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      1. Re: The Raspberries / The Choir
           From: Joe Belock 
      2. Clear Channel to release DVD of Mike Smith Benefit Concert
           From: Bill Mulvy 
      3. Defining oldies
           From: Larry Bromley 
      4. Nashville Spectropop meeting July 2005
           From: Nick Archer 
      5. Mike Smith Tribute
           From: Unsteady Freddie 
      6. US covers of UK songs
           From: Mike Edwards 
      7. Re: Telstar - Joe Meek play
           From: Paul Rusling 
      8. Re: Larry Weiss's "Darling Take Me Back I'm Sorry"
           From: Joop 
      9. The Gleams "Mister Magic Moon"
           From: Robert Indart 

Message: 1 Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 02:08:35 -0000 From: Joe Belock Subject: Re: The Raspberries / The Choir JB: > Wait a minute. You mean a guy from The Raspberries was in The Choir? Bill Mulvy: > Two guys. Actually, three. All but Carmen. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 2 Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 21:17:23 -0500 From: Bill Mulvy Subject: Clear Channel to release DVD of Mike Smith Benefit Concert It was just announced that a DVD of the Mike Smith show will be made available for purchase with all benefits to go to the Mike Smith fund. The following artists are appearing tonight: The concert is on right now on XM radio Channel 6 Fab Faux Billy J Kramer Denny Laine Peter and Gordon (first time in 37 years) The Zombies Bill Mulvy -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 3 Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 22:42:47 -0700 (PDT) From: Larry Bromley Subject: Defining oldies My favorite oldies station (640 WJNA) has begun that "decade creep" that I've read about. When I first moved back to SoFla in 2001, I latched right on to it, with a playlist that stretched from Harry James to James Taylor. Now, the 30s and 40s music has faded away, and now the 70s and 80s are slipping in, as the WJNA slogan goes from "Unforgettable" to "All Adult Hits." After I grumbled about the fact that newer music was now on the station, in place of the oldies, I realized that most of my favorite performers' hits were heard in the 70s. Music from my post-high school days are now OLDIES?!?!? I never cared for Mick Jagger. Now I quote his lyrics. "What a drag it is getting old." Age is a number that tells how long you have lived in this world, not how to live in it. Larry Bromley good day! -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 4 Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 17:47:35 -0000 From: Nick Archer Subject: Nashville Spectropop meeting July 2005 Ed Salamon was gracious enough to host another meeting at his house in mid-July. I've posted a picture in the photos section. Attending were: Skip Woolwine; Nick Archer, Tony Moon, Tupper Saussy (Neon Philharmonic); Ed Salamon; Bill Lloyd, Barry Tashian (Remains) Steve Jarrell, Clifford Curry, Stuart Coleman, Austin Roberts, and Bucky Wilkin (Ronny of The Daytonas). It's great to have so much of Nashville's pop history in the same room, and during much of the night multiple stories were being told at the same time, making it hard to keep up with the conversations. Thanks again to Ed for the fun. Nick Archer Franklin, TN -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 5 Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 18:01:44 -0000 From: Unsteady Freddie Subject: Mike Smith Tribute GODSPEED TO MIKE SMITH! Thought I'd try and re-capture the `experience' last evening (or should I say earlier this morning!) at BB KINGS in New York City in the heart of Times Square while I am still `in the moment', on a high and buzzing from an unforgettable show. I went to the second of two shows at the venue held as a benefit for MIKE SMITH, former lead singer and keyboard player for THE DAVE CLARK 5. For those that don't already know, Mike suffered a setback in 2003 (I believe) from a fall around his home in Spain, leaving him virtually paralyzed from the chest down ever since. Mike toured the US in 2003 and I was fortunate to see him, meet him and his wonderful and beautiful wife Charley, at 2 shows – BB KINGS and THE TURNING POINT in Piermont, NY. Incredible performances from Mike, such energy, in great voice, with a rockin' band too. Such a shame this guy (and family) has had to suffer so much. But he's been showing signs of improvement, we're told; believe his condition is slowly getting better, and he's gaining strength. There is hope! Which is why PAUL