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Spectropop V#0104

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/20/98

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            Volume #0104                  June 23, 1998
              screamin' hi-fi
    Subject:     Ronettes vs. Phil Spector
    Sent:        06/20/98 5:58 am
    Received:    06/20/98 8:43 am
    From:        R Teyes, RTeXXX@XXXm
    The Ronettes vs. Phil Spector
    By Robert Tirado
    OK, yesterday, Phil WAS in the Manhattan courtroom! The
    bailiffs allowed few people in and since I "worked"
    myself in as a record producer (I DO own Richport Music)
    I was amazed at Phil's physical change...he wore a black
    suit, shirt and tie and horrid platform shoes...he spoke
    in his tiny, high shrilled voice and berated the
    Ronettes...he stated for the record that the Ronettes
    "owed HIM money" and that "this lawsuit is silly and
    ridiculous"...he was on the stand for not too long,
    however, and he was escorted out when he was
    through...he had a few burly was GREAT
    to see him, the man who made history with his Philles
    Records, who discovered the Ronettes when I knew them as
    The Relatives from my days as a kid in Spanish
    Harlem...the man to whom I served coffee and donuts as a
    skinny kid infatuated with pianos at the time... the man
    whose mother Bertha brought chicken soup to the A&R
    and Mirasound recording studios in Manhattan in the was a day I'll never forget, to see everyone
    older; the Ronettes, Phil, the old fans standing outside
    the courthouse...I loved every minute of it, guys, to
    see them all once again...not recording or singing but
    trying to extract the mistakes of their youth... whether
    they were wrong or right, it was the 60s all over....
    Robert the Ronette Hound!
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    Subject:     Cameo/Parkway
    Sent:        06/20/98 3:33 am
    Received:    06/20/98 8:43 am
    From:        David Marsteller,
    I wish I could figure out what Allen Klein's motivation is in 
    leaving the Cameo/Parkway vaults sealed. I've been snapping up Dee
    Dee Sharp records lately, obviously there's no other way I'll be 
    hearing these tracks anytime soon. Not only that, but I guess Mann
    and Appell are being forgotten as a songwriting team...
    /**   "It used to be a pleasure, a comfort and a treasure"             **/
    /**                                             Diesel Park West       **/
    /**      David Marsteller                       **/
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    Subject:     Re: Cameo-Parkway/Allen Klein
    Sent:        06/20/98 8:21 am
    Received:    06/21/98 10:54 am
    From:        Marc Wielage,
    Marc Miller <marXXX@XXXom> commented on the Spectropop list:
    >If there are any boots of Cameo/Parkway stuff out there, they
    >probably aren't/weren't out there for very long. Think about it
    >for a minute - would you want to bootleg something that Allen
    >Klein owns???? I don't think so. There was a record collector in
    >the early 60's who decided he wanted to boot a few records that
    >Morris Levy owned. He did, and for the rest of his life, his
    >nickname was "Wire Jaw" (true story!). Nothing that is or was out
    >there is legit - he has the tapes, and he's not touching 'em.
    >And you can't buy the hit version of The Twist anywhere.
    Oh, puh-lease! Do you ever read the ads in GOLDMINE and
    DISCOVERIES (to name just two)? There's all kinds of
    bootleg collections of the Cameo-Parkway material out
    there, including a 2 -disc set on Chubby Checker! And
    these are the real recordings, not more-recent remakes.
    I own two of 'em myself, plus several vinyl copies.
    I don't think Klein is stupid enough to try to break
    anybody's kneecaps over this material nowadays. Like THE
    GODFATHER said in the movie of the same name,
    <paraphrasing> "our hit-men are now lawyers in
    suits, fighting our battles in court."  There's also the
    issue that it's perfectly legal to sell any pre-1970
    material in many countries that didn't update their
    copyright laws, though I admit this loophole has been
    plugged in many countries legally, particularly Japan.
    This is one reason why many bootleg CDs carry a "Made in
    Italy" or "Made in Denmark" label -- regardless of their
    real country of origin.
    These songs also are widely available on a half-dozen
    radio syndication packages from companies like TM
    Communications in Dallas -- all legitimately available
    to U.S. radio stations. So the Cameo-Parkway material
    does get out, and is around for those who want to go to
    the trouble of looking for it.
