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      1. New York Girl Group Gig!
           From: The S'pop Team 
      2. Re: The Stepping Stones / Cupcakes
           From: Tom Diehl 
      3. Re: King Guion
           From: Tom Diehl 
      4. Re: Rhino Girl Group box set
           From: Mark Frumento 
      5. Ronnie Gittens, R.I.P.
           From: Bill Swanke 
      6. Lori Burton & the Whyte Boots
           From: Mick Patrick 
      7. Magnificent Montague discography
           From: Davie Gordon  
      8. Rhino GG. box - Peanut Duck
           From: Peter Andreasen 
      9. Josephine Sunday, Pascal, The Whyte Boots and The Fashionettes in a mutable morning.
           From: Julio Niņo 
     10. Re: Josephine Sunday & Mike's Book
           From: MopTopMike 
     11. The Gamma Goochee Man
           From: Bill Reed 
     12. Re: Rhino Girl Group box set
           From: Will Stos 

________________________________________________________________________ Message: 1 Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 19:31:58 +0100 From: The S'pop Team Subject: New York Girl Group Gig! Dear Members, To mark the release of "One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds - Lost & Found" (ie, the Rhino Girl Group Box Set), Rhino Records have organized a gig in New York. Details are: Wednesday November 2nd The Cutting Room 19 W. 24th Street New York 8.30pm $15 Featuring performances by legends: Margaret Ross Williams (Cookies, Cinderellas, etc) Maxine Brown The Toys The Goodies and more Backed by members of the Losers Lounge Band and the Uptown Horns With other girl group goddesses in attendance DJs: Bob Stanley (St Etienne) and Sheila Burgel ( More info: Flyer: Alas, some of us are thousands of miles away. Oh well. Hopefully someone will tell us all about it. The S'pop Team -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 23:44:49 -0000 From: Tom Diehl Subject: Re: The Stepping Stones / Cupcakes The Cupcakes on Diamond Records were not the Cookies, I think one member may have been on the record, though, but that's about all of the information I know. The B side of Pied Piper (no "The") was Winter Blue. I can place it's release as early as August of 1964 because of chart information of other records released around it. I have a copy of this 45 though I can't access it for a few more months as I'm away at school until the summer. I may have an mp3 of Pied Piper somewhere, though. One thing I remember about the song is that there is one part that sounds like it skips, however it definitely does not. Regards, Tom Diehl, The Diamond Hunter -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 23:50:20 -0000 From: Tom Diehl Subject: Re: King Guion Austin Powell wrote: > I took a look at the label of King Guion's "Stag party" on ebay. > It carries a production credit for "Iver productions" which was > a UK-based company. Anyone got any thoughts on that? Don't know anything about the company, but i do know the production credit was on both of the 45s released by King Guion on Diamond Records. BTW if youre looking at the one in the ebay auction instead of the two copies in ebay stores, pass it up, it's in too poor of a condition to spend that much on......btw in checking ended King Guion auctions, I saw that a copy of the much rarer Diamond label 45 Kingpin ended with no bids at only $3, as did one of their Canadian American 45s for $2.50 (which happened to be written by labelmates Santo and Johnny Farina....) Regards, Tom Diehl, The Diamond Hunter -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 00:07:18 -0000 From: Mark Frumento Subject: Re: Rhino Girl Group box set Billy G Spradlin wrote: > This could be the first USA girl group compilation > that gets the attention and press this genre deserves. And indee it is. Entertainment Weekly had it listed in their "Now Playing" section. Not that EW is anything cutting edge and not surprising since the mag is a Time Warner publication. Just nice to see something of quality actually get mentioned. Mark F. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:26:57 -0500 (Central Standard Time) From: Bill Swanke Subject: Ronnie Gittens, R.I.P. This just in from Freddy Tripp: Please pass along news of the passing Friday AM of Ronnie Gittens of the Catalinas and formerly of the Men of Distinction, Fantastic Shakers and the Spontanes. Ronnie was a veteran performer of the Carolina Beach music scene for many years and was loved by all. Deepest condolences go out to his family friends and bandmates. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 6 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 10:12:24 +0100 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Lori Burton & the Whyte Boots Previously: > Hi Spectropoppers, We are the Whyte Boots. We're here > to whip up interest in our record ~ NIGHTMARE! It's a > dream of a disc! Intrigued? Click here: > > Luv, Rhoda, Page and Kathy . . . THE WHYTE BOOTS It's December 1966. All across the bible belt of Salt Lake City, kids are asked what they'd like for Christmas. As one they reply, "Number 33 on the KNAK Boss 40 - 'Nightmare' by the Whyte Boots!" What the hell am I banging on about now? Click here to find out: Of course, the Whyte Boots did not exist (but you knew that). For the full story, investigate Lori Burton's "Breakout" CD, out now on Rev-Ola. More info here: Whyte Boots Diary: Hey la, Mick Patrick PS: Thanks to Clark Besch for all his help. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 7 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 11:30:59 -0000 From: Davie Gordon Subject: Magnificent Montague discography I did this listing some time ago so there are a few records mentioned recently that aren't included but I thought I'd post it to get it out there. Additions / corrections are very welcome. Davie Gordon =============================================================================================================== THE MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE - Discography - take 1 01/56 THE GREAT MONTAGUE (Vee Jay 167) BB01/21 Yours And Mine Where Is My Mother 05/56 THE MAGNIFICENTS (VeeJay 183) BB05/26 Up On The Mountain (Montague, Ewart Abner) Why Did She Go (Montague, Abner) 09/56 THE MAGNIFICENTS (VeeJay 208) Caddy Bo (N.Nathan, H. Nathan) 03/57 THE MAGNIFICENTS Off The Mountain (Nathan) Lost Lover (Nathan) 12/57 THE SPUTNIKS (Class 217) BB12/30 Hey Maryann (Nathan My Love Is Gone (Nathan 02/58 THE SPUTNIKS (Class 222) BB02/17 Johnny's Little Lamb (Nathan Wait A Little While (Nathan 05/58 MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE (Era 1069) BB05/26 The Breather (Nathan Ta Ta Do Way (Nathan xx/58 MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE (Dore 511) Lou May (N. Nathan) The Beard (N.Nathan) 10/58 THE MONTAGUES (Keen 4025) 10/58 Chinese Rocks (Nathan I'm Happy (Nathan (-) THE MONTAGUES (Early Bird 1002) School Rock Teenagers Are Really Hep [probably recorded for Keen but unissued until the nineties when it appeared on a small doowop collector's label with other Keen tracks by groups like The Valiants] 12/58 NATHAN CATALON (Mercury 71397) The Lost Teenager (N. Nathan) Tucumscari (N. Nathan) [MM had been made an A&R man for the Chicago area by Mercury following his return from two years working in San Francisco] 12/61 THE GREAT NATHANIEL (Vann 101) BB12/11 Lost (Teddy Vann) Soul (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 10/62 THE FOUR RIVERS (Josie 901) Sooner Or Later I Confess (T.Vann, N. Nathan) Prod : Teddy Vann [An Oakland, Ca. group which included future soul legend Freddie Hughes] 04/63 COZY COLE (Bethlehem 3067) BB04/13 Big Boss Cozy And Bossa (N.Nathan) [there's a whole batch of Cozy Cole singles on King from '59 / 60 co-written by MM's wife Rose Catalon - there's probably some MM involvement but exactly what I don't know. Is Clay Cole related to Cozy Cole?] THE MONTAGUE THREE: "HOT N COOL : CALYPSO & BALLADS" Coconut Woman ; Yellow Bird ; Angelina ; Island In The Sun ; Ma And Pa ; Bahama Mamma Medley // Spanish Harlem ; Island Woman ; First Taste Of Love ; Haitian Merengue ; Land of The Sea and Sun [this might be MM - I don't know] 11/64 EARL PARADISE (Atco 6326) Don't Pass Me By (N. Nathan, L. Crume) You're All I Need (N. Nathan, L. Crume) Prod : none credited [this is probably a pseudonym for Leroy Crume of The Soul Stirrers} 02/65 THE CRUME BROTHERS (Atco 