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Spectropop - Digest Number 712

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                        Jamie LePage (1953-2002)

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Topics in this digest:

      1. The Sweet Inspirations?
           From: Will Stos 
      2. Re: Wildweeds
           From: Scott 
      3. Marty Cooper
           From: Charles Sheen 
      4. Re: Christmas in Stereo
           From: Frank 
      5. Castanets
           From: Brian Davy 
      6. Re: Christmas song?/Quoting everybody
           From: Rat Pfink 
      7. Re: The Sweet Inspirations?
           From: Shawn Baldwin 
      8. Re: Wildweeds
           From: Phil Milstein 
      9. Re: The Sweet Inspirations?
           From: Vincent Degiorgio 
     10. "Just Another Guy"
           From: Phil Chapman 
     11. All Things Zally
           From: Steve Harvey 
     12. Zal Yanovsky R.I.P.
           From: bryan 
     13. Re: Quote the Beatles
           From: B. Vlaovic 
     14. Re: Teddy & the Pandas
           From: Bob Wallis  
     15. Motown On The Radio
           From: Eric Charge 
     16. I love these postings
           From: Stephanie 
     17. Re: Reveres / Spoonful covers
           From: Kingsley Abbott 
     18. Eddie Rambeau
           From: Rosemarie Edwards 
     19. Re: Bobbie Gentry
           From: Mick Patrick 
     20. Re: Zal Yanovsky R.I.P.
           From: Steve Harvey 
     21. Re: Spoonful covers
           From: Peter Lerner 


Message: 1
   Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 02:16:18 -0000
   From: Will Stos 
Subject: The Sweet Inspirations?

Hi Spectropoppers,

I haven't been keeping up with news from this group for a while due 
to a heavy workload at school, but I had to write in with a question. 
While checking out the Billboard on-line charts, I noticed that a 
song by someone named Pat Hodges and the Sweet Inspirations is 
currently at #16 on the Dance/Club Play Chart. Is this the same group 
that backed up so many great soul acts and had some of their own 
hits? Is this just a fluke, or have they recorded some new material 
that's actually landed them back on the charts? Did my eyes deceive 
me (could be, I'll have to look again)? And has anyone heard this 
song yet? Does it have their classic sound?

Will : )

