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Spectropop V#0103

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/19/98

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         Volume #0103                        June 20, 1998
       Incomparable stars of stage, screen, radio and records
    Subject:     96 Tears
    Sent:        06/19/98 5:50 am
    Received:    06/19/98 6:41 am
    From:        Marc Miller, marXXX@XXXom
    To:          '',
    The CD called "96 Tears" on Collectibles is from the 1984 reunion.
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    Subject:     Cameo - Parkway/ Allen Klein
    Sent:        06/19/98 5:48 am
    Received:    06/19/98 6:41 am
    From:        Marc Miller, marXXX@XXXom
    To:          '',
    If there are any boots of Cameo/Parkway stuff out there, they 
    probably aren't/weren't out there for very long. Think about it 
    for a minute - would you want to bootleg something that Allen 
    Klein owns???? I don't think so. There was a record collector in 
    the early 60's who decided he wanted to boot a few records that 
    Morris Levy owned. He did, and for the rest of his life, his 
    nickname was "Wire Jaw" (true story!). Nothing that is or was out 
    there is legit - he has the tapes, and he's not touching 'em.
    And you can't buy the hit version of The Twist anywhere.
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    Subject:     Girl Group Stuff
    Sent:        06/19/98 8:29 am
    Received:    06/20/98 1:35 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the list but I've enjoyed it a lot already. 
    I'm very interested in talking with fellow girl group fanatics. 
    I'm creating a website devoted to them and I'd love for some input. 
    Anyone with any knowledge of Red Bird, Motown, Laurie, Philles, 
    Cameo-Parkway, etc and their girl group rosters, please write me.
    Also, I don't know how many people have had a chance to hear Here 
    Come The Girls Vol.8. It is an incredible release with some great 
    songs that should have been hits. The Lovenotes' version of "You, 
    Baby" by the Ronettes, among others, is absolutely stunning, and 
    I'm dying to find out who the deep-voice lead singer is.
    Hope to hear from you.
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    Subject:     Re: a&m/m.i.a.
    Sent:        06/19/98 2:55 am
    Received:    06/19/98 6:41 am
    From:        Jeffrey Thames, KingoGrXXX@XXXm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 98-06-18 12:49:42 EDT, you write:
    << There is still quite a bit of stuff not on the market, such as 
    A&M!! There has never been a US release of Baja Marima Band or 
    Claudine Longet on A&M and there are probably a couple of others. 
    the first examples that come to mind:  the merry-go-round album 
    and (in a related story) emitt rhodes' *the american dream*...i 
    still haven't been able to pick these up on vinyl (i've seen both 
    when i didn't have the $$) and i'm sure the search will be lengthy
    even though it's an 80's tune, i'm still looking for billy 
    rankin's "baby come back" to show up on a comp somewhere...
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    Subject:     Re: Spector on Trial
    Sent:        06/19/98 3:52 am
    Received:    06/19/98 6:41 am
    From:        R Teyes, RTeXXX@XXXm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    To Mark Weilage
    from Robert Tirado
    No, we never saw Phil at the courthouse. However, word had it that
    since it was a civil and not a criminal trial, he had been waiting 
    in a hotel here in NY. His lawyer, Andrew Bart, was present and he
    seemed very curt and to the point..he had to be asked several times
    to bring down his voice...we all saw a small guy that resembled 
    Phil but he really was a paralegal who said to us"I never heard of
    this Phil but I know the songs"..Estelle had a few extra pounds and
    looked great and young...she recognized me from the past and said "
    Hi, how are You?" She had teenage girl with her who resembled her...
    the press were unbelievable and intrusive..that scared the 
    Ronettes but Ronnie savored the moment to kid with them..indeed, I
    was HAPPY! From Robert the Ronette hound...
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    Subject:     Re: Spector on Trial
    Sent:        06/20/98 2:13 am
    Received:    06/20/98 2:17 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
    More on the "Ronettes suing Phil for millions in royalties" 
    Claiming Spector cheated them out of royalties, Ronnie Estelle and
    Nedra are suing Phil to the tune of $11 mil for breach of contract,
    lost and future earnings and ownership (??) of original recordings.
    Spector testified Thursday that the Ronettes owe him a considerable
    sum. Taking the stand as a hostile witness, Spector said the cost 
    of recording the 28 songs made by the Ronettes far exceeded his 
    income and that the group actually owes him money (!!).
    Here's a news link for more:
    Hey, Robert Tirado, you're firsthand courtroom post was great! 
    Please keep us updated!
    "The best part of breakin' up is when you know that you're settlin' 
    up with me..."
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