6339) Don't Leave Me (N. Nathan, L.Crume) What Am I Gonna Do (N. Nathan, L.Crume) Prod : none credited 03/65 L.C.COOKE (Destination 601) BB03/13 Do You Wanna Dance (L.C. Cooke, N. Nathan) I'll Wait For You (L.C. Cooke,N. Nathan) [Sam Cooke's brother and an ex-member of The Magnificents] There may be some MM involvement in two L C Cooke singles on Checker from 58/59 which were written by LC and Rose Catalon] 08/65 LEON HAYWARD (Imperial 66123) BB08/14 She's With Her Other Love (L. Hayward, N. Nathan) Pain In My Heart (N. Nathan Prod : L-M Productions [This is really Leon Haywood, Imperial made a mistake on the label copy] xx/65 LEON and THE BURNERS (Josie 945) Whiplash (L. Haywood, N. Nathan) Crack Up (L. Haywood, N. Nathan) Prod : R M Productions 10/65 THE PACKERS (Pure Soul Music 1107) 10/65 Hole In The Wall (Cropper, Jackson, Jones, Nathan) Go 'Head on (Nathan, Haywood, Paxton) Prod : E & M Productions [Probably our man's biggest success peaking at no. 5 on Billboards's R&B chart and just missing the pop Top 40 where it peaked at no. 43] 01/66 LEON HAYWOOD (Imperial 66149) BB01/15 1-2-3 (Madara, White, Borisoff) Soul-On (N. Nathan) Prod : Rose Productions 01/66 THE PACKERS (Pure Soul Music 1109) I'm Converted (Nathan Pure Soul (Nathan xx/66 THE PACKERS : "Hole In The Wall" LP (Pure Soul PS1001) [I don't have a track listing for this one] 02/66 THE ROMEOS (Loma 2022) 02/66 Mucho Soul (N. Nathan) Are You Ready For That (N. Nathan) xx/66 SIR JOHN QUINTET (Josie 951) Un Ga La (N.Nathan) Yesterday 05/66 THE PACKERS (HBR 478) BB05/21 Pink Chiffon (Carol Crawford, Rose Thaddeus) Boondocks (Carol Crawford, Rose Thaddeus) [Rose Thaddeus must be Rose Catalon] 06/66 THE ROMEOS (Loma 2041) 06/66 Calypso Chili (Thaddeus, Crawford) Mon Petite Chow (Thaddeus, Crawford) 08/66 FATHERS AND SONS (Minit 32004) Soul In The Bowl - PT. 1 (Rose Thaddeus) Soul In The Bowl - PT. 2 (Rose Thaddeus) Prod : A.J.T. Productions xx/66 BOBBY WOMACK (HIM 1001) Nothing You Can Do (Bobby Womack) ? Prod : Rose Productions arr : N.Nathan 03/67 THE ROMEOS (Mark II 101) BB03/11 Precious Memories (T.Martin) Juicy Lucy (R. Roker) (dist. TAG Ltd.) [Whitburn and some other sources say that Kenny Gamble was involved in this record - Gamble had nothing to do with it nor did any other Philadelphia musicians] xx/67 THE PACKERS (Mark II 102) Juicy Lucy (R. Roker) Come Here My Love Prod /arr : Nathaniel Montague (dist. TAG Ltd.) 05/67 THE HIDEAWAYS (Mirwood 5516) Hideout (N. Nathan) Jolly Joe (N. Nathan) 06/67 THE ROMEOS and MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE (Mark II 103) BB07/08 A Tear And A Smile (T. Martin) Searching (For Someone Like You) (T. Martin) Prod / arr : Nathaniel Montague xx/67 MAGNIFICENT MONTAGUE : 'Soul Poems For Soul People' LP (Mark II LP1001) xx/67 THE ROMEOS : "Precious Memories" (Mark II LP1002) [I have a track listing for this somewhere but can't track it down at the moment] xx/67 THE SOUL RUNNERS (MoSoul 5103) Grits And Cornbread (Fred Smith, N. Nathan) Charley (Fred Smith, James Carmichael) Prod : Jimmy Mack arr : James Carmichael 08/67 THE WATTS 103rd STREET RHYTHM BAND (Keymen 108) Spreadin' Honey (Fred Smith, N. Nathan) Charley (Fred Smith, James Carmichael) Prod : Fred Smith xx/67 THE SOUL RUNNERS (MoSoul 5104) Chittlin' Salad (Fred Smith, James Carmichael) ? (Chittlin' Salad - PT. 2 ??) Prod : Fred Smith - James Carmichael xx/67 THE PACKERS (TAG Ltd. 105) Hole In The Wall '67 xx/67 THE DIPPERS (Moonshot 6701) Honey Bunch - PT. 1 (N. Nathan) Honey Bunch - PT. 2 (N. Nathan) Prod : Rose Productions 01/68 MONTAGUE (Minit 32035) BB01/06 This Is Soul I Too Am An American Prod : Ed Wright 02/68 THE PACKERS (Tangerine 982) BB02/17 Soul Time - PT. 1 (M. Tramal) Soul Time - PT. 2 (M. Tramal) 04/68 THE PATTI CAKES (Revue 11012) Peas Porridge (N. Nathan, R. Hall) Viva La Venezuela (Margaret Starbird) (MS== Thaddeus Catalon == M. Tramal) 05/69 THE PACKERS (Imperial 66382) Packin' It In You Got It xx/69 THE PACKERS : "Hitch It Up" (Imperial LPS12409) Ta Ta Baby ; A Tear And A Smile ; Come Here My Love ; Amore D'Estate ; Chili Of Soul ; Endless Memories ; Unborn Tomorrow ; Tresa ; Mia Cara,Mia Cara ; Enchilada Soul ; Soul Serenade [My guess is that the only