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      1. Re: Back to Mono
           From: Ed Salamon 
      2. Re: The Penthouse
           From: Al Kooper 
      3. Re: The Magicians Reunited
           From: Clark Besch 
      4. Re: copyright law
           From: Mikey 
      5. Rodney King
           From: Richard Gagnon 
      6. Re: that mellow saxophone
           From: monophonius 
      7. Re: saxophone solo
           From: Al Kooper 
      8. Arrangers On Spector Atlantic Tracks
           From: monophonius 
      9. Spurrlows / Ritchie Cordell
           From: Brent Cash 
     10. Re: Al Gorgoni
           From: Art Longmire 
     11. Re: Four Freshmen
           From: Gary Myers 
     12. Girl Group/Beatles
           From: Simon White 
     13. Re: You Can't Lose Something.........
           From: Al Kooper 
     14. Re: Wally Gold & "It's My Party"
           From: Gary Myers 
     15. Re: Al Gorgoni
           From: Gary Myers 
     16. Re: Donna Marie/Charles Calello
           From: Donna Marie 
     17. Re: Boyce and Hart / Mamas and the Papas
           From: Frank Jastfelder 
     18. Boyce/Hart
           From: Al Kooper 

Message: 1 Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 20:19:58 -0000 From: Ed Salamon Subject: Re: Back to Mono > The mono/stereo debate inflames great passions, and I've > been an avid participant for some time. Hi Mike, Your post reminded me of the arguments I used to have with Dick Bartley, who was hosting Sold Gold Saturday Night (network radio show)for the RKO Radio Network when we (United Stations) bought RKO in 1985. Dick advocated stereo to the point where he would play stereo mixes that, to me, sounded far from the original hits - at which point I would insist he play the mono version. I especially recall our disagreement when the stereo version of "Do You Love Me" came out on "Dirty Dancing", which was a whole different take for gosh sakes. Ed -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 06:02:44 EDT From: Al Kooper Subject: Re: The Penthouse Frank Jastfelder wrote: > As far as I remember John Hawksworth's score was very creepy too. > Jazz with an edge and dialogue snippets in between. Too weird for > me. I sold it. Michael Stroggoff: > This is being released on CD later this month by UK label Harkit > Records (HRKCD8081), with, I gather, > great stills from the movie, which starred Suzy Kendall (one of > Dudley Moore's wives). Isn't there a 'popper alive who knows where there's a copy of the actual FILM????? DAMN!!!!! Teased Al Kooper -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 16:55:21 -0000 From: Clark Besch Subject: Re: The Magicians Reunited Christian Gordon wrote: > Actually, the hits I write come in the form of entertainment > marketing programs I create on behalf of the company I represent, > Classic Media (we own the rights to the CBS specials, Rudolph and > Frosty, along with Rocky & Bullwinkle and many other cartoon > characters that have "stood the test of time"). > I know Pop really enjoys S'Pop, as I do. After all, where else > could you discuss the genesis of Tex and The Chex? Very cool stuff. Christian, at the risk of pulling a rabbit out of my hat, may I ask if your comany has any old CBS music shows in it archives?? The CBS special "Inside Pop" featuring Leonard Bernstein's take on the generation gap you might get a kick out of!! It also features Brian Wilson singing "Surf's Up" as well as 15 year old Janis Ian singing "Society's Child" as well as the Hollies and Hermits in concert and discussing the issues of the day along with Graham Gouldman as well as a classic performance by Tim Buckley! Anyway, it would be cool to know if you have access to such a great show. By the way, May 4 was the anniversary of the Turtles being awarded their gold record for "Happy Together" in 1967! Later in the year would come the same award for "She'd Rather Be with me"!! I make this point for 2 reasons. First, because your dad wrote these songs. Second, because all these obscure groups and songs may make you feel you are on the "Island of Misfit Songs", but there's a lot of "Silver & Gold" here too! Take care, Clark ----------------------------------------------------------- New @ S'pop: The Daughters Of Eve, Nora Guthrie, Ron Dante, Please Phil Spector, Girls Go Zonk!!, Priscilla Paris... Available here: -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 14:43:39 -0400 From: Mikey Subject: Re: copyright law Don't agree, Philly. The industry tried EVERYTHING it could to legally stop: VHS Decks Super Beta decks DAT decks (they did succeed in killing it as a consumer item) ANY type of Digital Recording, even those with Analog feed!!!! The RIAA and the record industry spent MILLIONS, not thousands, trying to kill all of the above. That doesn't sound like acceptance to me!!!! -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 23:31:59 -0400 From: Richard Gagnon Subject: Rodney King > *It would appear that Mr. Kooper refers here to the infamous > Rodney King. Erm...I think it was Rodney King's *beating* that's infamous, not Mr King himself. I think he's had it rough enough! Richard -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 6 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 21:16:43 -0000 From: monophonius Subject: Re: that mellow saxophone Phil Hall wrote: > Does anyone know who played the saxophone solo on "The > Trouble With Boys" by Little Eva? That solo is sooooooooo > Brill Building. Most likely it was Artie Kaplan. