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      1. Carol Connors update; Bubblegum; 60's into progressive; more
           From: Country Paul 

Message: 1 Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 01:17:19 -0400 From: Country Paul Subject: Carol Connors update; Bubblegum; 60's into progressive; more First this news: Carol Connor sent me the following from http://entnews.com/newsociety.html - "South Florida's Entertainment News Weekly": "Famous Lyricist Carol Connors Honored by Israel Cancer Research Fund at "Women of Action" Luncheon" "The Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) held the 8th Annual "Women of Action" Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Carol Connors graciously opened the program. The two-time Academy Award nominated songwriter was introduced by Marilyn McCoo. Carol entered from the back of the Crystal Ballroom to the theme of Rocky, "Gonna Fly Now". A musical video of some of the highlights of her career preceded her. She had on boxing gloves and a yellow robe that had imprinted on the back, "Carol 'Rocky' Connors". Carol debuted the song "Only the Music, only My Song" that she had written as a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Other "Women of Action" honored were Suzanne de Passe, Dr. Carole Hughes Hurvitz and Justice Judith Ashmann-Gerst. Keynote speaker was Arianna Huffington who is presently running for Governor of California." Pictures abound at the URL above. Guy Lawrence mentions his Joey Levine site: http://home.att.net/~bubblegumusic/joeysongs.htm - I didn't know that he wrote "Wolf of Manhattan," the most non-Kingsmen- sounding Kingsmen song, and my all-time fave by them. It was, incidentally, a "C" side - having replaced the "B" side of a single. I have it collected on the Best of The Kingsmen Vol. 3; it's a major treat! And a mea culpa - a while back I offered my recollections as to which Buddah bubblegum bands were "real" and which were not. I stand in awe of the knowledge of those who have come forth with the correct - and corrected - information. (I also stand in silence on the subject in the future.) Richard Hattersley: > I think [Roy Orbison's] kids were indeed killed in the fire, > I think his wife was killed before that though, I think it > was a road accident. His first wife, Claudette (as in his song sung by the Every Brothers), was riding a motorcycle ahead of him when someone ran either a stop sign or a red light and hit her. Amazing that he continued to ride as well as keep his sanity. Richard again: > Richard: > Lots of early 60's artists attempted the move into prog and > psych and most of them failed commercially despite the quality > output which is a shame. I guess people at time just pigeon- > holed them into the previous era and did not want to hear that > from them. Jeffrey Glenn: > I've got a 1967 Tommy Sands 45 on Imperial called "Candy Store > Prophet[.]" Never heard that one, Jeff. My two favorite "out of character" items in this category are Brian Hyland's "Come Away With Me" (he definitely listened to the Stones' "2000 Light Years"), Tommy Roe's gorgeous "It's Now Winter's Day," and although not quite in the same category, the full-length version of the Monkees' "Porpoise Song." And let's not forget the general acceptance of Dion's transition to prog and psych. Any other contributions? Mark: > Peter and Country Paul! > I have here in front of me the Chattahoochee discog from the > Stak-O-Wax book. Thanks for the notes - I've seen "Popsicles" with both "Huntington Flats" and "Comedy and Tragedy on the flip, and remember neither. But both sides of the Bobby Paris 45 you mention (which I have) are wonderful! Can you easily photocopy the Chattahoochee pages from that book? If so, please e-mail me off-line - and welcome to the club! Country Paul (still catching up, now only a week behind) -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]-------------------

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