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Spectropop V#0116

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/11/98

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         Volume #0116                           July 12, 1998
                      joining the legions of fans            
    Subject:     Caravelles
    Sent:        07/10/98 5:38 pm
    Received:    07/11/98 7:06 pm
    From:        Keiko Kondo,
    >>I've got The Caravelles "You don't have to be a baby to cry"
    >How many songs does it have?  Is most of the material any good?
    Hi Will 
    The cd has 25 songs including covers of P&P's Tonight You Belong 
    to Me & Gonna Get Along Without You Now. Also Bacharach & David's
    True Love Never Runs Smooth. And I mention before You are Here
    (same as Winter's Here - Robin Ward).
    To answer about is most of the material any good, in Japan we say 
    "ten persons ten colors." That meaning everyone has different sense. 
    So this is from the liner note:
         As you listen, we hope you too will enjoy an easy 
         relaxed mood as the Caravelles glide from song to 
         song, exhibiting further, some favorite songs sung 
         in their own captivating style. The versatility of 
         these two new performers will somewhat astound you 
         and we're sure after listening to this album you'll 
         be joining the legions of fans the Caravelles have 
         already acquired.
    In IMHO the music is much better than liner note. If you like 
    Fleetwoods & P&P, you like The Caravelles.
    PS Sorry no oldies radio comment, we don't have oldies radio in 
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    Subject:     Those Oldies but Goodies
    Sent:        07/10/98 4:09 am
    Received:    07/11/98 7:06 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    I wrote:
    >>Ironically, the...dumbing down of Golden era popular music
    >>give(s) credibility to our...esoteric interest in same. 
    Mark Landwehr replied:
    >Oh, great. So we can puff our chests out and strut around thinking
    >that we know more about this stuff than the average human being...
    >Fine, but with all due respect, that still won't change oldies 
    I didn't mean to come off like I wanted to puff chest. Sorry if 
    that's how it read. I too lament limited playlists and DJs. I was 
    only thinking out loud that dumb oldies radio is better than none, 
    and if corporate radio improves numbers with dumb playlists, the 
    oldies market grows and the collectors market is better served with 
    releases such as Stax, Spector, Pet Sounds, Who and Motown boxes. 
    You know, whenever I fly into a major US airport, the first thing 
    I do after getting the rental car keys is search for the oldies 
    station. Believe me, if you lived in an area where there was no 
    oldies radio at all, you'd be ecstatic to land at LAX, tune in to 
    KRTH, crank the volume, let the top down, loosen your tie and cruise 
    PCH with Baby Love, Satisfaction and I Get Around. It is one of the 
    greatest feelings ever, especially when a little Kitty Kat is riding 
    >If your idea of fun is trying to explain to a "pimple voice" who
    >Norma Tanega is, then you might as well talk to a pile of bricks...
    Walkin' My Cat Named Dog is a fine record indeed. I am no expert, I 
    would be delighted to read more here about Norma. 
    PS If any Spectropoppers reside in Nashville, please let me 
    know by private email.
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    Subject:     Re: Knickerbockers
    Sent:        07/10/98 6:16 am
    Received:    07/10/98 10:28 am
    From:        David Feldman,
    > Does anyone remember Johnny Charles' old East Coast band, the 
    > Knickerbockers? 
    Who could forget them? As far as I know, they broke up in the late
    60's. It's interesting that I forgot the name Johnny Charles. I 
    always associate them w/Buddy Randell.
    Also, although I know they are from New Jersey, I think of them 
    as a West Coast band. I grew up in L.A. and they were playing 
    clubs constantly. I know they also were associated with Lloyd 
    Thaxton, a local (and briefly national) DJ/TV music host, who was 
    based in L.A. They were a terrific live band.
    I don't know the Myddle Class at all, though.
    Dave Feldman
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        there ain't nobody who can sing like me.
        She said it's hard for me to see,
        how one little boy got so ugly."
