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      1. Re: "Bono Means Good"
           From: Rick Hough 
      2. Re: the Crests
           From: Artie Wayne 
      3. Re: "Bono Means Good" - Do U Know These Songs?
           From: Mick Patrick 

Message: 1 Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 13:47:57 -0000 From: Rick Hough Subject: Re: "Bono Means Good" Phil X writes: > In other words, it is high time someone set about building as > comprehensive a collection as possible of Sonny Bono's non-Sonny > &/or Cher recordings. Yipppeeee! A somewhat long-term Sonny & Cher archivist, I've been building a Sonny & Cher website for months and my major stumbling block has been researching and double-checking Sonny's work pre-1963. I've spent countless hours just on the timeline, but I think I've hit the wall and so I deeply appreciate Phil Xs efforts on the subject. I truly hope many Spectropoppers will contribute what they can; so many of the principals like Sonny & Jack N are gone, and second-hand memories seem to be fading monthly. Important music historians like Greg Shaw & Alan Betrock who helped me decades ago are also gone. Early Sonny & Cher bios are crap designed to throw enquiring minds off the scent of non-marriages, non-divorces and age-of-consent questions.Plus nobody wants to fess up to knowing too much of the Song Poems racket.(There are at least THREE doubly-confirmed but different dates when Sonny & Cher actually met! The most UNreliable documentation of this matter and others is Sonny's autobiography...) I'm forwarding to Phil X what I'm satisfied is accurate, but it would be great if (once and for all) Sonny's work could at least be reliably documented. Please help with anything you can offer: something as simple as a date scrawled on a promo could help fill important gaps. I guess the importance of this project is relative and/or subjective, but Spectropoppers need to know that this site really is the universal nerve-center of this musical genre. Your detailed knowledge (and passion) just isn't to be found elsewhere and is probably more important than you realize. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 05:52:01 -0700 (PDT) From: Artie Wayne Subject: Re: the Crests Douglas Friedman wrote: > Sorry if this has been posted earlier, but (Luther Vandross') > sister, Patricia, was a member of the Crests. Were they the first > mixed-race, mixed-gender group? Douglas...Luther Vandross' sister might have been a member of a group called the Crests, but it wasn't the same group who had a series of hits starting with "16 Candles". I was friendly with Johnny, Chico, Harold and Jay and they never had a girl in the group. From time to time they would use my friend, Chuck Foote, who was in "The Wild Ones", as an alternate. regards, Artie Wayne -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 16:33:36 +0100 From: Mick Patrick Subject: Re: "Bono Means Good" - Do U Know These Songs? Rick Hough: > Can anybody attach an artist/record to any of these Sonny Bono > songs? Mug that I am, I'll accept that challenge. > Can It Be The Titans on Specialty 625, 1958. It's readily available on the CD "Fabulous Flips". Find more info here: > Hey Now - w/ Larry Williams (rel Specialty 1985) Larry Williams. It's on the double CD "Larry Williams At His Finest: The Specialty Rock'n'Roll Years". More info here: > How Bout That - Christy w/ HB Barnum Probably Romeo Jones on Little Star 119, 1962. Little Star was H. B. Barnum's label. > I Lost All Faith - w/ Greene & Stone Probably B.J. & the Profits on Uptown 705, 1965. > I'm Gonna Shout It On The Mountain - w/ G & S Cookie Jackson on Uptown 700, 1965. > I'm Mad At You - Christy Wynona Carr on Specialty 650, 1958. It's on her CD "Jump, Jack, Jump". More info: > Teenage Lovers Possibly Johnny Stark on Crystalette 712, 1957. > Thunderbird - w/ R Hall Rene Hall on Specialty 629, 1958. Find it on the various artists CD "Rock'n'Roll Fever! The Wildest From Specialty". More info: > Uptown Jerk - w G & S Cookie Jackson on Uptown 700, 1965. You and Phil M owe me a pint, I think. :-) Hey la, Mick Patrick -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
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