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Spectropop - Digest Number 563

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                        Jamie LePage (1953-2002)

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Topics in this digest:

      1. Re: In Dreams
           From: Bill George 
      2. Paul Pelletier's lists
           From: Kingsley Abbott 
           From: Mick Patrick 


Message: 1
   Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 23:27:19 EDT
   From: Bill George 
Subject: Re: In Dreams

> Bill, I am glad to hear that I am not the only person
> who can clearly hear favorite singers sing songs that they 
> have never actually sung, except in my head!  Usually, though, 
> I have this happen when I'm awake, rather than dreaming.

I thought I had a dream once where Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles was singing 
the Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror." A few years later I found out 
she HAD recorded it! I must have heard it on the radio in my sleep.

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Message: 2 Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 15:29:37 +0100 From: Kingsley Abbott Subject: Paul Pelletier's lists Erik Meinen thought it sucked that someone was making money out of these record lists. I don't know him personally even though I think I did meet him briefly some years ago, but I must defend him. He began putting together these lists many years ago (25+) and I for one found then very useful well before we even had computers, let alone the internet. I never bought a full set of his early version duplicated A4 sheets (they now are in A5 booklet form I believe) but I selected and bought my fave label lists. Probably his efforts have helped every music writer or re-issue record company person there is, so please, lets not be too quick to make judgements.... Kingsley Abbott -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 17:12:45 +0100 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Re: PAUL PELLETIER'S LABEL LISTS Hello, What?? Someone has criticised Paul Pelletier for publishing Record Label Discographies and selling them for money? Are they mad? Mr Pelletier deserves some sort of award for his services to record collectordom. His publications are labours of love. I have purchased many of them over the years. His booklets are very reasonably priced and are worth every penny. I doubt he ever made much money for all his hard work. And if he did he deserves every penny. It's called earning a living. I applaud Paul and join Kingsley in defending him. MICK PATRICK -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------

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