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      1. Re: Accuracy of Top 40 Playlists
           From: Clark Besch 
      2. Re: "Pamela Jean" - damaged master?
           From: Bob Wallis 
      3. New Hope / Kit Kats
           From: Various 

Message: 1 Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 05:36:12 -0000 From: Clark Besch Subject: Re: Accuracy of Top 40 Playlists Jim, First, you are assuming radio charts were based on sales. Many wrote that they were indeed based on sales, requests, record store reports, and the radio staff themselves' opinion or one or a combination of these or other factors. Certainly, these charts could be manipulated by deejays, program directors, fans of a particular group all calling in requests, someone at a record store payed off to give bogus reports to not only stations, but Billboard, Cashbox, etc. Record men could even go into stores they knew were being surveyed by stations or magazines and literally buy the records to get sales reports and higher positions. So, were Top 40 charts correct? They may not have been, but they were all we had to go by. Certainly better than basing a top 40 on MTV video countdown, right? In the mid 60's, Billboard had a front page article on irate Chicago retailers who were angry at WLS for putting a record on their top 40 then removing it the next week. WCFL listed a Top 20, plus a non- prioritized "Sound 10 stairway" below. When I asked my buddy, the late great WCFL DJ, Barney Pip, about this, he merely stated that CFL had the right idea. He claimed that below the top 20 sellers, it was impossible to correctly list the records and it was even hard to do 11-20! With WLS listing 40, they risked stores dropping their playlists because of returning too many 45s to distributors because they were quickly off the chart. So, stations had some reputations to worry about when making these charts as well. Hope this helps. Clark -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:10:14 -0000 From: Bob Wallis Subject: Re: "Pamela Jean" - damaged master? thirteen_eagle wrote: > Now that I've got the Brian Wilson "Pet Projects" CD, I've noticed > that the song "Pamela Jean" by the Survivors seems to be cut off at > the opening; it starts with "A-wap-a-wa-da-doo...". Other releases > on the "Summer Means Fun" and "Pebbles" (boot) LPs sound the same. > The "Still I Dream of You" boot comp, however (disc dub?) has the > complete "Wap-a-wap-a-wa-da-doo" opening. Is the master tape damaged? I made the same observations about 'Pamela Jean' on this very same list when Pet Projects first came out and was told that the record company used the master just as it came from Capitol and that the initial "Wop" that you hear on "Still I Dream of You" bootleg was edited in. BW ---------------------------- Admin Note: This matter has been discussed previously. Please let us not repeat ourselves further. This thread is now closed, so please do not respond to this message. Thank you. -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 20:15:54 +0100 From: Various Subject: New Hope / Kit Kats Dear Members, Once again the Kit Kats (aka the New Hope) are under discussion. They are one of the most talked about acts here at S'pop. For those interested, and to avoid any further repetition of past discussions, a search of the archives is advisable. Simply click here: and enter "Kit Kats" or "New Hope" in the search box. In the meantime, for those who might not have read it all before, here are the most recent posts: Al Kooper: > The New Hope (Jamie 1381): Won't Find Better (Than Me)/They Call > It Love. A side: 2:32 wr. by Hausman-Stewart / production & sound > by Mike / Dandelion BMI. B side: 2:30 wr. by Lamp-Apsey/ Rendezvous- > Tobac-Dandelion BMI (all other credits the same). >From Jeremy: Great A-side. The previous version those guys did (when they were the Kit Kats) might even be better. . . -------------------- >From Julio Niño: Al, I haven't heard the New Hope version but "Won't Find Better (Than Me)" was also recorded by The Kit Kats (Jamie 1321/B-side). I love that song. Chao. -------------------- >From John Sellards: "Won't Find Better (Than Me)" is one of those songs that gets in my head and lives there for of those great hooks that strangely wasn't a bigger hit. -------------------- >From Jerophonic: I believe New Hope was a later name for the Kit Kats, a Philly/South Jersey group who made wonderful Turtle-ish singles in the mid-60's, including Let's Get Lost on a Country Road. The Kit Kats were the subject of various postings on S'pop a few months back. The lead singer was a big, bear-like bearded guy who played guitar. They also charted with a version of Nutrocker, if I'm not mistaken. -------------------- >From Steve Harvey: The Kit Kats changed their name to New Hope in an attempt get progressive as the 60s ground to a halt. Their album featured a lot of their old material redone, some in medleys that mixed 50s rock and roll styles with their tunes. The highlight was a snippet of a cover of "Oh My Angel" by Bertha Tillman. For years I wanted to hear them do the whole thing, but a live tape I'd made of their reunion concert in the 80s was as close as I got. Luckily it was included in their double CD, It's About Time, which Jamie released a couple of years ago. Great Cd and is currently making it's rounds in the cutout bins, so grab it while you have the chance. Unfortunately, Kit Stewart, died with little fanfare a couple of years ago. Their "Let's Get Lost On A Country Road" was right up there with "Alone Again Or" and (insert tune of your choice) as hits that shoulda bin! I did an interview years ago with Kit when he was selling vegetables near Chester, PA. Cool guy. -------------------- >From Fred Clemens: I first heard the song, "Won't Find Better (Than Me)", over WFIL in 1969, picking up their signal in eastern central New Jersey. The group was noted then as being "formerly known as the Kit Kats". As the Kit Kats, they first recorded the song in 1966, also on the Jamie label. It was their debut release for the label, but their third record, having previously released a record on the Lawn label in 1964, and one on Laurie before that in 1963. In 1966, another Philly-located group picked up on it and recorded it later in the year (October?). That group was the Elusives, and their's was released on the Philips label titled as "You Won't Find Better Than Me". This was more of a garage band type sound. The writers were founding members of the original group, Karl (aka Carl) Hausmann and Carson "Kit" Stewart. Kit Stewart has since passed on, but Karl has been known to make regular appearances at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, and may be still doing so. Of all the versions of the song, I feel the New Hope's version is the best, as the 'sound' is more refined. My favorite Kit Kats song is their classic "Let's Get Lost On A Country Road", which they would re- record as the New Hope. I don't FEEL sick... -------------------- >From Billy G. Spradlin: The New Hope were the renamed Kit Kats from Philadelphia. The strangest thing is they re-recorded the same song 3 times for the label (in 1966, 1967 and 1970), all versions are on Jamie Records "Its About Time" CD compilation. Guess they liked it, or were never satisfied with the arrangement. -------------------- -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
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