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      1. Roemans; Connie Francis; John Kongos; Dennis Wilson; more
           From: Country Paul 
      2. Re: Laura Nyro
           From: Mick Patrick 
      3. Re: Jam (on Bell) / Jam (on Sire)
           From: Billy G. Spradlin 
      4. DA DOO RON RON THIS FRIDAY 8th AUGUST @ Sussex Arts Club Brighton
           From: Chris King 
      5. Jam (on Bell) / Jam (on Sire)
           From: Frank Uhle 


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 00:41:56 -0400
   From: Country Paul 
Subject: Roemans; Connie Francis; John Kongos; Dennis Wilson; more

Catching up yet again....

Michael Gessner:
> Does anyone have any of the ABC singles by The Roemans?

I believe the core of the group subsequently became the 
Atlanta Rhythmn Section. I'm looking for an ABC 45 of 
theirs - "Your Friend" from c. 62-63.
Anyone with any leads to it - CD, mp3, etc., please?

Mike Edwards:
> I knew Connie Francis did rock and roll songs for 45s and
> standards for albums but it was not until I got the 1987
> Polygram CD, "Rocksides (1957-64)" that I realized what a
> strong contribution she made to the girl-group genre.

Mike, is "Eighteen" on there? I have it on a 45, MGM K12490, 
1957, which I played at the S'pop party in NYC to very positive 
reaction). It's a one-chord wonder with a marvelously hokey male 
vocal group, a swingin' 6/8 beat, and some of the sexiest cooing 
I ever heard from her (or anyone) before or since. I'm still 
unable to post to musica, but perhaps if it's on that CD you could 
play it.

> I'm a little bit late on this, but I wanted to mention that
> probably the definitive story on the Chordettes is in Both 
> Sides Now issue #57.  Interviews will all the living members 
> (I think; there were a lot of them!), pictures and a complete 
> discography.

Order pending - thank you!

> My all-time favourite track that they
> issued is "No Other Arms, No Other Lips".

Right up there for me along with the exquisite - and under-
collected - "A Broken Vow" (1961). Still a tearjerker for me.

Mike Edwards:
> I have posted one of Rick's early productions from 1962 to 
> musica Jimmy Hughes' "My Loving Time" for those, like me, 
> who love early 60s pop/r&b.

I didn't get to hear it, Mike, but Hughes had a singular voice; 
my favorite of his was "Steal Away," released on the Fame label 
- sounds like the same chorus doing backup (or at least a related 
arrangement) as Irma Thomas' "Anyone Who Knows What Love Is".

Art Longmire:
> ...a group called Schrag doing "Lavender Popcorn" and "I Wish 
> I Was Five" - both terrific psychedelic pop songs. 
> I tried to research the group today and was surprised to learn 
> that the group's leader was a musician named John Kongos...who 
> had a song out way back in 1971 that I have been looking for 
> called "He's Gonna Step On You Again".
> This tune got a lot of airplay on my local a.m. station in
> Southern California....Anybody else remember hearing this?
> I never came close to hearing it again, but I did get the
> song on a compilation LP about six years ago.

There was an album on Elektra titled "John Kongos" on the label, 
"Kongos" on the jacket, EKS-75019 (recorded in 1971, released 
in 1972, prod. Gus Dudgeon). In addition to "Step," "Tokoloshe 
Man" was cut from the same cloth; there was also a nice gospel-
like raver, "Jubilee Cloud," and tracks I remember being good 
called "I Would Have Had A Good Time" and "Try To Touch Just One". 
Having been years since I've heard them, I don't remember how they 
sounded. His backing band on the album had a lot in common with 
Elton John's: Caleb Quaye, Roger Pope, Ray Cooper, Dave Glover. 
Backing vocals: Sue & Sunny. Guest appearance by Ralph McTell 
playing acoustic on "Tomorrow I'll Go", which also appears on a 
Janus album called "Confusions About A Goldfish" (JLS-3032, undated, 
prod. by John Schroeder, arr.cond. Alan Tew). I believe it is 
comprised of earlier material released in the US after the Elektra 
LP to capitalize on the success of "Step." We played the pants off 
"Step" and also played all the Elektra tracks I mentioned above on
freeform WHCN-FM  back in '72. Two Kongos facts: (1) he lists his 
birthdate as 6/9/45; and (2) he was South African, although he 
recorded in the UK. (Side note for Phil Milstein: George Taylor 
Morris, who was on WWDJ overnight, became our PD at WHCN from 1974-76. 
GTM was one of album rock radio's greats.)