thing in common between this album and the "Hole In The Wall" album is the "group" name. The same goes for all the singles issued under The Packers' name after the 'Hole .." album] Around 1973 when WAR were at their peak a cash-in double album called something like 'The Roots Of WAR' was issued on a one-shot (?) label called Souffle. If I remember rightly the group sued to have the album withdrawn. I've never seen the actual album but suspect that it was put together by The Magnificent One from tracks that had originally been issued as by The Romeos etc. If anyone has this album or knows the track listing I'd be very interested to see details. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 8 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 13:29:55 -0000 From: Peter Andreasen Subject: Rhino GG. box - Peanut Duck Just got the box today......Rhino sure did a great job on the booklet, and the packing. I would have loved more new-to-CD tracks, but maybe that says more about me and my freaky/frenzy CD collection than Rhino.... Anyway I instantly wanted to identify the girl on "Peanut duck." First I thought she sounded a lot like the lead from Ad-libs. But now I am 99.9% sure that itīs the one and only Brenda from the Exciters, does anyone agree with me. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 9 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 13:24:45 -0000 From: Julio Niņo Subject: Josephine Sunday, Pascal, The Whyte Boots and The Fashionettes in a mutable morning. Hola everybody, Itīs a marvelous mutable autumn morning here in Madrid. The intensity and color of the light changes and transforms continuously, passing from golden sunny to metallic menacing gray. If you add to that that we have a four-day weekend surely you will understand why I feel stupidly happy. A moment ago while I was having breakfast (a complex ritual that, during weekends, lasts for more than an hour), I was reading the Spectromessages and doing my homework about them: I loved Josephine Sunday's "Donīt Let Your Mind Rule Your Heart" (I never do, I keep my heart and mind well separated. Itīs a basic hygienic habit, as Pascal said). I even prefer it to "You Wonīt Even Know Her Name". Iīm addicted to this morose bossa- like kind of rhythm. Mick says that she was a Ronnie Ronette lookalike. Maybe someone kind could post a photo of her. I would love to see her. I also loved the fun picture of The Whyte Boots, they looked like very naughty dominatrixes. Everytime I listen to "Nightmare" I always laugh out loud. Itīs good news that the Lori Burton LP has been reissued. Mickīs presentation of the reissue is very imaginative and tempting, he makes us wish anxiously for the record without even talking too much about it. And finally, Will Stos wrote a few days ago: > ...According to the liner notes someone named Darlene McKinney > was involved with this Fashionettes cut. But her voice on her > solo cut on the CD sounds nothing like the tough vocal on > "Losin' Control." Was she on back-up vocals?... Well, I checked The Fashionettesī(whomever they were) "Losinī Control", which I love, and Darlene McKinneyīs "Plain Simple Ordinary Wonderful Guy" and in my opinion it seems very unlikely that the main voice in "LosinīControl" could be Darlene. I smell a mystery around The Fashionettes tracks. Chao. Julio Niņo. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 10 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 14:40:43 -0000 From: MopTopMike Subject: Re: Josephine Sunday & Mike's Book Mick Patrick wrote: > Ahhh, Josephine Sunday, my favourite Ronnie Ronette lookalike! > I agree, "Don't Let Your Mind Rule Your Heart" is totally gorgeous. > It's like Barbara Lewis meets Robin Ward and the Sapphires. > Mike, for a garage band maven, you have great taste in girl > records! Tell us about your book. Well, TeenBeat Mayhem is a huge undertaking that has become a herculian project since conception in Dec. 1991! It is a retrospective on the 1960's teenage rock & roll combo ('band, to me, conjures up images of brass and basoons, etc.)phenomenon, from begining to retropsective infamy of today, alongside a giant A to Z discography, where I list all known 45rpms