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Spectropop V#0111

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/04/98

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           Volume #0111         July 5, 1998
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    Subject:     Box Tops Remakes
    Sent:        07/04/98 8:27 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXX@XXXom
    In a message dated 98-07-03 14:49:33 EDT, Scott wrote:
    ><< Almost always, the alleged re-recordings were, in 
    >fact, the original recordings. However, the version of "The Letter" 
    >on one of these albums CLEARLY was a re-recording. The voice was
    >most certainly Alex Chilton, but it sounded like the Alex Chilton 
    >from his "High Priest" album days and not the gruff blue-eyed soul
    >days of the Box Tops. Perhaps this is the version that you heard on
    >the radio. >>
    I found my old album with these songs on it. The first release I 
    saw of the two K-Tel cuts by the Box Tops was on a EXCELSIOR  XMP-
    6012, called ROCK FEVER. You should be able to find these cuts 
    reissued on a Dominion CD as that is the label K-Tel is using to 
    market the remakes today. The copyright date on ROCK FEVER is 1980. 
    I kept it and one other LP or remakes. ROCK FEVER has: Bend Me, 
    Shape Me: American Breed; The Letter and Cry Like A Baby- The Box 
    Tops; Wild Thing by The Troggs; Worst That Could Happen by The 
    Brooklyn Bridge (yes it's Johnny singing); 98.6 by Keith; Spooky 
    and Traces by The Classics IV; Precious And Few by Climax; The 
    Rapper by Jaggerz; Time Won't Let Me by The Outsiders; Soul Man
    by Sam & Dave.
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Re: Re-recordings
    Sent:        07/04/98 7:46 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        Marc Wielage,
    CC:          Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXX@XXXom
    Paul Urbahns <PaulurbXXXX@XXXom> write on the Spectropop List:
    >The K-Tel remakes that most of the discussion is about concern 
    >1970's recordings made in Nashville...
    -----------<lengthy explanation snipped>----------
    Cool! Thanks sincerely for the details, Paul. I never knew exactly
    where or when these fake re-recordings were done, and now we know!
    Now, if we could only get labels like K-Tel to more-vigorously put
    giant warning stickers on their products...
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority     =-
    -= MusicTrax, Ltd.   |       on rock, pop, & soul."      =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |         =-
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0110
    Sent:        07/04/98 8:11 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXX@XXXcom
    Dean re-recorded the Jan & Dean hits for KTEL in the late '70s. 
    He's still waiting to be paid.
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    Subject:     Clydie King and the Crystals
    Sent:        07/04/98 8:14 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    I've heard two Clydie King records from the sixties and they're 
    already both favourites of mine, can anyone tell me if any of her 
    sixties stuff is out on cd. Also, I've heard that she and Clyde 
    Kirk from the Crystals/Spector background were one and the same. 
    Is this true?
    By the way, does everyone know that Barbara Alston of the Crystals
    is writing an autobiography? I've bee chatting with her and she 
    says that most of it will be about the gals experience with Phil.
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    Subject:     Ronettes and Phil Spector
    Sent:        07/04/98 6:27 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        R Teyes, RTeXXXX@XXXom
    I want to thank all who've emailed me and thanked me for keeping 
    you up to date with the "war of sound" pleasure!
    Well, Phil was interviewed by the NY Daily News and it was the 
    first time in ten years that he's spoken to the media. The newsman
    Michael met him at Elaine's, a popular restaurant in Manhattan. 
    Phil sat in a dark area of the place and spoke at length. One 
    thing he mentioned was that their son Donte, who was in LA and ten 
    at the time , ran from home and told the police Phil was beating 
    him. When the police called Phil, he responded, "Keep him, I'm not 
    coming down." Ronnie sued for custody of Donte, won the case, then
    abondoned him to Estelle, Phil said, and he should be 30 years old 
    by now. So, this is critical here, because who is telling the 
    truth is not clear. You have to read Ronnie's book to find out her
    side. Donte is a factor in the case because he would've been a 
    witness to the whole thing. Remember, the Ronettes are suing for 
    11 million and Ronnie is using the mental anguish and abuse card...
    more next time.
