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      1. Kathy Keegan sings Lesley Gore
           From: Mick Patrick 
      2. New @ S'pop
           From: S'pop Projects 
      3. Re: Persian Market
           From: Jeff Lemlich 
      4. Re: Beagles
           From: Jeff Lemlich 
      5. Linda Carr "Highwire"
           From: Frank M 
      6. Re: Persian Market
           From: Phil X Milstein 
      7. Re: Ronny & Daytonas, later songs
           From: Jeff Lemlich 
      8. New Record Featuring Brian Wilson Coming out This Week, Possibly on TV 11/14
           From: Regina Litman 
      9. Re: Matthew Reid "Cry Myself to Sleep"
           From: Mike Miller 
     10. The Guilloteens
           From: Mick Patrick 
     11. Carolina Beach Music Awards
           From: Bill Swanke 
     12. Re: Larry Weiss Sightings
           From: Ed Salamon 

________________________________________________________________________ Message: 1 Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 13:25:40 -0000 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Kathy Keegan sings Lesley Gore Previously: > Kathy Keegan "A Study In Terror" (ABC 10806, 1966); written > by Scott/Randazzo/Kusik; arranged and conducted by Don Costa. Phil M: > Sounds like an American response to the "Goldfinger" theme > (esp. in Keegan's vocal mannerisms), with a further nod to > the 1962 Stefanie Powers/Lee Remick/Glenn Ford vehicle > "Experiment In Terror." According to the label, Kathy Keegan's "A Study In Terror" is from the motion picture of the same name. So it doesn't just sound like a movie theme, it is one. I've not seen the film. Find more info on it here: The b-side of the single is a version of Teddy Randazzo and Victoria Pike's "You Sent Me Silver Bells", a song many of us know and love by Lesley Gore, from her fabled sessions with Jack Nitzsche. Find Kathy's rendition playing right now at musica: Those who appreciate an English accent might enjoy it best. Ed B: > The liner notes to Kathy Keegan's "When You're Young And In > Love" album on DCP International (DCL 3800) indicate she was > from England but living in New York. The album is comprised > mostly of show tunes. An album? Wow! Maybe you could provide us with a track list, Ed? Might it be possible for you to scan the cover too? And I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to hear the title track. Any chance? Grasping? Moi? Well, yes, it seems. Sorry. In the meantime, I've taken a crack at a... Kathy Keegan Discography Al-Brite 1305/1306 1960 Nobody's Gonna Hurt You / Take Me Back Again Malibu 1219 1963 Are Your Lips Lonely Darling / Good Life Malibu 1222 1963 I Bought A Balloon / Once Upon A Summertime Malibu 1223 1963 I Love You Today / Once Upon A Summertime DCP 1006 1964 Different Kind Of Love / Something Simple DCP 1105 1964 Meditation / When You're Young And In Love DCP International DCL 3800 1964 When You're Young And In Love LP DCP 1127 1964 I Want To Be With You / This Is The Life ABC 10806 1966 A Study In Terror / You Sent Me Silver Bells ABC 10832 1966 The Way Of Love / When The Wind Was Green ABC 10877 1966 Suddenly / Take Care Of My Heart Compass 7013 1967 Little Boys / Valley Of The Dolls Compass 7020 1968 Lights And Sounds (And Colors All Around) / ??? The only one I own is ABC 10806, so I can't vouch for any of the rest. Something tells me that Kathy Keegan and Patti Kogin might be one and the same person. Hey la, Mick Patrick -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 15:14:16 -0000 From: S'pop Projects Subject: New @ S'pop Currently on the front page @ S'pop: Jackie DeShannon: Marcy Jo: The Whyte Boots: Honey Ltd: Bikinis, Black Denim and Bitchen Sounds: Reparata & the Delrons: Enjoy, discuss, whatever, The S'pop Team -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 20:48:21 -0000 From: Jeff Lemlich Subject: Re: Persian Market Dave Monroe: > That Little Ricky Angle sounds familiar, so maybe my friend > was already hip to this. If I recall correctly, "Little Ricky" (Keith Thibodeaux) was also a member of David & The Giants, who had recorded for the Fame label. "Babalu" was not one of their releases! Jeff Lemlich -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 20:44:08 -0000 From: Jeff Lemlich Subject: Re: Beagles Andres: > Oh, it's a common mistake, this group, which released "Let's All > Sing Like The Birdies Sing" is NOT the same group, which Laura > was interested in. Just two different groups with the same name. > There was The Beagle No: 3 though - The Beagle and the Four > Liverpool Whigs with I Want to Hold Your Hand LP, released on > Sutton Records presumably in 1964. Any more Beagles? Let's not forget the Hit label BEAGLES, which was yet another Bobby Russell nom de guerre. There was even an attempt at a "legit" release on Spar by Bobby Russell & The Beagles, a good, rockin' version of "Roll Over Beethoven" that is fairly easy to find. Jeff Lemlich -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 12:38:10 -0800 From: Frank M Subject: Linda Carr "Highwire" Simon White: > Linda Carr of course had a big hit in the 70's on the Chelsea > label with "Highwire" Hasse Huss: > Linda Carr & the Love Squad released "Highwire" / "Mama's Little > Corner of the World" on the Chelsea label in 1975, written and > produced by Kenny Nolan, arranged by Gene Page - strictly L.A. > business! Not sure that it charted though... Linda Carr reached #15 in the UK charts of 1975 with "High Wire". The following year she (and the Funky Boys) reached #36 with "I sold my soul for rock'n'roll". FrankM -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 6 Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 17:17:42 -0500 From: Phil X Milstein Subject: Re: Persian Market Dave Monroe wrote: > Ah, thank you. No wonder I didn't find this, as (a) it, uh, > "misspells" "Goochie," and (b) I simply never looked up "The > Persian Market." But that Little Ricky angle sounds familiar, > so maybe my friend was already hip to this. But I'm assuming > that the song was originally recorded by The Gamma Goochie. > Yes? No? "(You Got The) Gamma Goochee" was originally