from the USA that have the 'garage sound' and would be considered collectible, geared to the completists take on up toward the genral fandom/ casual fan clique who wish to hear the creme de la creme , and well-known stuff. There are over 2500 label scans, in color, as well as all known picture sleeves in a gallery (also color). The cool thing about the disocgraphy is that nearly 90% of the songs (last count == 10,000+ 45s, makes 20,000 songs)included will be described as to the kind of garage 'sound' - snarling punk, crude jangle, fuzz-a- delic, somber ballad, etc, and 'rated' via numeric value from 1 to 10, 10 being the monster , worth your rent and half of your monthly food bill to own type of tune. I have a cabinet made up of over a dozen knowledgeable guys, all vote on each song I make available during our ranking sessions - curently 14 letters down 12 to go. The votes are tabluated, averaged and then the song is awarded the ranking, based upon a chart I devised that will expound on how to comprehend the rankings. Besides all that, there is a Top 100 garage songs list (based upon the overall rankings), a gallery of "before They Became Famous" pix and listings of garage combo forays by popular folk, a 'myths debunked' section (the true deal on the Strawberry alarm Clock origns, for example), and even a section on how do decipher dead wax codings in order to calculate release dates for 45s from that era. It's all 60s Garage, from the USA, a history/retropsective set up to look and read like a high school yearbook. Sundazed Music has agreed to publish this monster as I would never get the thing done. As soon as the descriptions and ratings are complete, so will I be. Planned date to drop the master off in Coxsakie - Jul/Aug 2006. Maybe it will be ready near Christmas 2006, I can only hope! Now back to work....... MopTopMike -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 11 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 16:06:02 -0000 From: Bill Reed Subject: The Gamma Goochee Man I had a Gamma Gooche sighting last evening at a birthday party for my friend, songwriter-musician Alan ("Wild guitar") O'Day at L.A's Kulak's Woodshed. John Mangiagli did "Shake a Hand" AND a full tilt version of GG, clad in the immortal GG poncho. Backed by, among others, Alan, and Wrecking Crewman Don Peake. Alan played keyboards on the original recording of GG and announced it, last night, as the first public performance of this entropic anthem by Mangiagli in ten years. Considering the energy that Mangiagli poured into it, I can understand decadological periodicty. Gamma Goochee has been desribed by fellow lister Phil Milstein (who knows a lot about such matters) as: ". . .a great find, a Sir Doug/Sam The Sham-type stomper with some frat-rock currents, but instead of a gaggle of drunken goons chiming in the chorus is supplied by the Gamma Goochee's young nieces. I know the record did some chart action at least in New York -- The Velvet Underground used to include it on some of the tapes they'd pump through club P.A.s prior to taking the stage." Tore up the place. Pretty wild stuff. One for the ages, and so on and so forth. Bill -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 12 Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 15:58:33 -0000 From: Will Stos Subject: Re: Rhino Girl Group box set > Billy G Spradlin wrote: > > This could be the first USA girl group compilation > > that gets the attention and press this genre deserves. I just got my copy yesterday and it bowled me over. Without a doubt this is the greatest girl group comp ever. The booklet was beyond my wildest expectations, the sound quality (while quite variable) is quite good, and the packaging is brilliant. At first I was a little sad to see that so many tracks could already be found on the Ace/UK comps and other sets, but for people who don't have anything beyond Rhino's previous 'best of' it will be a revelation and hopefully prompt a sequel or other labels to get into the act. Wow, bravo to eveyone involved. I've got three more CDs to get through today. Will : ) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
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