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                        Jamie LePage (1953-2002)


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Topics in this digest:

      1. Re: unanswered question
           From: Phil Chapman 
      2. Re: wayne newton
           From: Artie Wayne 
      3. Round Robin/Betty Barnes/Ann Sidney
           From: Ian Chapman 
      4. Author! Author!
           From: Stuffed Animal 
      5. Re: My Name Is Michael
           From: Mike Rashkow 
      6. Re: A question for Mike Rashkow
           From: Mike Rashkow 
      7. Re: Metropolitan Soul on Soul 24-7 playlist 9th March 2003
           From: Michael Edwards 
      8. Re: unanswered question
           From: Mike Rashkow 

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Message: 1 Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 00:33:37 -0000 From: Phil Chapman Subject: Re: unanswered question Rich: > Have a song in my music files [Studio "A" - > Don't Forget About Me] I found a while ago and > I sent to a friend, and he swears the lead vocal > is by someone he has heard before.... I played both sides of this interesting one-off (1967) to musica last January, and would really like to know who's singing the lead. Here's the label info: Studio "A" - Don't Forget About Me (Kapp K-840). Arranged:Al Gorgoni, Engineer:Brooks Arthur (A Daughter's Music Production). Phil -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:07:26 -0800 (PST) From: Artie Wayne Subject: Re: wayne newton James Botticelli: > His voice was the very model of control in his youthful > days. I never tire of listening to him. James.......I agree with you Wayne Newton always had a compelling voice.....I always thought he could've been bigger in pop music if he hadn't persued a career in Vegas. Anyway, I'm proud to have written "Better Now than Later" [with Ben Raleigh] which was the B-side of "Danke Schoen". regards, Artie Wayne -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:39:02 -0000 From: Ian Chapman Subject: Round Robin/Betty Barnes/Ann Sidney Guy Lawrence wrote: > I'm looking to get together a Round Robin discography and > a "Complete Works" CDR for my own amusement but I need a > bit of help. Can anyone tell me the name of the duet he > recorded with Yvonne Carroll? Guy, the duet is the perennial "Don’t Let Go", on Domain 1407. The flip is an instrumental, "Up & Down" – no writer is credited. Both sides bear the usual "Sepe/Brooks Productions" logo. For the record, my fave Round Robin track is "Little People". Country Paul asked for Betty Barnes "Requiem (For A Girl Born Of The Wrong Times)" to be played to musica. It’s now there for all to experience. Paul, I’d like to hear your reaction - and anyone else’s - to what I regard as the ultimate in the girl-group death-disc genre. I currently have Ms. Barnes Kapp follow-up winging its way across the Atlantic. I await with interest – how could anybody follow that??!!! John Frank: > (who is still amazed that Ann Sidney's "The Boy In The > Woolly Sweater" made it to at least #8 in Las Cruces, > New Mexico. Despite the bad review in "That Will Never > Happen Again", I love it!) Bad review? Umm...I guess that was me. What did I put – was it that bad? (Checks) "Breathtakingly dreadful". Oh. Quickly back-pedalling, I admit I failed to appreciate this camp little classic. Hey, it was a long time ago – tastes change, we grow up!! It is in fact a record I wouldn’t like to part with today. It came from the pen of UK singer/songwriter Valerie Avon, ex of the Avons, who scored with their UK cover of "Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat". And Ann Sidney herself? There’s a story. She eclipsed her Butlin’s Holiday Camp "Miss She" title, won in 1964, by taking the Miss World crown later that same year. After that, the world was her oyster. She went on to join Bob Hope on his ’64 USO military Christmas tour of Vietnam, appeared in the Dirk Bogarde movie "Sebastian" in ’67 and three years later played Dana in the Mick Jagger cult film, "Performance" (hey, a Nitzsche link, Martin!) Some may recall her scene with James Fox. Let’s just say neither of them were wearing woolly sweaters. Ian -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 00:00:27 +0000 From: Stuffed Animal Subject: Author! Author! The Righteous Brothers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame....great! Fantastic! A well-deserved honor for Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield. I don't know anybody who thinks they shouldn't be inducted. So I'm happy.... ....until I remember that Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who wrote the songs that put the Righteous Brothers on the map (not to mention the fact that "Lovin' Feelin'" is the most played rock 'n' roll record of all-time) are still not in the Hall. That's when I get P****D! Grrrrrowf! Snarl! Stuffed Animal is no longer happy! Is the nominating board holding some kind of grudge against Brill Building songwriters? There's absolutely no excuse for it when AC/DC can get into the RRHF while Jeff and Ellie, Barry and Cynthia, Neil and Howie and Bob Crewe sit cooling their heels, waiting and waiting and WAITING to get their props! What's the *^*#+*& matter with these people? This is like snubbing the British Royal Family as far as I'm concerned. Stuff -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 20:11:54 EST From: Mike Rashkow Subject: Re: My Name Is Michael Dan wrote: > For the record, the song's title is "Playground In My Mind". Never remember anything you can look up. Albert Einstein as quoted by Rashkovksy -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 6 Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 20:13:40 EST From: Mike Rashkow Subject: Re: A question for Mike Rashkow > if someone were to go back to the originals and > do just that! I'd like to go back to all my originals and make them sound better. Most of them make me cringe. Rashkovsky -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 7 Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:15:06 -0000 From: Michael Edwards Subject: Re: Metropolitan Soul on Soul 24-7 playlist 9th March 2003 Simon White wrote: > For those who missed the show.... And for those who didn't miss it. Thanks for the songs in musica. As I was listening to the Ad Libs, I noticed that shows it has a value of $300! So really, thanks! Eden Kane's "Magic Town" is a nice alternative to the Vogues. I noticed a distinct mellowing of the pace on Sunday's show. Was that intentional or is the "scene" moving that way? The combination of: Freddie Scott - Where Does Love Go - Colpix Dee Dee Sharp - The Night - Cameo, and Pat Thomas - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face - Verve could have easily made a Popcorn Oldies' playlist. A very enjoyable two hours. Thanks Mike Edwards -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 8 Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 20:16:58 EST From: Mike Rashkow Subject: Re: unanswered question Phil C. writes: > would really like to know > who's singing the lead. Here's the label info: > Studio "A" - Don't Forget About Me (Kapp K-840). > Arranged:Al Gorgoni, Engineer:Brooks Arthur > (A Daughter's Music Production). I'm going to take a guess - Jon Voight's brother who wrote "Angel Of The Morning" and "Wild Thing".....Chip Taylor. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------

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