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      1. Re: "Call Me"
           From: Joop 
      2. Re: Bobby Vee's "True Love Never Runs Smooth"
           From: Bill 
      3. Lesley Gore on WFMU, archived / World Cafe
           From: baba bling 
      4. Re: S'pop Recommends John Carter
           From: Joop 
      5. Re: Larry Weiss songs for Ruby & the Romantics
           From: Ed Salamon 
      6. Reparata & the Delrons
           From: Mick Patrick 
      7. Re: Clive Scott
           From: Simon White 
      8. Re: "Oh, Why"
           From: Frank 
      9. Re: "Oh, Why"
           From: Joop 
     10. Re: "Soldier Boy"s
           From: Artie Wayne 
     11. Oh Why / Sag Warum / Zague Waroume / Por Que
           From: David A Young 
     12. Re: Bob Crewe @ Motown
           From: Artie Wayne 
     13. Shirelles vs. Marcie Blane
           From: Will Stos 
     14. Re: The Great Train Robbery
           From: Barry Green 
     15. Re: Reparata & the Delrons
           From: Ed Salamon 
     16. Re: Soldier Boys
           From: Mick Patrick 

Message: 1 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:45:08 -0000 From: Joop Subject: Re: "Call Me" Mike Bennidict: > ... a remake of Chris Montez's Call Me. Mick Patrick: > Chris Montez's "Call Me"??!! You'd better not let Joop hear you > say that! Or Petula Clark! She'd clock you! Actually, I believe > the original version of "Call Me" was NOT by Pet, but by Keely > Smith. Tony Hatch himself told me that. He should know, he wrote > and produced it. However, I've never been able to track down her > version. Can anyone assist? I completely agree with you on this one Mick. I am also looking for the Keely Smith-version. Yet without result. Here's some more info on "Call me": Joop greets from Holland -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 2 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 04:00:32 -0700 From: Bill Subject: Re: Bobby Vee's "True Love Never Runs Smooth" Bill wrote: > Does anyone know where I might obtain a copy of Bobby Vee's version > of the Gene Pitney song called "True Love Never Runs Smooth"? It > was released in the early 60's as a single and was backed by "Hey > Little Girl". Joop: > Are you sure about that Bobby Vee release, because I can't find any > proof: > And these two Burt Bacharach sites don't mention it either: > > Hi Joop, Yes, It was only released in the UK in the early 60's. Bill -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 3 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 08:02:34 -0700 (PDT) From: baba bling Subject: Lesley Gore on WFMU, archived / World Cafe I see someone else caught Lesley and her new band on WFMU. After digging around, I found the show, on Glen Jones' "Jonesville Station" (he's the guy who was on the air for 100 hours straight and set a World Record, for a while) archived at: There is a radical re-working of "You Don't Own Me" on her new record, "Ever Since". According to her guitarist's site (Mike Errico:, they've just recorded for World Cafe with David Dye. That'll be airing in the coming weeks. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 4 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:28:36 -0000 From: Joop Subject: Re: S'pop Recommends John Carter S'pop Projects wrote: > Three great CDs by top British songwriter John Carter are the > latest additions to the S'pop Recommends section. If you haven't > heard of him before, you're missing out on something special. > Access the reviews here: > Very much thanks for that great John Carter-review. He is one of those men that are essential in the history of music. "Get Carter". Yes I own already two of the CD's you mentioned. The Ivy League CD is on my want-list, although I already have an album of the guys. Joop greets -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 5 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 19:02:52 -0000 From: Ed Salamon Subject: Re: Larry Weiss songs for Ruby & the Romantics Mick Patrick: > Might it be possible for you to ask Larry what he recalls about two > of my favourites of his compositions, "Your Baby Doesn't Love You > Anymore" and "Does He Really Care For Me", both cut by the > wonderful Ruby & the Romantics for Kapp Records with Tom Catalano > producing and Alan