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      1. Richard Thompson
           From: Kingsley Abbott 
      2. Re: Chip Taylor/Sonny Curtis
           From: David Coyle 
      3. Re: 4 Seasons Gazette / Saturday's Father
           From: Billy G. Spradlin 
      4. Re: Dusty y Raphael Christmas songs.
           From: Ian Chapman 
      5. Re: Canadian Re-issues
           From: Superoldies 
      6. Re: Dusty & Lesley Christmas songs?
           From: David A. Young 
      7. Re: Gay, Lesbian & Cross Gender GG songs
           From: Ian Chapman 

Message: 1 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 15:28:23 -0000 From: Kingsley Abbott Subject: Richard Thompson Wudzi wrote: > And I *still* think that were Ronnie Spector to cover > Richard's "Wall of Death" with a Phil Spector-type backing > it would be a mammoth success, even today... Well spotted! I totally agree! In fact Richard and I spoke about just that track when I interviewed him for Record Collector earlier this year and I put very much the same suggestion to him. He does indeed realise the sixties vibe that track has - not entirely surprising as he always was a huge fan of Spector's records. Indeed, during the early Fairport days of '67/'68 when I was driving for them, I had standing 'instructions' from him to try to get Spector albums as he hadn't been able to afford them when they first appeared. I found him, nay I ordered for him as they were still on catalogue at that stage, the Xmas album and The Crystals album. I also searched out most of the Rick Nelson albums for James Burton's playing - he studied widely! Richard is a lovely man. I'd commend his music to anyone, and he's actually far from being all doom and gloom, though I'd agree that he's had his down moments! Kingsley (playing the Lisa Mychols album again) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 2 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:53:58 -0800 (PST) From: David Coyle Subject: Re: Chip Taylor/Sonny Curtis What's even more amazing about Chip Taylor is that so many of his hard/soft songs are in the same basic "Louie Louie" type chord pattern. You can play "Wild Thing" or "Anyway That You Want Me" by the Troggs or "Angel Of The Morning" by Merrilee Rush and never change your finger positions! As for Sonny Curtis, having grown up loving Buddy Holly's music, and being supremely bored whenever "The Mary Tyler Moore" show came on, I never imagined finding out that the same guy was responsible for both that insipid (I thought) theme song and much of the vibe on songs like "Peggy Sue" and "That'll Be The Day." Even more haunting to me was his composition "The Collector," recorded by the Everly Brothers on their "Two Yanks In England" LP. Did the Hollies, who supplied many of the songs and most of the backing for the LP, also record that song? David -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 3 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 20:56:05 -0000 From: Billy G. Spradlin Subject: Re: 4 Seasons Gazette / Saturday's Father Andrew Jones wrote: > A side note to the 4 Seasons "Gazette" discussion: I have the single > "Saturday's Father," which (if I'm not mistaken) was the only single > released from the album. The B-side was a tune called "Good-Bye > Girl," which sounds like a leftover track from their "golden era" > (and which, as far as I can tell, hasn't been released before or since). "Goodbye Girl" was originally on their 1967 album "New Gold Hits". It sounds like Gaudio (or maybe Crewe?) was going through a painful divorce during this time. I think the last really great track they cut was "Raven", a great side in their old "Big Girls Don't Cry" formula that got dumped on the flipside of "Watch The Flowers Grow" and didn't get reissued until Rhino's "Rarities Volume 2" CD. I still love "Will You Love Me Tommorow"; some people can't stand it but I love the over-the-top arrangement. Dave Marsh wrote it was almost like the Seasons saying farewell on wax, and I agree with him. (It was their last 60s Top 40 hit). Billy -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 4 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:48:09 -0000 From: Ian Chapman Subject: Re: Dusty y Raphael Christmas songs. J.D: > Can anyone please tell me if Dusty Springfield and Lesley > Gore recorded any Christmas songs, and if so, where I might > find them. I'm putting together a radio show, my annual Queer > Christmas Special... Julio: > Dusty Springfield released a single with Christmas songs in > 1964. O Holy Child / Jingle Bells (Philips BF 1381). I haven't > heard it. This was a charity single, the proceeds of which went to Dr. Barnardo's Homes. Came in a pic sleeve too, a real rarity for a UK 45 at the time. The a-side was Dusty solo and the flip was by the Springfields. Ian -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 5 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:50:17 -0000 From: Superoldies Subject: Re: Canadian Re-issues Mark: > How about The Big Town Boys? Staccatos? Original Caste, 3s a > Crowd, Octavian, Craig Ruhnke, Susan Jacks solo... Products are generally released as there is demand. Record execs don't read these boards and I personally believe (as much as I LOVE Susan Jacks, etc.) that sales on these acts would be very limited. After licensing, packaging, etc., you're really lucky if you break even. That's all I'm hoping with the JB & The Playboys package too...who hates losing money? -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 6 Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:59:33 -0000 From: David A. Young Subject: Re: Dusty & Lesley Christmas songs? JD Doyle wrote: > Can anyone please tell me if Dusty Springfield and Lesley Gore > recorded any Christmas songs... Hi, J D, The Springfields released a Christmas single in 1961 featuring a group-harmony approach (with Dusty very audible) on the A- side, "Bambino," and a Dusty lead on the flip, "Star of Hope." The following year saw the issue of an EP, "Woman's Own Presents Christmas with the Springfields," apparently as a magazine-related premium. On side one, Dusty leads the lads in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and has a slightly less prominent role in "Mary's Boy Child." The flip side contains "Away in a Manger" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," both in the "group" vein. I'm unaware of any subsequent reissue, on vinyl or CD, of these tracks, or of any holiday tunes recorded by Lesley Gore or the post-Springfields Dusty. David -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------
Message: 7 Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 00:20:02 -0000 From: Ian Chapman Subject: Re: Gay, Lesbian & Cross Gender GG songs Bit late with this thread, but does anyone remember the "Bionic Gold" album from '77? This was a Spector tribute comp on the Big Sound label. I was disappointed when I first got it, since none of the tracks even attempt to go for the Spector sound - all are done in various contemporary rock styles. However, there's a tongue in cheek element to the whole thing and it's kinda fun. But to get to the main point, the album opens with Robert Orsi (of the Scratch Band) doing "He Hit Me", and also includes Philip Rambow tackling "All Grown Up" (yep, he has his high heels on and he's a-ready to go......) Closing the album is an out-and-out 70s punk version of "To Know Him Is To Love Him" by Mick Farren. On the same topic, J.D. already listed a couple of male singers (Roger Cook, Neil Sedaka) singing demos of songs intended for girl singers. There's another one on the Sundazed Bruce & Terry comp - they do a version of "Here Comes Summer" with the lyrics appropriately altered. It's a great girl-group styled track, real surf-meets-Spector, complete with jangling piano. And in the bridge and final verse, Terry Melcher sings: I've been in school for a long, long time, Reading history... And dreaming of the boy that I hope I'll find That's why summer means so much to me We'll go walking... On the beach some starlit night And he'll kiss me....and maybe he just might Say let's go steady And he'll make everything alright.... The production is fab - wonder which girl or girl group it was intended for? Ian -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------

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