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    Subject:     Can't Forget the Velvelettes
    Sent:        07/10/98 10:13 am
    Received:    07/10/98 10:28 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    >I had totally forgotten how wonderful "Forever" and "When You're 
    >Young & in Love" (just two examples) were.
    The first ever Marvelettes cd set I bought was their great 
    "Deliver the Singles" retrospect. I was amazed at the quality of 
    the non-hits. With a couple of exceptions, like "Paper Boy," 
    almost every song was a great part of the Motown Sound.
    >This set makes a good case for the Marvelettes being Motown's 
    >best girl group. Martha & the Vandellas are usually the favorites 
    >of Motown fanatics, but I'd put them well below the Marvelettes 
    >and Supremes.
    We can't forget about the Velvelettes either. I rank the Motown 
    girl groups that I know of from best to worse as the Marvelettes, 
    the Velvelettes, Martha and the Vandellas, and then the Supremes. 
    Not that the Supremes were bad or anything, but if you go track by
    track with the 3 big Motown girl groups on any one of their 
    compilations, the Marvelettes will always come out on tops with 
    quality, not necessarily commercialism.
    >The Marvelettes, with two great lead singers, were the
    >most versatile of the three groups, and shined whether singing R&B
    >(Please Mr. Postman) or gimmicky pop (I'm a sucker for "My Baby 
    >Must be a Magician" and "Destination Anywhere"). I don't find 
    >myself listening to the M&V set 10% as often as the Marvelettes.
    As a girl group nut I find myself listening to several groups who 
    have a long-lasting playability, meaning I can play them more than
    a couple of times a week without getting bored. The Marvelettes, 
    Chiffons, Ronettes, Shangri-las, Sweet Inspirations, and Crystals 
    are some of the groups with bigger repertoires who I never get 
    tired of. If all of you out there don't have that Marvelettes' 
    collections we're talking about, it's a must buy! Listen to songs 
    like "Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead," "As Long As I Know He's Mine," 
    "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game," and "Marionette" and 
    tell me who the real "Supremes" of Motown were. The Marvelettes 
    are criminally underrated!
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    Subject:     the songs of...brian hyland??
    Sent:        07/10/98 3:22 am
    Received:    07/10/98 4:12 am
    From:        Jeffrey Thames, KingoGrXXXX@XXXom
    In a message dated 98-07-08 14:15:22 EDT, javed wrote:
    >The Canadian content regulations do make for some interesting 
    >listening. [An] example of this is the song "So Long Marianne" by 
    >Brian Hyland which I do not believe made the American charts at 
    >all but it still gets played here because it was written by Leonard 
    oh, i have *got* to hear this! is there a comprehensive hyland 
    collection out there that would have it, in addition to all the 
    familiar hits?
    jeff [who hasn't heard "the joker went wild" on the radio since 
    the 80's, much to his chagrin]
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    Subject:     WGRR
    Sent:        07/10/98 3:23 am
    Received:    07/10/98 4:12 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXX@XXXom
    In a message dated 98-07-08 14:15:22 EDT, you write:
    >I have been listening to some of the oldies stations on the net 
    >and there are still a few independent minded station in major 
    >markets. Two of the best are WGRR in Cincinnati and WMJI in 
    >Cleveland. These stations play the usual staples but also throw in
    >the odd regional hit and songs that made the lower rungs of the 
    >national charts. For example, I have heard "Open Up Your Door" by 
    >Richard & The Young Lions on WGRR. This song only made it to the 
    >90's on Billboard in 1966. The only problem with this station is 
    >that their RealAudio netcast is very unreliable.
    WGRR definitely does oldies better than most, I used to catch Dusty
    Rhodes show on Sunday evening on Real Audio until WGRR discontinued
    the live feeds (probably because of the unreliability you mention) 
    Suggest we all log on and ask them to continue the feeds, the only
    way they will invest the money in the Internet is if they see 
    response. So if you like oldies visit the WGRR site. Dusty Rhodes 
    used to be on WSAI in the 60's.
    Paul Urbahns
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