Lorber arranging - magnificent records, each. > I'd post them to musica, but they're both available on CD. Was > Larry present at the sessions? If so, what studio was used? And who > was the engineer? Did he write the songs for any specific artist? > They would both have been great for the Righteous Brothers, > although Ruby & the Romantics' versions would take some beating, > even with Phil Spector at the controls. What are Larry's thoughts > on producer Tom Catalano? And arranger Alan Lorber? Thanks in > advance. Mick, Glad to be of service (see below) Ed Salamon >From Larry Weiss: Dear Ed..We did a lot of recording at Mira Sound, with the brilliant Brooks Arthur at the controls who was a very musical engineer and a great mixer..sometimes we worked @ Bell Sound..Tom Catalano was a brilliant producer from the get go with little or no previous studio experience but musically educated..I watched him walk into the studio and 'become a genius'.. he went on to produce great records with Neil Diamond and Helen Reddy among others. He was a big fan of my talent early on and even used some of my crude piano arrangement ideas in the records he produced..'Does He Really Care for For Me' was arranged by the late Roy Glover I believe..'Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore' by Alan Lorber..the latter might have been done @ Bell Sound but I'm not sure..(it was also recorded by the late Karen Carpenter and released in her last album, though the producers saw fit to add a their own 'bridge' to the song for some reason)..Lorber and Glover were two arrangers we favored a lot..I believe Alan arranged 'Darling Take Me Back'..Tom and I made some wonderful records while working for Kapp records in 1965..he provided a lot of opportunities for my song writing there, and a few years later when I worked under him at Bob Crewe's Saturday Music. Another favorite recording of Ruby & The Romantics that was arranged by Roy Gover was 'We'll Meet Again' was just an album cut..but it had a lot of heart..Roy had a lot of heart..I really miss him..he was a great guy and loved by's a wonderful story about him.. I worked for the great arranger Claus Ogerman from 1965-67. I ran his publishing companies and wrote songs for him as well. While there I came up with 'Bend Me Shape Me', 'Help Me Girl', and so forth..I also produced some artists for him through a production arrangement he had with Polygram records. On one of those sessions I had hired Roy Glover. We were working at Mira Sound, running down a beautiful song that George Devans had written called 'Saying Goodbyes'. There were some friends in the control room..Tom Catalano was there..he loved the song and of course Claus Ogerman..we finally got all the kinks straight in the various parts of the very involved arrangement, and it was a full orchestra mind you.. the studio outside was wall to wall with musicians..rhythm section..strings & horns..harp.. percussion you name it! We finally ran the song down with the singer and there was not a dry eye in the place..the arrangement was SO beautiful, that the orchestra stood up and applauded Roy Glover after the run down..years later..a few months before he died..I spoke to Roy..he asked me if I remembered that day 'when the orchestra stood up' was very special for him..and obviously..very special to me.. I also love Cissy Houston's version of 'Darling Take Me Back' I think Joel Diamond produced it..I also produced a nice version with Gerri Granger on Bell Records for the late Larry Utall in 1970..the 'B' side of that single was later discovered by someone in the UK @ Arista in the 80's, and was released as an A side single and made the top 40 there..the song was called 'I Go To Pieces..Everytime..'..and the beat goes on.. Take care..Larry Weiss.. