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Spectropop V#0119

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/17/98

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        S  -  P  -  E  -  C  -  T  -  R  -  O  -  P  -  O  -  P  
       Volume #0119                                July 18, 1998   
    This monophonic microgroove recording will not become obsolete
    Subject:     Chess Records - The Agreement
    Sent:        07/16/98 10:40 am
    Received:    07/17/98 12:53 am
    From:        Richard Globman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Scott gave some great info on the Chess Records saga:
    >The 1976 agreement between Joe Robinson and Marshall Sehorn was a 
    >3-page licensing agreement with a 189 page schedule of master 
    >recordings. (By way of contrast, MCA's contract with Sugarhill 
    >Records was approximately 60 pages long.) The master recordings 
    >contained on the 189 page schedule included all of the gems of the
    >Chess Catalogue, 
    I assume this gave them the rights to use the Chess label? You 
    know, the 3-CD Chess Blues Box Set and all that?
    >as well as more recent songs like "Rapper's  Delight" by the 
    >Sugarhill Gang.
    HO-tel, MO-tel, HOL-i-day Inn....
    (Sorry, lost my head...I just absolutely LOVE Rapper's Delight.
    DICKY "and I know all the words to O.P.P." G
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    Subject:     Hedgehoppers Anonymous
    Sent:        07/16/98 11:38 am
    Received:    07/17/98 12:53 am
    From:        John King, GBMGIDXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Also, speaking of Jonathan King. He now has a trade publication 
    called the Tip Sheet out of London. He is responsible for getting 
    Chumbawamba's "TubThumping"  released and the group singed to a 
    major label. He still has hit ears and continues to champion great
    pop records.
    John King
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    Subject:     long live the hotel sheets!
    Sent:        07/16/98 6:06 am
    Received:    07/16/98 9:00 am
    From:        Jeffrey Thames, KingoGrXXXX@XXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 98-07-15 13:01:47 EDT, you write:
    << "Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes/You closed your cover 
    before striking/Father had the ship-fitter blues/Loving you has 
    made me bananas..." >>
    at the risk of sounding like a broken record... #1: is there 
    legitimate cd availability on this one?? i'm not sure i could 
    locate my (wlp) 45 copy if i tried, and it saddens me deeply...
    #2:  i love this list...
    jeff  [but iodine'd all alone]
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    Subject:     Music Stores
    Sent:        07/17/98 8:18 am
    Received:    07/17/98 8:12 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I'd like to take a little time to tell you about the appalling 
    state some music stores are in with regard to oldies music. I live
    in a city of about 150 000 in Ontario Canada. We have several music
    shops in town, but the two largest, Sam The Record Man (a large 
    Canadian franchise) and MusicWorld do not have a separate oldies 
    section. This is understandable, because few music stores I've 
    visited elsewhere do anyway, except for Tower Records in NYC.
    Today I decided to check out these two shops in the hopes I could 
    find something new to which to listen. Music World, which in the 
    past has been pretty good with some oldies artists, had a 
    depeleted stock. Sure there were Beatles, Beach Boys, and Elvis 
    stuff, but little or nothing from almost ever other major artist 
    of the 60s.
    I decided to go across town to visit the larger SAM THE Record 
    MAN store. Even less! I saw one compilation of Marvelettes stuff,
    all of which I had, and only one Supremes collection, which I also
    had. The only thing that seemed a little hopeful was a compilation 
    by Duane Eddy, but I've only heard of him and decided not to buy 
    that disc. When I visted the 60s section of compilations I found a
    poor crop at best, with most of the recordings being new by old 
    artists, which isn't bad, but not great either. As a collector of 
    girl group records specifically I know that I will rarely find 
    anything I don't already have in these music stores, but what 
    about regular oldies fans? What are they supposed to do? There is 
    a demand for such music in my city because an oldies station which
    was taken off the air was put back on by popular demand, but the 
    Billboard TOP 10 series wasn't even there for these fans to buy!
    Then, while walking through a WALMART to exit the mall, I stopped 
    by the music section. Sometimes I've noticed some oldies artists 
    get put on the cut-out rack. Low and behold, what do I find but a 
    Shangri-las album with three tracks I didn't have, a Shirelles 
    album with two tracks I was missing, a comp by the 60s Three 
    Degrees (featuring Sheila Ferguson), an early Glady Knight and the
    Pips comp, and finally 20 newly recorded tracks by the Supremes. It
    was mixed in with such "other" music as "The Olsen Twins (from FULL
    HOUSE sing."  Some of this stuff wasn't exactly in popular demand, 
    but WALMART actually had it, and this is the real kicker, for only
    $4.00 bucks on CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If that's not bad enough, the way the current exchange rate is 
    looking, that works out to about just over $2.00 American. For 
    CDs?! It is truly a sad day when I can find 5 cds for about 20 
    bucks Canadian at a cheap discount store and nothing at two large 
    mainstream, franchise music stores. Is this only happening where I
    live or have you other collectors found the same problem? Larger 
    communities aren't that bad, but I was appalled by this discovery!
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    Subject:     various
    Sent:        07/15/98 2:53 pm
    Received:    07/15/98 2:56 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Since Claudia posted about Noel Harrison's A Young Girl, I can't 
    get it out of my head. I have the single somewhere on the blue 
    London label. What a morbid lyric. Child of springtime still green 
    lying here by the road. It's almost as overdramatic as Leader of 
    the Pack. I adore both, and this illustrates the point made here 
    recently that, out of "hearing" is out of mind. The oldies stations 
    playlists generally don't reflect the overall realtime popularity. 
    That poses a danger of diminishing the recognition of certain 
    records of that era. What a drag.
    I don't know much about Myddle Class, except I believe they released 
    Road to Nowhere. I'm not sure if their version preceded Carole's own 
    45 release of the song.
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    Subject:     Oldies Radio/WMQX (Greensboro)
    Sent:        07/16/98 10:40 am
    Received:    07/17/98 12:53 am
    From:        Richard Globman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    My man Leonard SED:
    >........But one of the best kept secrets is Greensboro's WMQX, 
    >Oldies 93. This station is managed by Gary Weiss, son of Bob 
    >Weiss, who once owned the famous WIXY-1260 in Cleveland. It also 
    >has one of the old WIXY jocks, the great Jack Armstrong, "Your 
    >Unfortunately, WMQX is not on the net, either. They have a large 
    >playlist, and mix in lots of soul, Brill Building, and, of course
    >"beach" music. (Dey in Carolinah, man.)
    Yep...that is one great station. Jack Armstrong rocks. The thing I
    miss about radio these days is the lack of strong personalities who
    play what they want and not what comes off some computer. Remember 
    the powerhouse days of WABC-AM in NY when they had just about 
    every highly-paid jock in the country?
    MXQX (93.1) has a lot of "theme" shows...Motown Monday, the Buddy 
    Holly hour, "everything you wanted to know about Mary Wells but 
    were afraid to ask", etc. And, as Leonard mentioned, they do play 
    tons of that sweet, sweet, east coast beach/shag music, especially
    on Sunday night from 5-8 when they play nothing BUT beach music 
    (although it is a syndicated show, who the hell cares?).
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    Subject:     Crazy Bananas
    Sent:        07/16/98 11:27 pm
    Received:    07/17/98 12:53 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > Also, from my old record collection I found a couple others: 
    >"Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" by Guy Marx
    I'm so crazy, I have a LIVE version of "Bananas" (as well as the 
    45) taped off the Tonight Show in the 60s!
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