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      1. Show, not tell...
           From: Mark Wirtz 

Message: 1 Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 12:43:45 -0000 From: Mark Wirtz Subject: Show, not tell... Hiya, fellow S'poppers Since, after a lengthy sabbatical, I symbolically stepped onto a plane last July to "return" to the music "biz" by producing Spain's "Les Philippes" debut album, many of you have given me deeply appreciated support, encouragement and cheer. That, trust me, meant an awful lot to me at a challenging time, when I not only had to prove myself to the "world" all over again, but also to myself... The pressure was immense, especially in view of the Spector "come back" fiasco with Starsailor. Given my mature age and lengthy absence from the "ring," the silently asked questions were inevitably, "Is he too old? Did he keep up with the changes in the market, the industry, and technology? Can he still get it up and rock?" Well, other than saying that I may have left the "biz," but never the "music," of which I remained an ardent follower and fan, only my work and your response to it can answer those questions. Hence, now almost a year later, I am about to go to market with my first new productions in more than 20 years. Beyond the initial "Les Philippes" CD, which has already been racking up enough sales and concert tickets in Spain to elevate the band to a top ranking position, three subsequent projects of mine are about to hit the track: UK's amazing harmony Psych band Spyderbaby with "Glassblower," captivating writer/performer Anthony Rivers with "Marked Confidential," and yours truly as MWET (Mark Wirtz EarTheatre) with "Love Is Eggshaped." The time has come when "show," rather than "tell" is the thing. And so, I invite you to visit my website at to listen to advance preview sound samples from all 4 CDs. If you like the stuff, know that your support and encouragement played a big part in their creation. I'm an entertainer - you are the audience. Ultimately, only what you think matters. The "biz" is merely a bridge between us. I hope you enjoy the visit and, in suspense, look forward to your response. Warm best, Mark Wirtz -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
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