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 6 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 20:43:10 +0100 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Reparata & the Delrons Me: > I guess you'll be interested in one of Ace's pending releases, > then -- a 30-tracker entitled "The Best Of Reparata & The Delrons". > It'll be out at the end of August. Is anyone interested in seeing > an advance copy of the track list? Peter Lerner: > Yes, please! OK. Here goes: THE BEST OF REPARATA & the DELRONS (Ace Records) 1. Reparata & the Delrons - Boys And Girls 2. Reparata & the Delrons - Captain Of Your Ship 3. Reparata & the Delrons - Whenever A Teenager Cries 4. Reparata & the Delrons - Tommy 5. Reparata & the Delrons - The Kind Of Trouble That I Love 6. Reparata & the Delrons - It's Waiting There For You 7. Reparata & the Delrons - Panic 8. Reparata & the Delrons - Take A Look In My Diary 9. Reparata & the Delrons - Do Wah Diddy 10. Reparata & the Delrons - I Have A Boyfriend 11. Reparata & the Delrons - I'm Nobody's Baby Now 12. Reparata & the Delrons - Take A Look Around You 13. Reparata & the Delrons - Mama's Little Girl 14. Reparata & the Delrons - I Can Hear The Rain 15. Reparata - The Boy I Love 16. Reparata & the Delrons - In My Diary 17. Reparata & the Delrons - He's My Guy (And I Love Him So) 18. Reparata & the Delrons - Bye Bye Baby 19. Reparata - I Found My Place 20. Reparata & the Delrons - Loneliest Girl In Town 21. Reparata & the Delrons - I Can Tell 22. Reparata & the Delrons - (Do You) Remember When 23. The Del-Rons - Leave Us Alone 24. Reparata & the Delrons - He's The Greatest 25. Reparata & the Delrons - He Don't Want You 26. Reparata & the Delrons - Weather Forecast 27. Reparata & the Delrons - (We're Gonna) Hold The Night 28. Reparata & the Delrons - Saturday Night Didn't Happen 29. Reparata - Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart 30. Reparata - Shoes The CD will be out in a few weeks. For those obsessed with such matters, about half of the tracks are in stereo. I see Amazon are taking pre-orders: Hey la, Mick Patrick -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 7 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:53:51 +0100 From: Simon White Subject: Re: Clive Scott Artie Wayne wrote: > Clive Scott and Des Dyer > Does anyone know what they're up to these days? Hello Artie, I'm not sure about Des, but Clive Scotts work has been spoken of here recently although his name was not mentioned. He's worked for a number of years with producer Ian Levine on numerous projects, including the Sandi Sheldon 45 we discussed recently and which now has been added to her 'Spectropop' discography and the Ebony Allayne 45's which are so up Spectropop's street (Dionne Warwick division), it's a shame to miss them. Simon White Arthurs Northern Soul: Homepage: -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 8 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:26:22 +0200 From: Frank Subject: Re: "Oh, Why" Country Paul a écrit: > I just heard the first-ever (that I know of) cover of Phil Spector's > exquisite Teddy Bears song, "Oh, Why." Not to take anything away > from Carol Connors' crystalline performance (nothing will ever > touch it, I believe), this is a German gent intoning/muttering the > lyrics and singing the bridge. Any information on this, please? > What an aural curiosity! Could be "Sag Warum" by Camillo a huge hit in Europe at the time far exceeding the original. Frank -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 9 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:39:23 -0000 From: Joop Subject: Re: "Oh, Why" Country Paul a écrit: > I just heard the first-ever (that I know of) cover of Phil Spector's > exquisite Teddy Bears song, "Oh, Why." Not to take anything away > from Carol Connors' crystalline performance (nothing will ever > touch it, I believe), this is a German gent intoning/muttering the > lyrics and singing the bridge. Any information on this, please? > What an aural curiosity! Paul, Maybe this will help you. Camillo Felgen had big hit in Germany with "Sag warum", which is a 1959 cover of the Teddy Bear's "Oh why". SEE NEXT LINK: Joop greets from Holland. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 10 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:30:11 -0700 (PDT) From: Artie Wayne Subject: Re: "Soldier Boy"s Phil...How ya' doin'? I confess...I wrote and "sorta" produced "[Mama] My Soldier Boy is Coming Home" for the Shirelles. When I was signed to Scepter records, part of my deal was to write "new" b-sides for their artists [using existing multi -tracks] to save money on recording costs. It turns out that was only time that I did something like this. The track we used was the Shirelles own "A Thing of the Past". I always felt a little dirty about it. Ahhhh...Confession is good for the soul! regards, Artie Wayne P.S. If anybody has a copy I'd love to hear it again! -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 11 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 22:03:37 -0000 From: David A Young Subject: Oh Why / Sag Warum / Zague Waroume / Por Que Thanks to Country Paul for bringing up the question about the German version of The Teddy Bears' "Oh Why," and to Frank and Joop for confirming that "Sag Warum" was a 1959 European hit for Camillo Felgen. This information helps me piece together a puzzle that's vexed me for some time. About twenty years ago I bought an acetate cut at Spectra-Sound Recording Studios in Hollywood. The label (a scan of which is in the Labels & Sleeves folder in the Photos section) bears the typewritten title "Porque (Oh Why)," the name Harvey Spector (whom I incorrectly assumed was the artist, costing me much more than I'd have paid otherwise!), and publisher credit for Travis Music (whereas the Teddy Bears single shows the publisher as Marquis Music...hmmm!). My guess is that this acetate was cut as a demo for release (where?) as a Spanish competitor to the Camillo hit. One thing's curious, though: Label credits on the Teddy Bears LP, 45, and French EP all list the composer as H. P. Spector; how'd it change to "Harvey," and the publisher to Travis, here? How do the credits on the Camillo record read, please? GEMM lists records called "Sag Warum" by several other artists as well; can anyone confirm whether or not these are the same song? Here's the list: Salvatore Adamo, Los Catinos, Kurt & Veronika Elsasser, Iseult, Eddie John, and Royal Orchester. For those of you who don't know this, I'm an avid collector of cover versions of Spector songs, and those in languages other than English hold a particular fascination. Until yesterday, the only released cover versions of "Oh Why" of which I was aware were 1975's "Zague Waroume" (a French spoof of the German recitative-style rendition) by Au Bonheur des Dames, and the faithful 1977 performance (in English) by Japan's Celia Paul (who also had the good taste to cover "Cha Cha Charming" on the same Eiichi Ohtaki-produced LP). My other question is, Did the song get released in Spanish, either in the version found on my acetate (and, for a limited time, in musica) or some other(s), and, if so, by whom? There are far too many variations on "Porque" and "Por Que" in GEMM for me to dare a guess. Thanks in advance for your help, and enjoy the musica track. David A. Young -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 12 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:40:58 -0700 (PDT) From: Artie Wayne Subject: Re: Bob Crewe @ Motown I have a correction to my Motown remix story. The song that Bob Crewe played me was "My Eyes Adored You" not "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". He was waiting to get into see Berry Gordy to have a showdown. Bob had some kind of deal to produce Frankie Valli for Motown, but Berry didn't like what he was coming up with. Bob, left that meeting with all of the master rights back to what turned out to be one of Frankies biggest hits! regards, Artie Wayne -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 13 Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 00:40:32 -0000 From: Will Stos Subject: Shirelles vs. Marcie Blane I was listening to Marcie Blane's "Bobby Did" and thought the opening sounded a bit like the Shirelles' "You're Under Arrest." Did they share the same writer(s)? Or was this popular intro at the time? Will : ) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 14 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 19:21:37 -0000 From: Barry Green Subject: Re: The Great Train Robbery Jens Koch asked: > Does Anyone know which English '60s group recorded "The Great > Train Robbery" and had a small hit with it in maybe '68 or '69? Norm D: > One of my trusted informants suggests that the record is: The Outer > Limits: Great Train Robbery / Sweet Freedom (Instant, 1968) Norm D. is correct the track is by the Outer Limits and was released on the UK Instant label (in May 1968) which was a subsidiary label of Immediate Records run by Andrew Loog Oldham and Tony Calder. The single was IN001 (released in