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 7 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 01:02:40 EDT From: Al Kooper Subject: Re: saxophone solo Phil Hall: > Does anyone know who played the saxophone solo on "The Trouble With > Boys" by Little Eva? That solo is sooooooooo Brill Building. My best guess would be Artie Kaplan His job position was sax player for Aldon Music. I'm betting the Little Eva track was originally a demo and Artie played on all demos. Al Kooper -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 8 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 01:33:49 -0000 From: monophonius Subject: Arrangers On Spector Atlantic Tracks I have the CD of 12 Atlantic Tracks Produced by Phil Spector. Do any of you in this Group who were working professionally in the early 1960s in the New York studios have any insights into who the arrangers were on these tracks. The only one I have nailed down for sure is Teddy Randazzo who is listed as arranger for "Twist And Shout" by the Top Notes. At that time in his career (1960-61) Spector was using Robert Mersey, Alan Lorber and Arnold Goland as his main NYC arrangers. He used Hank Levine during that period, too, but at Gold Star in LA. But, I would like to know the specific arranger on each track of this CD. IMHO, this is a very good CD compilation. The music is soulful, laid-back, and reveals Spector's r&b leanings. I've heard that some of these tracks were Jerry Wexler co-productions, and that would explain the r&b feel. My personal faves on the CD are "Dear One" by Billy Storm, the Fred Parris song from his pre-Five Satins group, the Scarlets. "Hearts Of Stone" by the Top Notes, a Ray Charles sound-a-like, and "Tired Of Trying" by Jean Du Shon, with a Bo Diddley beat. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 9 Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 23:02:50 -0000 From: Brent Cash Subject: Spurrlows / Ritchie Cordell Hello all, Brent here, this is my first post. Pretty intimidating with all the luminaries present! Anyway,does anyone know if Sunrise Highway by the Spurrlows have ever been comped? I heard it on Billy's excellent Live 365 station and it is impossible to find the 45. I have the P. Anders version and I believe Bobby Vee cut it, too. I think the Love Generation song is a different song and I know the Trout(on MGM)is a different one. This song is how I stumbled upon Spectropop BTW. I did a search, yielded only 4-5 results. Someone apparently played it to musica a while back. Re: the recently departed Ritchie Cordell, I've always been knocked out by Tommy James/Shondells' Out Of The Blue. Anyone else like that one? Am I wrong or would that song have been suited well in '63 by a great girl group or even later by Lesley Gore around '66/'67 Bob Crewe - Treat Me Like A Lady era? Thanks for all the incredible info from everyone. Brent Cash (Schlagers is good,The Big Ball is better...) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 10 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 01:51:07 -0000 From: Art Longmire Subject: Re: Al Gorgoni Dave Feldman wrote: > I had the opportunity to speak to guitarist-producer Al Gorgoni > and he was kind enough to answer some of the questions posed by > Spectropoppers over the past year or so. Al is frank enough to > admit that he doesn't remember many of the dates he recorded on. Hello Dave, I originally posted the query on "Elevators, Escalators" - thanks for checking with Al on that. I agree with you whole heartedly about Al being a great talent. I also have his Just Us LP with Chip Taylor. Art Longmire -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 11 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 21:10:23 -0700 From: Gary Myers Subject: Re: Four Freshmen Mike McKay: >... if it weren't for the Four Freshmen, none of us would > be going on about Brian Wilson, would we? ... Did you ever hear any of the stuff that the 4 Freshmen did on Liberty in the late 60's? LP's included "Memphis", "Everyday People", "It's Not Unusual", "Will You Love Me Tomorrow", etc. One LP was arranged by Mike Melvoin, IIRC. gem -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 12 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 19:03:07 +0100 From: Simon White Subject: Girl Group/Beatles An addition to the Girl Groups/Beatles thread short from while ago: Ringo For President/A Boy Like That Young World Singers - Decca 316660 It says on the label "Chorus With Instrumental Accompaniment" and it's best left described as that. Simon White -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 13 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 01:16:33 EDT From: Al Kooper Subject: Re: You Can't Lose Something......... Simon White: > A45 was issued here a few years ago purporting to be by > Mr Chubby Checker - although clearly it isn't - called > "You Can't Lose Something You Never Had" and carrying a > writer credit of Kooper/ Levine........... The vocalist > sounds as though it could be Jimmy Radcliffe. > Al, help. It's driving me nuts. Any memory of the song at all? Well I remember that song as it's one of the better songs I've written in my life. Bachrach-influenced didn't hurt it's quality. The only released version I know of was on MGM circa 1965 by Bruce Scott and it was pretty good. Jimmy Radcliffe did the demo however, so that might have ended up on a British album at the time. Ernest Evans? I think not.... Al Kooper -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 14 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 23:38:46 -0700 From: Gary Myers Subject: Re: Wally Gold & "It's My Party" > admin note: Mick Patrick and Malcolm Baumgart have already > sorted out the complex early history of "It's My Party" on > the Cha Cha Charming website; find their report at > Very interesting. I only wish it included info on the writers, as the credits appear to have changed some over the years. gem -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 15 Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 21:19:27 -0700 From: Gary Myers Subject: Re: Al Gorgoni Dave Feldman: > ... Al was most enthusiastic when discussing the recording > of "The Sound of Silence." ... Vinny Bell was the other > guitarist on TSOS. ... V. Bell was on our (Portraits) Schafer Beer Commercial. (And the Drummer was Mel Lewis). That my only time (so far) in NYC. gem -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 16 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 18:29:31 -0000 From: Donna Marie Subject: Re: Donna Marie/Charles Calello Hi Martin, What can I say about Charles Calello and the Penthouse, it was a great time in my life. Working with Mr. Calello was a thrill for me. I was fifteen when we did our first session with Columbia Records. The first record we did together was "The Whole Wide World Is Watching Us", flip side "Through the Eye of a Needle" written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. I remember being in the studio with a full orchestra, it was thrilling for me. Charlie's arrangement was fantastic. He was kind and funny, we had a great time. I love his energy when he's working. His excitement in the studio when a song is coming together is contagious. I will always remember and treasure that I was able to have that experience. Just a note about Shelly Pinz, she's a lovely lady and I enjoyed working with her and getting to know her. Thank you so much for your questions and your interest. All the Best, Donna Marie -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 17 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 10:25:34 +0200 From: Frank Jastfelder Subject: Re: Boyce and Hart / Mamas and the Papas Karen Andew: > Ha! One of my editors just said "out and about" to a reporter > that's going out somewhere to a story and that rang a bell. > Wasn't one of Boyce and Hart's hits "Out and About"? You're right, "Out And About" was their first hit in '67 and went up to number 30 on the charts. Regarding the MATP producer Lou Adler always trusted the usual suspects in the studio: Hal Blaine on drums, Larry Knechtel on keys, Joe Osborn on bass and labelmate P.F. Sloan on guitar. On their third album Jim Horn is credited with flute and sax playing. Papa Frank -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 18 Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 01:25:40 EDT From: Al Kooper Subject: Boyce/Hart Karen Andrew: > Ha! One of my editors just said "out and about" to a reporter > that's going out somewhere to a story and that rang a bell. > Wasn't one of Boyce and Hart's hits "Out and About"? I have a video of an I Dream Of Jeannie show where Phil Spector is sitting on the phone in his office and Jeannie appears and talks him into auditioning the band she manages, When she makes the band appear, its Boyce & Hart & company sans a drummer. Jeannie plays the drums and they lip-synch Out & About. Spector says it's gonna be # 1 and signs 'em up. Its in color as well. In real life, Spector had nothing to do with their Beatle soundalike. Al Kooper -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
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