SCHAFFER and the people he put together put this benefit on – to help with the enormous economic burdens to assist Mike and Charley. By the way, consult this website for updates: -- surely you will be moved by what you find there. Tickets for the first show sold so quickly a second show was added. Prices were $75, $100, $150. All that was left was a $75 seat for me, but I managed to sit with those in the closer seats….why? because I am unsteady, and sometimes that works to my advantage! Shows were scheduled for 7:30 and 11:00 pm, but were not adhered to. First show started at least 1 hour late, due to many things: it was being broadcast by XM, so technical glitches were an issue; changes of the stage between artists; and finally, because the ZOMBIES arrived quite late. But not the ZOMBIES' fault, mind you. The band was held up in TORONTO b/c of severe weather, and, as you no doubt saw on the news or internet, a plane crash of an AIR FRANCE Airbus there shut down the airport. But check this out – PAUL SHAEFFER's "boss", TV host DAVID LETTERMAN, chartered a flight for the ZOMBIES – the band had to travel, I believe, to WINDSOR, ONTARIO to get the plane, and it was flown to a small airport in NEW JERSEY (TETERBORO AIRPORT). Then the band was driven in, arriving probably close to 10 pm. They didn't hit the stage until maybe 11:15 pm? Not sure of exact time (they were the last act on). That means we didn't get in until after Midnight. Music started around 1:00 am. Should first mention I met a lot of `industry' people I know before the show while waiting on line to get in (yours truly stood there from 8:00 pm on in stifling 90+ degree heat – yeah almost 4 + 1/2 hours, but hey you do what you gotta do). Took pictures with RICKY BYRD (ex JOAN JETT's BLACKHEARTS and now touring with SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY; he was accompanied by his wife, the Goddess CAROL KAYE); TWIG (of the legendary 60's garage band, RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS, who have a NEW CD coming out on LITTLE STEVEN's label "any day" according to TWIG); and a true legend, EDDIE BRIGATI, former lead singer for THE RASCALS! How cool is that? Plenty of other people floating by: KEN DASHOW of Q-104, MAY PANG, MAX WEINBERG, the usual suspects. ALL RIGHT! LET'S GET TO THE SHOW! Right before the show, I stopped by the table where SID BERNSTEIN was sitting, for a little conversation and `photo op'. For those overseas, he brought the BEATLES (and other artists) over to our shores for the infamous SHEA STADIUM show and other events. An important icon in the history of the "British Invasion" for sure. And I nice guy to boot. The event began with a short film featuring a black n white clip of the DAVE CLARK 5 playing live their hit "BITS AND PIECES". Great footage of that TOTTENHAM SOUND! Then things got rolling with the FAB FAUX, let by bassist WILL LEE (he plays in PAUL SHAFFER's band on the DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW). As you can tell by their name, they are essentially a BEATLES `COVER BAND' – but note these guys do the BEATLES' music dead-on! Here is their set: "TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS" (complete with mellotronic sound effects, backward loops); "I AM THE WALRUS"; "WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS"; the DAVE CLARK 5's "CATCH US IF YOU CAN"; and "PENNY LANE", which included the noted horn player LEW SOLOFF (of BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS fame) nailing the riffs to great applause; "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE", with hands waving everywhere – quite a sight. Spoke quickly with JIM RODFORD after the FAB FAUX set – he's bassist with the ZOMBIES, was also a member of ARGENT, and is ROD ARGENT's cousin as it happens. He's taken over for the late LES BRAID with the current SWINGING BLUE JEANS, and told he thinks it's a "great gig". Told him I saw the band in March in Dartford outside of London with the SEARCHERS, MERSEYBEATS and GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS – could really sense his grief for the loss of LES, who recently passed away. {Saw this posted by the way: Les's funeral will take place on Tuesday 9th August at St Lukes Church, St Lukes Church Road, Formby (England) at 1pm. All are welcome.