Sept 1968) the first of only 5 singles issued on this label plus 4 albums. Both sides of the single are written by Christie which is the Jeff Christie of 'Yellow River' fame a couple of years later. But there is more to the story as the single was originally scheduled for release on Immediate as catalogue number IM067 and Demo 'A' label copies were distributed. IM067 was then given to the great PP Arnold song 'Angel of the Morning'. The Immediate version (3mins 38secs) of the Great Train robbery starts and ends with gunshots which were not included on the later Instant label release at (2mins 58secs). Both versions of The Great Train Robbery are available on a CD called 'Instant Karma' which also has the Outer Limits 'Sweet Freedom' as well as all the other 4 Instant singles 'A' and 'B' sides (including some rare Twinkle songs) and some tracks from the Instant label albums. You can find this on Amazon with the below link: Track Listing: 1. Great Train Robbery - Outer Limits 2. Sweet Freedon - Outer Limits 3. Happy Miranda - The Excelsior Spring 4. It - The Excelsior Spring 5. Baby Be My Girl - Eddie Thornton Trio 6. All You - Sonny Burke Outfit 7. Any Old Time (Youre Lonely And Sad) - Copperfield 8. Im No Good For Her - Copperfield 9. Micky - Twinkle 10. Darby And Jean - Twinkle 11. Sitting In The Park - Owen Grey And Maximum Breed 12. Youve Got It - Pete Hunt And Maximum Breed 13. Ob La Di Ob La Da Story (Part I) Alullo - Jimmy Scott 14. Ob La Di Ob La Da Story (Part II) Doh - Jimmy Scott 15. Night Time Girl - Twice As Much 16. Winter Is Blue - Vashti 17. Afterglow - Bob Kerrs Whoopee Band 18. See The Little People (Gulliver Travels) - Mike Dabo 19. In The Beginning - Mike Dabo 20. Traffic - Samson 21. Venus - Samson 22. Great Train Robery (Immediate Demo Version) - Outer Limits 23. Soilders Dream - Twinkle 24. Micky (Previously Unissued Long Version) - Twinkle Regards Barry -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 15 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 21:14:03 -0000 From: Ed Salamon Subject: Re: Reparata & the Delrons Have you ever heard Reparata and The Delrons' Country record? I wonder if Reparata even knows she had a Country record? In 1973 when I became Program Director of Country formatted WEEP AM/FM in Pittsburgh, I stretched the boundaries, playing records by Pittsburghers Lou Christie "Hey You Cajun", and Bobby Vinton "Melody of Love" (not Country, but my audience loved it) among others. Former World Artists' (Pgh label) head Lou Guarino had steel guitar overdubbed onto "Whenever A Teenager Cried" and issued it on his new NAMI label. He knew I had a fondness for 60s artists, but I never played it. Ed Salamon -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 16 Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 23:12:00 +0100 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Re: Soldier Boys Ed McGee wrote: > I came across this link when searching for Shirelles info on > Google: Phil X Milstein: > Thanks for passing that along, Ed -- real interesting stuff. Can > anyone enlighten me about the "Valli" record listed there? Joop: > Phil, I don't know who Valli was. Couldn't be Frankie could it? > Some more info on this 45 is to be found here: > > Artie Wayne: > I confess...I wrote and "sorta" produced "[Mama] My Soldier Boy > Is Coming Home" for the Shirelles ... Ahhhh...Confession is good > for the soul! If anybody has a copy I'd love to hear it again! I don't know much about Valli, but I do know that her answer song to the Shirelles' "Soldier Boy" (on which she actually sings OVER their original record!!) is featured on the group's new 60-track (count 'em!) "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" 2CD set. Of course, the Shirelles' "Soldier Boy" is also included, along with "(Mama) My Soldier Boy Is Coming Home". Some new to CD tracks are also contained therein, including a previously unissued version of the Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Barry composition "That Boy Is Messing Up My Mind". But you all knew that. Read more about the set in S'pop message #30041 and at this link: Hey la, Mick Patrick -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- SPECTROPOP - Spectacular! Retro! Pop! End

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