    On the other hand:  I agree about Morrie Levy. Not a fun
    guy. And I also continued to be bewildered at Klein's
    refusal to put the Cameo-Parkway material out
    legitimately on CD. If any of you out there reading this
    want to see this material out on CD, you can send your
    comments to:
    ABKCO Records
    Attn. Mr. Jody Klein / VP
    1700 Broadway
    New York, NY 10019
    (212) 399-0300
    Internet: jklXXX@XXXcom
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority     =-
    -= MusicTrax, Ltd.   |       on rock, pop, & soul."      =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |         =-
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    Subject:     'A Thousand Stars'
    Sent:        06/21/98 1:13 pm
    Received:    06/21/98 6:00 pm
    From:        Greg Liebzeit, gliebzXXX@XXXcom
    Hello all! Sorry to make my first post to this list a question... 
    but I just heard a terrific song on an oldies station while on a 
    drive in the car. The title is 'A Thousand Stars' and I think I 
    heard the name Cathy (or Kathy) Young as the artist. The dj 
    mentioned that it was from 1960, I believe. Anyone have any more 
    info on this and if it's currently available on CD.
    Thanks in advance!
    Greg L
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    Subject:     Goldmine "Wall of sound" issue
    Sent:        06/21/98 3:56 am
    Received:    06/21/98 10:54 am
    From:        john rausch,
    hello fellow spector collectors
    i have an extra issue of Goldmine mag #55 December 1980,featuring 
    the wall of sound,including Phil Spector,Crystals and Ronnie 
    Spector articles from my personal collection.Anyone interested can
    email me off list for details.
    Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes at:
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    Subject:     Requesting Some Information Re: Gary Usher
    Sent:        06/22/98 4:36 am
    Received:    06/22/98 9:52 am
    From:        Scott Bauman,
    As some of you know, I work at PolyGram Music Publishing. The 
    other day, I was looking through our database of compositions that
    we control and I discovered that we have a number of Gary Usher 
    songs (actually, I didn't realize how many we had until I started 
    typing them here), most of which I've never heard (or even heard 
    of). If I may, I'd like to draw upon your extremely impressive, 
    collective wisdom to see if you can tell me anything about these 
    songs (feel free to do so via private e-mail if you wish). I'm 
    also curious about some of his collaborators (who are Richard 
    Campbell and Robert McDonald?).
    Beach Blanket Bingo (Usher/Roger Christian)
    Beach Party (Usher/Christian)
    Beach Party Tonight (Christian/Usher)
    Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt (Richard Campbell/Usher)
    Bikini Beach (Usher/Christian)
    Bikini Drag (Christian/Usher)
    Butterflyin' (Campbell/Usher)
    California Way (Campbell/Usher)
    Cycle Set (Christian/Usher)
    Dance With Me (Campbell/Usher)
    Don't Give Up On Me (Campbell/Usher)
    Echo (Campbell/Usher)
    Everybody's Runnin Wild (Christian/Brian Wilson/Usher)
    Go, Rocket, Go (Campbell/Usher)
    Good Times, Bad Times (Usher/Randy Bachman)
    Gray, Soft, Black and Blue (Usher)
    The Greaser (Christian/Usher)
    Greener Is the Grass (Usher)
    High N' Dry (Campbell/Usher)
    In the Land of Change (Usher)
    Love Again (Usher)
    Love Knows Only You (Campbell/Usher)
    Maybe (Campbell/Usher)
    Muscle Beach Party (Christian/Usher/Wilson)
    Muscle Bustle (Christian/Wilson/Usher)
    My Best for You (Usher/Bachman)
    My First Love (Christian/Usher/Wilson)
    Point of View (Campbell/Usher)
    Put Your Mind at Ease (Robert McDonald/Usher)
    Record Run (Christian/Usher)
    Seagull (Campbell/Usher)
    Secret Surfin Spot (Christian/Usher)
    Ships (Campbell/Usher)
    Ski Party (Usher)
    Ski Party (Usher/Christian) -- is this a different song 
    from the one listed above?
    Sleepy Land (Campbell/Usher)
    So Long (Campbell/Usher)
    Spend a Little Time (Usher)
    Still Is (Usher)
    Surfer's Holiday (Christian/Usher/Wilson)
    Surfin Woodie (Christian/Wilson/Usher)
    Time to Sing for You (Campbell/Usher)
    Too Close To Me (Usher/Bachman)
    Walk a Mile (Campbell/Usher)
    Wendy (Campbell/Usher)
    What Can You Lose (Usher)
    White Lace and Such (Campbell/Usher)
    We May Make It Yet (Campbell/Usher)
    You're Only Losing (What You Will Find Again) (Campbell/Usher)
    -- Scott
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