} NEXT UP? None other than a pal of mine BILLY J. KRAMER. Damn, looking good Billy! Neat and looking trim, hair styled just right – and sporting a totally nice jacket too (his wife dresses him well!). I just love this guy, and he sang his heart out, and gave his hall, backed by PAUL SHAFFER's band – big band I should say (horns, strings). God Bless PAUL SHAFFER for organizing this and bringing all this talent together with not a lot of rehearsal. BILLY J. KRAMER's 3-song set: "LITTLE CHILDREN", the DAVE CLARK 5's "COME HOME" (which knocked me and everyone out), and his tear- jerker, "BAD TO ME" (a Lennon/McCartney tune, given to him by John on his 20th Birthday, as the story goes). AWESOME! Dude, you were marvelous! Then came a set from DENNY LAINE (no relation to PENNY LANE!). He did "GO NOW", the song he made famous with the MOODY BLUES; "I GO CRAZY", also a MOODY BLUES song from their first LP (a JAMES BROWN tune); and the DAVE CLARK 5's "ANY WAY YOU WANT IT", which just got everybody crazy. Got a picture after his set…he's a good man, and gave a great performance. OK, then things just blew the roof off with PETER & GORDON's appearance, together playing live for the first time since 1967! Where have you been my good men? Their set: "I GO TO PIECES", "LADY GODIVA", "TRUE LOVE WAYS", the DAVE CLARK 5's `BECAUSE" (Unsteady Freddie's maybe personal favorite British Invasion pop-song of all time), "A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE" (which was the very first record I bought, at the age of 12! and I still have it, brought it with me, got it signed!), and "WOMAN". The guys looked great, and their harmonies? Were you concerned? Don't be! Glorious! PETER even put on his "BUDDY HOLLY glasses" for the last few songs! At this point PAUL SHAFFER introduced a recorded movie clip from MIKE SMITH and his wife CHARLEY – incredibly poignant, moving, emotional. Obviously it took MIKE a lot of effort to record this, and he wanted to express his sincere thanks to everyone who put together this special event. Tears flowing all around me. Then came the evening's closers—THE ZOMBIES! Their set ran as follows: "I LOVE YOU"; "STICKS & STONES" (another early ZOMBIES song; think it's a RAY CHARLES composition?); "TIME OF THE SEASON"; the DAVE CLARK FIVE's "CAN'T YOU SEE THAT SHE'S MINE"; ARGENT's "HOLD YOUR HEAD UP" (which tore it up!); "TELL HER NO"; and "SHE'S NOT THERE". And this finished at 4 am!!! COLIN BLUNSTONE's vocals were as breathy as crisp as ever. ROD ARGENT's jazzy keyboard riffs sounding hot as Hell; and JIM RODFORD's bass was kick-ass. Ahhhh, but what about an encore? OK, you got one! The complete ensemble—everyone on stage for a grand finale of "BITS & PIECES" and then "GLAD ALL OVER". Think I saw STEELY DAN's DONALD FAGEN mixed in there? Pretty sure I did. Just UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE – what a finish!! Finishing up close to 4:15 am!! But who cares? What does it matter that I get up at 6 am on week-days for my real-life job? IT'S ONLY ROCK N ROLL AND I LIKE IT, LIKE IT, YES I DO! Did a `meet and greet" in the LUCILLE'S GRILL part of BB KINGS – took some pictures with: BILLY J. KRAMER (hung out briefly with his lovely wife RONI), PETER & GORDON. Got a bunch of vinyl LP covers, 45 picture sleeves, and actual 45 RPM's autographed. Not sure if the ZOMBIES ever made it to this, but considering the hour and their ordeal getting there, they are excused! By the way, I told PETER at the "meet & greet" that for me his eye-glasses weren't really "BUDDY HOLLY", but more like `AUSTIN POWERS". Know what he told me? That MIKE MYERS actually told him he based AUSTIN POWER on Peter's 1960's "look". Neat, huh? Ladies, gents, and those in-between: this was one of the highlights of my life. My Higher Power must like me….how else do you explain this? The way I behaved in the past---I should be dead for God's sake. But don't ask me how – but I'm still here -- this evening/ morning was a gem, a gift from God, I couldn't be more grateful for what I experienced. One to cherish forever. High as a kite – and without foreign substances? It doesn't get any better. My soul has been stirred deeply. Thanks especially to PAUL SHAFFER—what an effort he undertook, and pulled off. Great piece in Fox News about the evening:,2933,164574,00.html Should have pictures soon (fingers crossed that they came out OK) – and will post them as soon as I can, probably on I leave you with these profound words: CMON CMON LET ME SHOW YOU WHERE IT'S AT THE NAME OF THE PLACE? I LIKE IT LIKE THAT! Unsteady Freddie -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 6 Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 17:08:15 -0000 From: Mike Edwards Subject: US covers of UK songs Bill Mulvy writes: > Them's version (of "Gloria") was