recorded by its composer, The Gamma Goochee (Himself). It was subsequently recorded by, among other groups, The Kingsmen, which is where The Persian Market claim to have heard it. Dig, --Phil M. -- Sunday Josephine Sunday: -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 7 Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 22:25:31 -0000 From: Jeff Lemlich Subject: Re: Ronny & Daytonas, later songs Martin Jensen quoted off the net: > The final indignity occurred when RCA squashed a Wilkin original > called "Delta Day No Time to Cry," which he describes as having > been a "vaguely anti-war song" that merely "referenced the agony > of the soldier." "They were the supplier to the war effort--RCA > Electronics owned RCA Records at the time. So for anybody to > even talk about the war was a no-no." Says Wilkin, RCA refused > to promote the record, so he called it quits, leaving over an > album's worth of unissued RCA material in the can. What isn't mentioned is this isn't merely a Wilkin original, but a Wilkin-Wilkin-Kristofferson original, before Kris Kristofferson's wild success as a songwriter. Bucky Wilkin's mom, Marijohn, and Kristofferson were writing partners at one time. Bucky also had a chance to record the original version of "Me And Bobby McGee", with his group The American Eagles on Liberty (which also included John Wyker of the Rubber Band on Columbia, and later of Sailcat). Martin then wrote: > My question is whether or not anyone here has ever heard "Delta > Day No Time to Cry" or perhaps even those unreleased RCA songs > mentioned? It is everything Bucky mentioned, and more. Look for it in musica in the coming day or two. Jeff Lemlich -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 8 Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 23:31:13 -0000 From: Regina Litman Subject: New Record Featuring Brian Wilson Coming out This Week, Possibly on TV 11/14 OK, some of you already know that I have a fixation on that Diamond guy. I know that some of you are also interested in Brian Wilson. Well, the Diamond guy has a new album called "12 Songs" coming out on Tuesday. It's coming out in two forms, one of which is something called a "Digi-pak" (whatever that is) that costs a couple of dollars more than the other form. The "Digi-pak" version contains two extra songs (but is not called "14 Songs"), one of which is supposed to be a duet of the Diamond guy and Brian Wilson on a song called "Delirious Love". I've heard it, and the Diamond guy is the one who carries the lead vocal most of the way through (unlike the way the Diamond guy and the Streisand woman traded vocals on their 1978 duet hit). The Diamond guy has a solo version of this song on both forms of the new album, so don't get misled by the presence of it on the non-Digi-pak version. Also, according to some web sites for the Diamond guy, both of them are supposed to be on Jay Leno's "Tonight" show on Monday, Nov. 14. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 9 Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 10:35:29 EST From: Mike Miller Subject: Re: Matthew Reid "Cry Myself to Sleep" Robert Indart wrote: > Does anybody know where I can find Matthew Reid's "Crying Myself > to Sleep" on CD? I think it was written by Bob Gaudio and covered > by the Four Seasons. Hello Rob, I have the song on cd along with everything that Matthew Reid did before he became D.C.Larue in the 1970's. Send me your name and address and I will mail out a copy to you. Mike Miller -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 10 Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 19:24:04 -0000 From: Mick Patrick Subject: The Guilloteens I know that "I Don't Believe" by the Guilloteens has been much discussed here, but I have a few further questions: Does someone out there have the original 45? If so, does the label bear any producer or arranger credits? Is the track available on CD, a legit one? I love this record, in a Lovin' Righteous Spoonful Brothers kinda way. Thanks in advance. Hey la, Mick Patrick -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 11 Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 06:27:38 -0600 (Central Standard Time) From: Bill Swanke Subject: Carolina Beach Music Awards This just in from Craig Woolard The CAROLINA BEACH MUSIC AWARDS ARE THIS WEEK!!! The Cammy's are coming! The Cammy's are coming!! The fun starts THIS Wednesday, NOV. 9 at 2001 with THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND Free admission with your CBMA card.....The CWB starts at 9:30 Anybody who is Anybody will be there - how about YOU? You can still purchase tickets for the show on SUNDAY, NOV.13, BUT YOU HAD BETTER HURRRY!! Seating Is Limited so order your tickets today or call the Alabama Theater at 800-342-2262. For Accomodations, Dial 800-438-9590 . To purchase your tickets online, go to, but DO IT TODAY! For a complete list of noninees and entertainment, go to We all LOVE BEACH MUSIC! - please show your support for this GREAT industry and all the people that work so had to keep Beach Music - YOUR MUSIC - alive! Please attend the Carolina Beach Music Award Show THIS Sunday, NOV. 13TH, and support your favorite Band, DJ, Club, etc. Your support could make the difference - Let's make sure this tradition continues for many more years to come. See you on the dance floor - at the Cammy's! We'll be Making Waves!" Craig THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 12 Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 19:35:28 -0000 From: Ed Salamon Subject: Re: Larry Weiss Sightings Skip Woolwine > Weird. I today just saw Larry Weiss outside the Starbucks at Belle > Meade Plaza, and a few weeks ago at Bread & Company at Westgate. Careful, he'll think we S'poppers are stalking him! (smile) I think I told you that I believe I've worn out his patience with my questions about his 60's music. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get our buddy Bucky to respond on ther board to the Ronnie and the Daytonas thread. Ed -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
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