-------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 22:14:45 EST From: Scott Subject: Re: Wildweeds The Wildweeds' album (on vanguard) actually has a country feel to it ... Scott -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 04:43:03 -0000 From: Charles Sheen Subject: Marty Cooper Hey everyone, I was reading the archives and saw somewhere that a guy by the name of MARTY COOPER has some unreleased stuff recorded by BOBBY SHEEN. Can anyone help me get in touch with him? Sure would be a nice Chirstmas present ;) Charles -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 07:37:47 +0100 From: Frank Subject: Re: Christmas in Stereo > BTW it really is a treat to hear a slighly different-sounding version > of this of Spector's masterpiece. I guess I must lack purist genes, > because I like it just fine. I have the stereo LP and the "Back To Mono" is erased from the cover. Frank -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 08:43:23 -0000 From: Brian Davy Subject: Castanets A question for those omniscient Spectropoppers: Yolanda & the Castanets - "Meet Me After School" The Castanets - "I Love Him" Both good songs, but are they the same Castanets, or different Castanets altogether? Brian -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 6 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 11:06:48 -0500 From: Rat Pfink Subject: Re: Christmas song?/Quoting everybody Andrew Jones: > I have this cassette which includes an excerpt from an old > Christmassong; the chorus goes like this (and it's sung in a > thick Latinaccent): I won't be twisting this Christmas, No you > won't see me around, I won't be twisting this Christmas, Her > boyfriend's back in town. Anyone recognize it? Father Guido Sarducci, aka Don Novello, did "I Won't Be Twisting This Christmas". I think it's on one of the Dr. Demento Christmas albums. Stewart Mason: > We can't forget Reunion's "Life Is A Rock (But the Radio Rolled > Me)" ...try though some of us might. Although that one didn't really quote anybody, it just did a lot of name checking... RP -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 7 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 10:44:49 -0600 From: Shawn Baldwin Subject: Re: The Sweet Inspirations? Will Stos: > While checking out the Billboard on-line charts, I noticed that > a song by someone named Pat Hodges and the Sweet Inspirations > is currently at #16 on the Dance/Club Play Chart. Umm, I am gonna have to check into this matter! God I would kill to have some New Cissy Houston music! Shawn PS The Sweet Inspirations were fabulous! -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 8 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 11:32:07 +0000 From: Phil Milstein Subject: Re: Wildweeds Scott wrote: > The Wildweeds' album (on vanguard) actually has a country > feel to it ... None of that is represented on the new CD, which is drawn from their early singles and session outtakes. --Phil M. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 9 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 09:07:34 -0800 From: Vincent Degiorgio Subject: Re: The Sweet Inspirations? Will Stos wrote: > While checking out the Billboard on-line charts, I noticed that > a song by someone named Pat Hodges and the Sweet Inspirations > is currently at #16 on the Dance/Club Play Chart. Pat Hodges was a member of Hodges, James and Smith and also had a couple of chart records on the disco chart in the 70's: Fly By Night and Since I Fell For You, the latter of which had as sweet a soulful sound as you could expect. Fly was part of a movie soundtrack called Love At First Bite and Since I Fell For You was released on London. Additionally, and I may be wrong here, I am almost sure that Pat was a part of the trio that sang on a concept record called "Working and Slavin'" by Midnight Rhythm on Atlantic. I have a feeling this Pat Hodges may be the same person. If I'm wrong, my apologies. Vince -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 10 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 18:43:01 -0000 From: Phil Chapman Subject: "Just Another Guy" Mike Edwards: > "Just Another Guy" by Cliff Richard which only ever saw the light > of day as the b-side of the UK's "The Minute You're Gone" in 1965. > Written by Neil Diamond, it was recorded in Nashville in August 1964 > with Bob Morgan and Billy Sherrill producing and the Jordanaires on > back-up vocals. Mike, I have a version of "Just Another Guy" on an Australian release by the Times, whoever they may be? Also a b-side, with more or less the same arrangement. Did they cover Cliff, or the Neil Diamond demo? FYI, played to musica. Incidentally, the A-side is a cover of Elvis' "Tender Feeling", sung in soundalike fashion (to the tune of "Shenandoah"), over a quasi- Shadows track. I can play this to musica if you like. Phil -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 11 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 10:19:46 -0800 (PST) From: Steve Harvey Subject: All Things Zally Bob, Thanks for the info. Just watched the Hullabaloo DVD and saw Zally leading the Spoons in a verse of "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose". When I finally got to meet Zally two summers ago he was willing to talk about the Spoonful, but he doesn't seem that anxious to talk about the band. His restaurant doesn't have any mention of the group nor does his receipe book. He did answer some questions and still plays his Guild guitar (despite the Guild book spelling his name wrong). What's the reference to Teddy & the Pandas? I just made a Cd of the Pandas, Rockin Ramrods, Vikings and that ilk off my vinyl LPs. Even got the Gene Pitney show with the fake applause dubbed in. ===== Flip, flop and fly, Steve Harvey -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 12 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 10:52:42 -0800 From: bryan Subject: Zal Yanovsky R.I.P. I suppose this will be "old news" by the time everyone reads this, but just in case....Zal Yanovsky (Lovin Spoonful) died yesterday. Here's the article: Bryan (R.I.P. Zally) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 13 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 14:03:37 -0500 From: B. Vlaovic Subject: Re: Quote the Beatles Has anyone mentioned the Dave Clark Five's "Live In the Sky". It was one of the earliest; and it's my assumption it was one heavy slag against the Beatles....especially when they rather sarcastically shouted out 'All You Need Is Love'.... -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 14 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 14:37:02 -0500 From: Bob Wallis Subject: Re: Teddy & the Pandas I grew up north of Boston, which was the '60s stomping grounds for Teddy and the Pandas, and the Front Page Review. I'm also familiar with the Ramrods (the house band for the Surf Nantasket) and the Vikings from the Norwood area. I became associated with Teddy and the Pandas a few years ago when they started studio work on some new music. I'm close friends with drummer Jerry, bassist Sonny and Teddy (spoke with him this morning). I created and maintain their web site: and produced the CDs featured on their site. A funny aside on the Gene Piney show LP, it was all Musicor artists' studio recordings made to 'sound' live a la the Wand Kingsmen LPs. The cround noises on the Pitney Show LP, according to the Pandas, are actually crowd sound taped at a wrestling match! BW -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 15 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 20:05:38 -0000 From: Eric Charge Subject: Motown On The Radio Below is a collection of postings about an exciting new venture. My question is, can anybody record these things