By the way, Art, right on re: Seatrain and Michael Nesmith, too.

Phil Milstein:
> I've never heard his "Pacific Ocean Blue" album. Is any of
> it half as good as "Lady"/"Fallin' In Love"? Is it available on CD?

> Realizing that I need to hear more of Dennis' writing and singing,
> I found a very good discography of his solo and Beach Boys work at

No answers to your questions, Phil, but now I plan to re-listen to 
"Pacific" with "fresh ears"; contemporaneously I remember it being 
a disappointment. That being said, one of my favorite Beach Boys 
songs ever is Dennis' gorgeous "Cuddle Up." The plaintive fractured 
voice, the exquisite songwriting and arranging - I believe he was an 
under-recognized force in the group, as well as being the only real 
surfer among the Wilson brothers.

To be continued,
Country Paul

-------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 08:19:38 +0100 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Re: Laura Nyro David Feldman wrote: > If any of you know Laura Nyro only from the hits that were > covered by other artists, I urge you to run out and buy a > copy of "Eli & the 13th Confession." Along with "Pet > Sounds" and "What's Going On?" it's in my album pantheon. Agreed, the "Eli..." album is a work of art. Laura was only 20 at the time. The new CD version of the LP is bolstered with the addition of three previously unissued demo recordings. I'd highly recommend it. Laura was the subject of a considerable S'pop buzz a year or so ago. It's great to see her getting even more coverage but, lest any of us repeat ourselves, perhaps we should all check her out in the Forum Archives: Hey la, MICK PATRICK -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:58:05 -0000 From: Billy G. Spradlin Subject: Re: Jam (on Bell) / Jam (on Sire) I think you're right about 1968 being the correct date for "Something's Gone" - the record sounds too dated for my ears to be released in 1972. "Pigeon" sounds like a UK production to my ears, very bubblegummy and something Bell would issue back then. Nice song! I have another mystery single released Paramount by Sweet Henry: "Any Old Time You're Lonely And Sad" from 1970. It's a Tony Macaulay - John Macleod song that was a minor hit by the Foundations on UNI. It's arranged in the late 60s-early 70s UK Bubblegum style (Edison Lighthouse, White Plains) but I think this is an USA recording (produced by Tim O'Brien, arranged by Jimmie Haskell)... anyone ever heard this one? -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 13:45:07 +0100 From: Chris King Subject: DA DOO RON RON THIS FRIDAY 8th AUGUST @ Sussex Arts Club Brighton Just to let any fellow UK-based Spectropoppers that Da Doo Ron Ron - the one & only 6ts girl group club - returns for its monthly femme-tabulous shindig this Friday 8th August @ the Sussex Arts Club, 07 , Ship Street, BN1 here in Brighton. Tel:-01273-778020. Admission is 4 on the door on the night. Doors 9pm - 2am. DJs Chris Da Doo & Si Bridger (Brighton northern soul all-dayer) spin their familiar mix of 60s girly sounds a-go-go from the likes of The Ronettes, Dusty, Supremes, Marvelettes, Lesley Gore, Barbara Lewis, Chris Clark, Shangri-Las, Petula, Lulu, Helen Shapiro, Vandellas, Brenda Holloway, Shirley Bassey & so on. You'll NEVER hear a MALE lead vocal @ DDRR! There is NO DDRR date in September but in October we celebrate our fifth (!) Birthday with a party on Saturday 18th October, also @ the Sussex Arts Club, Brighton. 4 on the door on the night. 9pm - 2am. Special guests are the glittery all female dance troupe The Actionettes. Many thanks for your indulgence. Please mail me if you require further info. Oodles, Chris Da Doo -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 09:37:20 -0400 (EDT) From: Frank Uhle Subject: Jam (on Bell) / Jam (on Sire) I have a stock copy of the Jam single on Sire, "Something's Gone". I've seen a couple other copies of it as well. It has a unique label design - different from the "Pushbike Song" or "Honey Do" 45 labels. It has a sort of tubular yellow and blue shape curving around the spindle hole, and doesn't have the same Sire logo as those other 45s. There is no indication of the date, though I suspect late '60s rather than '70s. It's mono, at any rate, so it's probably not from '72. What a fantastic song! I can't, at the moment, remember much about the flipside however. Next time I run across it I will try to spin it and report back, if anyone's interested. Frank Uhle -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------

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