    Robert the Ronette Hound. Hi John Rausch my good buddy and Mark 
    who has a great site on Philles! Hi Ronnie and Jonathan and the 
    kids! Hi Nedra and Estelle! Hi Lala Brooks! (Hi, Phil!)
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    Subject:     Rerecordings and the Honeys
    Sent:        07/04/98 8:11 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    > The re-recording issue is a real problem for collectors. Me 
    > personally, I sympathize with the plight of the artists, but I 
    > think nobody would buy the fake versions if they were clearly 
    > identified as such.
    I buy them all the time. I don't understand why collectors 
    wouldn't buy them. When I see those comps by as sung by the 
    original artists I snatch them up quickly. The Chiffons rerecorded
    their hits in the late seventies, and although the originals are 
    indeed better, the new versions are pretty good too. In this case,
    you can find an original version of the song anywhere, but the new 
    stuff is harder to find.
    >> Are you sure it wasn't Marilyn Wilson? Both Wilson sisters have 
    >> said in the past that their mother sings great.
    > Most of the Honeys' lead vocals were by cousin Ginger Blake, who 
    > was possessed of a great set of pipes. She spent most of the 
    > Sixties and Seventies singing professionally as a backing singer. 
    She also sang lead on the records the Honeys recorded as Ginger and 
    the Snaps.
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    Subject:     Ronnie Dyson
    Sent:        07/04/98 4:07 am
    Received:    07/04/98 9:47 am
    From:        David Bash, BashXXXX@XXXom
    << But for me, TB's masterpiece is Ronnie Dyson's "One Man Band." The
     first side is nonstop brilliance. Any song on the first side could 
     have (and should have) been a hit single. It contains the 
     freewheeling first recording of "I Just Don't Want to Be Lonely," 
     "One Man Band," and other treasures. It's a shame that Dyson 
     encountered personal problems. He was a true prodigy, like Michael
     Jackson. But I compare him more to the young Dionne Warwick, 
     possessed with an emotional depth that made him seem decades older.
     Bell was smart enough to not gimmick up this album too much -- 
     his purpose was to complement Dyson's beautiful voice.
     Dave Feldman >>
    Hi Dave,
    I agree with you about Ronnie. After hearing the Main Ingredient's
    version of "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely", it's no surprise that 
    Dyson does it as well- it really fits.
    In 1978 my uncle had a magazine called Disco World, and one day 
    they were holding a disco party at a roller skating rink in 
    Brooklyn. Ronnie Dyson was one of the featured performers, and 
    after the show was over I gave him and his mom a ride home. Both 
    of them were very nice, and Ronnie was very down to earth and 
    humble. When I heard about his tragedies it really made me sad.
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
    David (who's sorry for talking about the "wrong Ronnie" for this list) :-)
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    Subject:     Usher on Brave Belt / Chad Allan/Barry Allen
    Sent:        07/04/98 1:20 pm
    Received:    07/04/98 8:12 pm
    From:        Javed Jafri,
    David Marsteller wrote:
    > I've got both Brave Belt lps, and there are no Usher songwriting 
    > credits. That brought another Bachman-related album to mind, so I 
    > checked the Barry Allen lp that Randy Bachman produced in 1971, 
    > but that didn't have any Usher credits either. Oh well...
    > Dave
    Are you refering to the Chad Allan album "Sequel". Chad was the 
    original lead singer of the Guess Who before Burton Cummings and 
    sang on their first hit "Shakin' All Over". He was also a member 
    of Brave Belt. All I have left of "Sequel" is the cover and it 
    does not list any production or writing credits.
    Barry Allen had a Canadian hit with the song "Lovedrops" in 1965 
    and I'm not aware of any Bachman connection but I could be wrong.
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