for me, as I will be unable to do so myself? If so, please contact me off-list. Thanks, Eric ----------------------------------- On Sunday, 29th December 2002 between Noon and 1pm, the pilot program of the radio series "Motown: Lost and Found - The Untold Story" is to be broadcast on BBC GMR FM 95.1 & 104.6 FM. The program and the series concentrate on Lost and Found Motown tracks including rarer tracks, albums and b-sides. It will also feature inserts from Motowners. The pilot features our very own Harry Weinger talking about the Snakepit and the Funk Brothers. Presently the series is planned to run to 18 one hour long shows over the next 3 years. I understand that it is the BBC's intention to put the program out in 2003 on Radio 2 so all us Brits will be able to hear it. I am making enquiries as to whether a webstream is possible but at this late stage that may not be practical for the pilot program. GMR is the BBC REGIONAL Station out of Manchester. Big Hits? No. Familiar sounds? Well, some familiar artists certainly but then our whole Motown family of artistes have Lost and Founds in their recording history. I can assure you that "controversy" and "trash" have no place in this series. The series deals with the wonderful music. And the facts as far as they can be ascertained. There will be no bootlegged or unauthorised material and no vinyl in this series. With Motown's support, the quality of broadcast will do the quality of the music absolute justice. I've heard the pilot and it had me dancing in my seat. The vitality of the music grabbed me just as the big hits did in the Golden Era. The sheer quality of the music - the musicians, the artists and the behind the scenes work stand out a country mile - and all this from a Motowner who listens to it all day long every day of his life. The BBC's perspective on this show was the same. It was originally intended to start broadcasting the first series from Easter of next year. Immediately on hearing the completed first show, they made a prime slot available for it at 2 and a bit weeks notice and told Bob that the show should be entered for the upcoming Sony UK Radio Awards next Spring. THAT'S how good it is! Trailers are already being broadcast for what will prove a magic piece of radio.That's our heritage for you. Other people in the listening public will, I am sure, react in the same way. That can only help promote our music and enable all of us to hear more and more of it. The producer of this show is one BOB McCLURE, who has proven himself a friend of Motown and a great supporter of the true story behind the Motown Sound. This show will be not only a great opportunity to hear rare tracks that have been issued through the years but, as the program progresses, it is a chance to hear exclusive previews of unreleased tracks soon to be sprung from the Vaults. Your support only means there is further reason to use legitimate means to issue unreleased Motown music. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 16 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 20:21:29 -0000 From: Stephanie Subject: I love these postings I have been away due to surgery. I'm so glad to be back and reading all of the postings. Stephanie -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 17 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 15:01:47 -0000 From: Kingsley Abbott Subject: Re: Reveres / Spoonful covers Re the Reveres: If we are talking about The Reveres on Valiant Records, then there was another great single "Big T" (Valiant 6041). Very much a Jan & Dean cop, that singles at least was a studio project with the song written and produced by Bodie Chandler. Vocals, according to Stephen Mcparland were done by Bodie, Terry Smith and some background singers. Apparently Barry De Vorzon was also at the session. It's a very good car song, and was included on the "Beach Street And Strip" CD a few years back (should anyone be interested in a copy of this I do have a couple of spares so contact me off list). On the Spoonful copies, I've just remembered an excellent example: Summer Wine (Tony Rivers, John Perry etc) did a killer harmony version of "She's Still A Mystery". It can be found currently on RPM's Tony Rivers collection Vol 3 - Harmony Soul, whic also includes the wonderful "Girls Back Home" that Tony did with/as The Brian Bennett Band. If you don't know it, a better slab of BB/West Coast styled harmony you'll be hard pushed to find. The lights are going on the tree, Mick Taylor and Zoot Money played our local (very small) town last night, and the geese are getting fat! Christmas greetings and wishes for a peaceful new year for all of us... Kingsley -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 18 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 21:05:11 -0000 From: Rosemarie Edwards Subject: Eddie Rambeau Hi, I've recently designed a website for Eddie Rambeau, and found your site whilst browsing the internet for related information. Ed and I have become great friends and has sent me 'The Best of the Past' and 'The Season of the Heart', and I look forward to hearing the rest of his recordings soon. Nice to meet you all. Rosemarie (Leeds UK) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 19 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 22:29:14 -0000 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Re: Bobbie Gentry With the dream-like "Ode To Billie Joe", Roberta Lee Streeter became one of the successful country performers of all time. Powerful, intelligent, beautiful, she had it all. Then, in 1975, she turned her back on it all. Holly George-Warren went on her trail... To read the full four-page story of the woman who renamed herself after King Vidor's great movie Ruby Gentry, you'll have to do like I did; buy Mojo 110, the January 2003 issue. It'll be 3 10s well spent. MICK PATRICK -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 20 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 14:19:57 -0800 (PST) From: Steve Harvey Subject: Re: Zal Yanovsky R.I.P. I had no idea that he had died. God, I was going to get an autographed LP signed by the Spoons two weeks ago, but didn't want to spend $60 on it just for Zally's autograph. I have a couple he signed for me on paper (didn't bring my LPs on my honeymoon as we weren't planning on visiting Kingston at the time). I have the LPs signed by everyone in the Spoonful, but Zally! Sebastian signed my "Daydream" with "Zally is alive and well in Chez Piggie". Sadly, not anymore. Thought I'd send up some covers to Kingston for him to sign, but never got around to it. Lesson learned, don't wait, time stands still for no one. Can't believe he's gone. It took me 35 five years to meet him, but I finally did it. Even as we were walking to the restaurant I could hear him talking loudly down the alley. He was nice enough to take some time to talk to me, but seemed rather guarded. Still hurting from his forced exit from the Spoons. He was probably the one guy I waited years to meet. Despite being in my forties I felt like the 12 year old who was first hearing the Spoonful when I met him. They were my favorite band of all time and he's the first to go. Now I'm really feeling old. Golly Zally, don't you wish we could all have played guitar like you did. Rest in peace. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 21 Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 20:50:32 -0000 From: Peter Lerner Subject: Re: Spoonful covers > Has anyone mentioned the Joe Cocker version of "Darling Be > Home Soon"? Slade also did a version of that one...I believe > on Alive. So did the lovely Maxine Brown. Peter -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------

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