inferior to the SOK version. The > garage rock sound is what made the song and Them guys didn't have > it. and.. > Seems like the left coasters who have commented don't appreciate > one of the all time garage rock songs. Them, you gotta be kidding > me! Great attitude in this message, Bill and you could have a point. Back in the day, there were some great US covers of UK originals. Here are some examples, in addition to "Gloria": Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods – "Who Do You Think You Are" (UK – Candlewick Green) Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods – "Billy Don't Be A Hero" (UK – Paper Lace) Eddie Rambeau – "Concrete And Clay" (UK – Unit 4+2) People – "I Love You" (UK – Zombies) Keith – "Tell Me To My Face" (UK – Hollies) Cryan' Shames – "Sugar And Spice" (UK – Searchers) "Who Do You Think You Are" bounced back to the UK when revived by St Etienne in 1993. It was described by group member, Bob Stanley as "a genius song" and written by Des Dyer and Clive Scott, who formed a band named Jigsaw in Australia in 1966. Nine years later they peaked at #3 with "Sky High.". Another great one. Mike Edwards -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 7 Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 23:48:39 -0000 From: Paul Rusling Subject: Re: Telstar - Joe Meek play I did see the play a couple of months ago when it played in YORK. Soap Star Adam ricketts (Nick tilsley in Coronation Street, who has had afew singles out himself) played Heinz, the focus of Meek's attention very well. It was a bit spooky in places and some over the top bad language that made my 14 year old son uncomfortable. us too - we would have thrown people out of bars we have run for using such language unnecessarilly, but it was a wonderful trip down memory lane that puts a lot that Joe meek did into context. A super old radio in the corner lights up as they play various flashbacks. And the story of the m,ost telsar proceeds is pretty central. The strangest thing was that the play opens with the end of the story, Joe allegedly shooting his landlady (played well by Linda Robson) and then himself. Buffoon police, and the boys in the band are all upstaged for me by the old artefacts of recording studio history, at least bits that Joe seems to have used. Paul Rusling -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 8 Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 16:40:37 -0000 From: Joop Subject: Re: Larry Weiss's "Darling Take Me Back I'm Sorry" Justin, must have been the summer of 1965 you're speaking of, as Lenny Welch's version of "Darling Take Me Back I'm Sorry" hit the US charts in june 1965,. It was released may 1965 on the Kapp-label (Kapp 662). B-side: "Time after time". Ray Pollard's version was also released may 1965. His was on United Artists 856. B-side: "My girl and I". So I can't decide which was the original version. Maybe Nick can help out. Joop greets -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- Message: 9 Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 01:03:26 -0000 From: Robert Indart Subject: The Gleams "Mister Magic Moon" I was listening to an old tape that I recorded in 1989 from a radion show called "The Doo wop Shop". The Group being featured was a group called The Valentinos from New York who had a record in 1959 called " A Kiss From Your Lips" (A Flamingos remake) on Brunswick records under the name The Originals then re-released in 1960 under the name The Valentinos due to conflict with Rosie and the Originals who were on the same label. The in 1960 they changed their name to The Gleams and recorded "Bad Boy" (Miracles remake) on the J-V label and then in 1963 as The Gleams they recorded "Mister Magic Moon" (Written by Greenwich/Powers) on Kapp records (by the way this record should be on Wall of Soundalikes vol.3, something Ace records should consider). The story ends with a record they recorded under the name Silky and The Shantungs called "He's A Fink" on Musicor (Written by Radcliffe/Stern) which is another Spector type record. (He's A Fink" can be found on the Where the Girls Are vol. 2 on Ace Records). The lead singer on all these records was a woman named Sonia Rivera and the other member who was in all the recording too was guy named Gilbert Valentin. By any chance if these tracks are not available on CD can some be posted on Musica. Best Regards, Robbie -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- SPECTROPOP - Spectacular! Retro! Pop! End

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