?
    Also, I just love thge Goodnight Kisses' "If He Kissed Me" which 
    is inspired I believe by the Crystals' Then He Kissed Me. Did they
    record anything else? Same goes for the Girlfriends' whose "My One 
    And Only Jimmy Boy b/w For My Sake" is great. I heard they made a 
    second single. Who has it?
    Finally, I hate to bring this up in this group, and I'm not a big 
    Spice Girls fan myself, but have any of you heard their song "Viva
    Forever?"  It sounds very girl group inspired, and I could swear it
    is very similar to those great Russ Titleman songs of the early to 
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    Subject:     The Ronettes....
    Sent:        07/30/98 8:54 am
    Received:    07/30/98 11:15 pm
    From:        R Teyes, RTeXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    If you have AOL, look under netfind and dozens of Ronettes stuff 
    will can also look under Ronnie Spector, Phil Spector, 
    I just found an old 60's Walker Bros LP, their very first, 
    "Introducing the Walker Bros" on the Smash label...
    Ronnie completed recording with the new company....she's set to 
    tour the Eastern Seaboard after the trial...
    I have also just acquired Darlene Love's "Christmas" on Philles 
    Promo 45 which by itself is a rarity as per the current literature
    on rare have to stop at EVERY thrift shop and browse the 
    45s...I have found rare Philles stuff along my travels..also, if 
    you tell your friends about your record collection, most often they 
    will be happy to "find" stuff for you..
    My good friend Paul bought for me for $2 "River Deep..." by Ike 
    and Tina in mint a thrift store!
    The Canadian A&M Ike and Tina Phil Spector LP goes for $ 75 and I 
    found it for $15!
    You gotta shop around!! My pal Jon Raush asked me what I would do 
    once my collection is complete (Phil Spector Collection) and I 
    responded I would make a presentation for Phil fans...
    Robert the Ronette Hound
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0122
    Sent:        07/30/98 11:02 am
    Received:    07/30/98 11:15 pm
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >>Linda Scott's version. Although I consider both of these gems
    >Anything by Linda Scott attains gem status with me.
    Yes! After collecting her 45s for almost 40 years, I got a CD that
    is great!
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    Subject:     spector vs spector
    Sent:        07/30/98 1:26 pm
    Received:    07/30/98 11:15 pm
    From:        john rausch, jXXXX@XXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    hi will
    i`m sure between robert and myself we have all the video  so far...
    i have ronnie on entertainment tonight and also on a show called 
    extra,there should be more coverage soon since the spectors are 
    due back in court this august.
    ronnie rulz :-)
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    Subject:     You Baby
    Sent:        07/31/98 1:26 am
    Received:    07/31/98 1:35 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >A while back this group was comparing the Ronettes' "You Baby" to 
    >Linda Scott's version. Although I consider both of these gems, the
    >Love Notes version, actually entitled "Baby, Baby, You" on Here 
    >Come The Girls Vol. 9 is superior...this one from '66 is very 
    >Spectoresque. If you haven't bought this comp, which features the 
    >Jerry Ross girl groups, it is a must.
    Will, you've piqued my interest. I have most of the HCTG series, but 
    not #9 yet. Must get.
    This is a strange song. Jeff and Ellie found an outlet for their 
    talents through Red Bird, so it is fairly easy to see how Dixie Cups 
    covered the odd Ronettes track (Chapel of Love, Gee the Moon, etc.). 
    But this Mann/Weil/Spector Ronettes LP track seems to have received 
    more covers than one would expect. I am thinking of the Lovin' 
    Spoonful version off their "Magic" album. I love Spoonful's Rain on 
    the Roof, Darling Be Home Soon, Didn't Want To Have To Do It and 
    like that, but jeez, their version of You Baby is laughable. Two or 
    three embarrassing tambourine mistakes, and a pale attempt at 
    simulating Gold Star's echo but without any of the power pumping 
    through. Why did they cover THIS? Sebastian was already writing 
    brilliant stuff when their first Kama Sutra album came out.
    Totally unrelated, I really enjoy the Turtles song of the same 
    name...   "yooo - you baby, nobody but you." 
    Jamie "Human Beinz" LePage 
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